A Quick Guide On How To Wear Cartier Love Bracelet

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In the jewelry industry, Cartier needs no introduction. It’s a luxury brand worth every expensive penny. With Cartier pieces, you can be sure you are getting something creative, durable, and high quality.

Their expensive pieces are sure to make you feel like a luxury for many years to come. Among their most popular pieces is the Cartier love bracelet.

This item has remained a favorite for many since its release in 1969. Although its clasp is the most unique thing about this bracelet, it can also be the most confusing bit.

That is why in this article we will share with you a detailed guide on how to put on the bracelet as well as styling tips to ensure you stand out.


How To Open Cartier Love Bracelet With Screwdriver?

To all the jewelry-loving romantics, the Cartier Love Bracelet is the perfect combination of an amazing jewelry piece and romance. It has for a long time been a unique symbol of love between two people.

how to wear cartier love bracelet

Of course, we’ve all heard of lock and key types of jewelry, but how many times do you come across a screw and screwdriver-themed romantic accessory?

The iconic design of the bracelet involves perfectly spaced screws, including the clasp, which also comes with a cute tiny gold screwdriver.

It is this screwdriver that is used to lock and open the bracelet, and you can give it to your partner as a representation of your devotion to them. The following are steps you can take to open the Cartier Love Bracelet, which you should be careful not to drop:

  • Start by loosening the two screws on either side of the bracelet.
  • Do not tilt the screwdriver while using it to open the bracelet to avoid damaging it.
  • Slowly open the bracelets by releasing both sides simultaneously.
  • Put the two halves of the bracelet together and place it back in their presentation case along with the tiny screwdriver.

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How To Open Cartier Love Bracelet Without Screwdriver?

how to wear cartier love bracelet

The Cartier Love Bracelet is a beautiful piece that complements any outfit of any occasion, but there comes a time when you may want to take it off, whether it’s to swim or shower. But what happens when you lose the small screwdriver that comes with it? Not to worry, there are a few tricks you can try.

The Cartier screwdriver is a flat head and the screws are single slots meaning that you can find many substitutes for the screwdriver in your kitchen, study or tool shed. The following are some common alternatives you can try:

  • A kitchen/butter knife– this is one of the oldest tricks and a substitute you can never lack at home. All you need is to place the tip of the knife in a screw slot and angle the handle of the knife to give you leverage. You should be able to turn the screw and open the clasp of the bracelet.
  • A credit card– the Cartier Love bracelet screws are small and therefore have tiny slots. If your knives don’t work, a credit card or even a debit card may be slim enough to fit through the slot. Just be careful not to break the card by applying too much pressure.
  • Rubber band– this is also a great alternative. Place the rubber band over the screw and press it down with your finger. At the same time try turning the screw (using the knife of a credit card with this method is more effective). The friction from the rubber on the screw should be enough to make it turn. Considering how small the Cartier screws are, avoid using rubber bands that are too thick, otherwise, they wouldn’t fit.
  • A chisel– this is the best substitute if you happen to have it handy. If you find one small enough to fit the slot in the screws you should be able to successfully turn them and open your bracelet up.

Keep in mind, however, that while doing this, you are likely to leave behind scratch marks on your bracelet. So, be careful not to cause too much damage. Alternatively, you could use oil or soapy water to try and slip the bracelet through without having to open it.


How To Put On Cartier Love Bracelet By Yourself?

how to wear cartier love bracelet

Considering how you have to screw and unscrew the bracelet to put it on and take it off, it is not a one-person job.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to put on the bracelet by yourself, especially on days you don’t have anyone around to help. The following are simple steps you can follow to put on your bracelet on your own:

  1. Start by connecting the two parts of your bracelets around your wrist with your free hand.
  2. Hold the two pieces in place by either placing your wrist against a hard surface at one of the points where the two pieces connect. You could also place your wrist between your knees or legs to hold the bracelet in place.
  3. Take the Cartier screwdriver secure the screws on both ends and voila! You’re all done.


What To Wear With Cartier Love Bracelet?

how to wear cartier love bracelet

The Cartier Love Bracelet was designed for daily wear. It wasn’t meant to be taken off daily, which is why the design will easily complement anything you put on with the bracelet.

The love bracelet comes in a variety of metals ranging from 18K white, yellow, and rose gold. There are also some diamond-encrusted pieces.

The plain metal pieces fit perfectly with your everyday outfits. You can pair them up effortlessly with your official suits or dress them down with a casual and simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

The bracelet would also be flattering with a cute dress especially during summertime. The diamond pieces would be great for when you want to make a bolder statement or want a bit more sparkle to your look.

Another beauty about these bracelets is that they are unisex and can be worn solo or paired with other accessories. There’s limitless room to play around with.


Tips For Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet That’ll Make You Standout

When it comes to standing out with your jewelry, there aren’t any hard rules about it. The whole idea is self-expression, so it boils down to your preference. Still, here are a few useful tips you can try to help bring out your best self, using your Cartier love bracelet:

how to wear cartier love bracelet

1. Stack them up!

The flat design and snug fit of the love bracelets make them perfect for stacking up. You can choose to stack up several of the love bracelets.

You can also add in your other favorite Cartier pieces like the screw bracelet or trinity bracelet. It also wouldn’t hurt to stack the love bracelets up with other favorite designer bracelets you may have in your collection.


2. Mix the metals.

This is another fun way of making a statement with your jewelry. The Cartier love bracelets come in various metals as mentioned before, so you can play around with that. Silver always goes well with yellow or rose gold for example.

By mixing the metals of your bracelets you can also mix up the metals of your other accessories, just ensure that at the end of it everything is balanced and cohesive.

how to wear cartier love bracelet

3. Play with shapes and designs.

While stacking up, another way to create variation is by varying the shape and designs of the bracelet.

You don’t have to pair the Cartier love bracelet with similar flat-shaped bracelets.

You could also make it a mixture of modern and antique designs.



Cartier is always the go-to luxury brand for something unique, meaningful, and long-lasting.

The Cartier love bracelet is the perfect example of that.

As you have seen, putting on and taking off the bracelet is not rocket science, even if you are by yourself.

A bonus is that there are many ways for you to style the bracelets to create your unique style.

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