Learn How To Wear Citrine Bracelet In This Guide?

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Citrine is popularly known as the November birthstone. This sophisticated gemstone looks quite elegant when used in bracelets.

The citrine bracelet can work with your energy field to help you succeed. However, most wearers of this bracelet reveal that it takes some time to get used to.

We created this post to inform you of how you can wear the citrine bracelet.By the end, you will learn the best hand to wear it on, whether you can wear it to sleep or in the shower and what exactly it does.

Read on to find out more!


What does a citrine bracelet do?

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

The citrine bracelet interacts with your solar plexus, the energy center connected to vitality and joy. When this bracelet stimulates the solar plexus chakra, it can help develop personal strength and self-confidence.

It comes in a warm color that evokes images of the sun, illumination, and warmth. As a result, the citrine bracelet symbolizes romance, new beginnings, and freshness.

Some people use this bracelet to help raise their energy levels. It can also help eliminate negativity from your life and lead to enhanced clarity. Citrine is also believed to inspire positivity and self-improvement. In Feng shui, citrine is associated with inner peace.

It is also used to help in the manifestation of financial gain. Some people use citrine to find physical healing since it is believed to help improve metabolism, minimize food allergies, and aid digestion. The citrine bracelet also complements different outfits.


Is citrine a lucky stone?

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

Yes. Citrine is also known as the Lucky Merchant’s stone since it can help manifest good luck to the wearer. Since this stone transmutes energy, it can also reverse bad luck.

Most business owners always wear the citrine bracelet since they believe that it can bring them luck and prosperity in their jobs.

Even gamblers in casinos wear the citrine bracelet since they believe it is a lucky stone that can help them win.

Wearing the citrine bracelet can shine a light even when you are going through difficult situations.


Can I sleep with my citrine bracelet?

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

Yes. You can sleep with the citrine bracelet on your body or place it under your pillow. Many wearers do this since they believe that sleeping with the bracelet can help you reap the benefits of the crystal while asleep.

Sleeping with a citrine bracelet can also protect you from nightmares and give you confidence in your dreams. It can also continue giving you joyous vibrations even in your sleep. Some believe that sleeping with a citrine bracelet can boost sexual desire.

Wearing the citrine bracelet at night can also promote good sleep since it can help eliminate anxiety or depression that makes it hard to sleep. If you often struggle with dark thoughts at night, you can try wearing this bracelet before bedtime.

Though many wearers don’t have a problem sleeping with a citrine bracelet, not everyone gets a positive experience. For instance, if you often feel restless at night and take a long time before falling asleep, you may find sleeping with a citrine bracelet too stimulating.

Since this crystal bracelet works differently for everyone, you should try it first and see how your body responds as you sleep wearing it.


Can you wear citrine in the shower?

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

Yes. You can wear citrine in the shower. Since citrine scores 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it can withstand water. However, you should avoid constant exposure of the citrine bracelet to water for extended periods since it may turn dull.

Exposing a citrine bracelet with a shiny finish to water for so long can remove the shine. Though this may not affect its vibrations, it may not look as good as it used to when you bought it. If the water is too hot or cold, it can damage the stone over time.  

You also have to think about the water quality before going into the bathroom wearing a citrine bracelet. Hard water or highly chlorinated water can negatively affect the look of citrine. This stone should also not come into contact with harsh bath gels.


Can anyone wear citrine stone?

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

Not everyone can wear citrine stone since some may experience adverse effects. Before wearing the citrine stone, consider your birth month and zodiac sign. It is suitable for people born in November.

Regarding zodiac signs, the citrine stone is best for people whose signs are Libra, Gemini, Arias, or Leo. Suppose your zodiac sign is Libra; wearing the citrine stone can realign your chakras and help you relax.

People whose zodiac sign is Leo can also wear a citrine bracelet since Leo is ruled by the sun. Gemini’s also wear the citrine bracelet since it helps them feel more confident, while Aries’ wear it since it symbolizes new beginnings.

Before buying a citrine stone, you should also consider your mental and physical state. This crystal is great when you wish to recharge yourself.

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

You can wear the citrine stone if you want to increase abundance in your life or attract positive energy. This stone can also help people who lack confidence or have low self-esteem.

You can also wear it if you are affected by cold weather since the citrine stone harbors the sun’s power. If you are feeling tense, wearing the citrine bracelet can help relieve it.

If you are experiencing digestive problems, you can also find healing by wearing the citrine bracelet. You should also consider your profession before wearing the citrine bracelet. This stone can benefit people in education and law since it can boost intellect.


Who should not wear citrine stone?

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

Citrine is a powerful stone that you have to be careful with. Since the citrine stone is related to the solar plexus, you should avoid it if your chakra is blocked.

This is because you may experience side effects like nausea or stomach pains. In Feng shui, people born under the Pig and Rat Zodiac signs should also avoid wearing this stone.

This is because the zodiac signs are compatible with water elements, and water is incompatible with the earth element associated with the citrine stone. You should also avoid wearing the citrine stone if you have temperament issues since it can amplify them.


Which hand should I wear my citrine bracelet?

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

You should wear the citrine bracelet on the left hand if you are right-handed. In Feng shui, the left hand is for receiving energy, while the right hand is for giving energy. Therefore, you should wear this bracelet on the left to help absorb its positive energies.

Wearing the citrine bracelet on the left hand can also help bring out your power, especially if you are dealing with low self-esteem. Note that the flow of energy changes depending on your dominant hand.

If you are left-handed, your left hand is your giving hand, while your right hand is your receiving hand. Since you should wear the citrine bracelet on your receiving hand, it means that left-handed individuals should wear it on the right hand.


5 Tips for wearing your Citrine bracelet every day

I. Cleanse the bracelet

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

This can help get rid of any negative energy attached to the bracelet. You can cleanse it by smudging it with sage smoke or incense smoke.

Cleanse the citrine bracelet the first time you use it and at least once a month afterward.


II. Activate the citrine stone

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

To achieve this, think about something you wish to manifest, then write down an affirmation.

As you wear the bracelet, speak to it or mentally project your affirmation to the citrine stone. Repeat the affirmation at least 8 times.


III. Meditate with the citrine bracelet

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

You should also visualize your intention coming true each day as you wear the citrine bracelet. During meditation, see yourself achieving all your goals.  


IV. Take care of it

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

We mentioned that you should not expose the bracelet to too much water daily. Also, do not sunbathe with this bracelet since the UV rays can react with it and affect its color.

You can prevent scratching by storing it in a padded container after use.


V. Sleep wearing the citrine bracelet

How To Wear Citrine Bracelet

If you have not been experiencing any side effects from wearing the citrine bracelet, you should consider using it even during bedtime.

This can help you eliminate any negative energy in your bedroom and help you wake up in a more positive mood.



Citrine is a gorgeous stone with warm, earthy undertones that pairs well with jewelry designs.

If you choose a citrine bracelet, you should wear it appropriately to reap its benefits.

Follow the tips discussed above, and remember to wear it on your non-dominant hand.

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