How To Wear Dangle Earrings With Plugs in 2024

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Can you wear regular dangling earrings along with your earplugs, and if you can, how exactly should you wear the dangle earrings?


How to wear dangle earrings with plugs

1. Use hider plug

How To Wear Dangle Earrings With Plugs

The hider plugs match your skin tone, and since they are available in regular sizes as the regular-sized earring holes, they work great. These plugs are made of silicone, and they are not just safe on the skin but also ideal for anyone with plugs planning to wear normal dangling earrings aside from the plugs.

With the silicone hider plugs, you would use the silicone plugs by poking holes in the silicone material for the earring posts to fit through them quickly.

However, you also need to consider wearing the bigger, rounded, and clear earring post backings alongside the silicone plug to ensure the most comfortable and natural-looking fit.


2. Wear your dangle earrings with see-through tunnels

How To Wear Dangle Earrings With Plugs

Tunnels for ears can be defined as hollow and tube-shaped pieces of body jewelry often inserted into the stretched ears to stretch them more.

In many ways, the tunnels are much like plugs that have holes in them. Tunnels come in different shapes and sizes, and these hollowed-out cylinders will fit into different earlobe holes depending on how you plan on fitting them into the ears.

The tunnels can be double or single-flared. The double-flared tunnels flare out at both ends, and the ends are more prominent in diameter at the ends than in the middle parts, meaning that your ears will have to be at least the size of the flare for them to fit well.

Then you have the single-flared tunnels, which just have one flared end with the O-ring on each side to keep it in place. There also are screw-back tunnels that have flat-flared piercings. These tunnels have a flared end which makes their removal much easier.

How To Wear Dangle Earrings With Plugs

The tunnels are made of rose gold, silver steel, gold, surgical steel, and titanium, but there also are several other tunnels that are made of different materials like stone, wood, silicone, glass, and acrylic.

These can also be engraved and customized easily, complement different styles, and work with other earring types like the dangling earrings.

The tunnels work great with dangle earrings. To wear tunnels with your earplugs, you’d want to put on the tunnels and then hook the dangle earrings’ hooks through the tunnel.

How To Wear Dangle Earrings With Plugs

The tunnel only works great with dangle earrings, though, and not with stud earrings. Once the tunnel is on, you only need to slide the dangle earring wire underneath the tunnel and then pull it gently from the underside. The tunnel secures the earrings, and they will not fall out.

Before you wear the tunnels, ensure you have the right ear tunnel size. Also, the best time to put on the tunnels is just after a shower. But also need to lubricate the ears well with some oil such as jojoba oil.

The tunnels are also best worn at an angle, with the edge going in first- as you would a button – this method is also called the button method because the edge of the tunnel goes into the ear the same way you wear buttons.


3. Wear it on the second piercing or get one

 How To Wear Dangle Earrings With Plugs

The other thing you could do if you want to wear dangling earrings but have plugs would be to wear the dangle earrings on your second piercing.

If you don’t have one yet, you may want to get the second piercing so that you can quickly wear the dangling earrings. Here, the earrings will sit comfortably, and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting new accessories like silicone plug hiders or tunnels.

There is another type of tunnel you may want to try out – the tunnel with the little hoop at the bottom so that you can easily clip on the regular dangling earrings. You could also fasten the dangling earrings in the little hoop of the tunnel.


4. Earring plug converter

How To Wear Dangle Earrings With Plugs

This is the other conventional solution to the earring plugs. There are several options on the market, but you can use conventional methods like the converter. Essentially, the earrings plug converters will secure in place the dangling earrings.

The earring plug converters are about 4mm, and the sides of the plugs work best for different plugs, but you should get the smaller converters because these make the earring holes look smaller and more centered.

Since the plugs have a length of 12mm compared to the O-ring, the plug converters ensure that the earrings have a natural look when you insert the converters into the plugs and when you put them in your ears.

It also works well because the hole of the plug will go entirely through the two ends of the earplugs.


5. Plug Hoops

How To Wear Dangle Earrings With Plugs

If you wear plugs and still wish to wear the normal dangling earrings, including hoops, then you could wear the plug hoops through the tunnels.

This is also a great solution that works for stretched piercings or even the lobe piercings if yours aren’t stretched out. And so, thanks to the tunnels, you could use dreamcatchers, lotus flowers, and pentagrams, among others.


6. Pair the earrings with the tunnel

How To Wear Dangle Earrings With Plugs

With sharp clippers and a pair of dangling earrings, cut off the earrings’ pointy end of the wire about 5-6 inches, then bend the wire around the tunnel, creating a wire loop.

Next secure in the place where wire loops through the earring, then make a twist that locks the earring. Next, use the clippers to snip off the excess ends of the wire, then use the dangly gauge earrings, repeating the process for the earring.

Now, you can use another hooped earring to attach to the dangling earrings for a seamless look.



If you wear earring plugs but are unsure about the possibility of wearing normal earrings ever again, we hope the recommendations above help you fix the problem and look great with the dangling earrings, with or without the tunnels or ear plugs.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!