A Real Guick Guide on How to Wear Bracelets for Guys(7 Actionable Tips)

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How to Wear Bracelets for Guys? Wearing bracelets might not come very naturally for most men, and we are here to show you all how it is done. You will be surprised to note that there are many bracelet designs that you could try out, but the only thing that you need to know is how to wear the bracelets.

In case you are wondering, there is such a thing as a guy wearing too many bracelets. So, if you have bracelets on and the metals rattle every time you move your arm, the same way a cheap slot machine would rattle, you are wearing too many bracelets.

So, let’s show you how it is done.

Before we share tips and tricks on how to perfectly wear bracelets, let’s first take a look at why you should wear the bracelet in the first place.


Reasons for wearing bracelets

While some might argue that there really is no reason for you to wear a bracelet, we’d like to argue that just like the need to smell nice from wearing the right cologne, wearing bracelets right will go a long way in leveling up your style, as would some high-quality shoes.

 A good bracelet is all about style elevation – you will wear a bracelet, and suddenly your white T-shirt and jeans weekend wear make you the most stylish man in the room. So, if you have been struggling to find the perfect style to match your personality, a bracelet could be exactly what you have been missing.

It is a great conversation starter. The right bracelet worn right will definitely start conversations, especially if the jewelry you choose is unique.

A studded leather bracelet or a handpainted wooden bead bracelet is guaranteed to initiate conversations, and you could just end up with the best new friends.

The noble history behind bracelets for guys. The other reason why you might want to start wearing your bracelets comfortably is that the bracelet-wearing tradition has some nobility behind it.

Specifically, firefighters used to wear the paracord bracelets, the rope-type bracelets allowing them to easily carry up several feet of the parachute easily. If you are a firefighter, you know that these bracelets are literally a life or death matter.

Finally, bracelets are fashionable, and if you are fashion-forward, wearing bracelets would be a good way for you to enjoy fashion.

So, how do you wear bracelets?


How to wear bracelets for guys

Types of bracelets and how to wear them

The first step to learning how to wear bracelets is knowing that bracelets made of different materials are worn differently. In this section, we are giving you a breakdown of the main types of bracelets on the market and how you can wear them.


Metallic Bracelets for Guys

Casual or formal wear? Guys, you cannot go wrong with a metallic bracelet, as it is the most stylish bracelet option for men.

It’s very versatile, and you can wear it with formal or casual wear. Gold or silver, metal bracelets can be paired with a nice suit, or you’re crisp white shier and some chinos. In either case, the look you pull off will tell the world that you are a stylish man who means business.

A nicely-designed metal bracelet is ideal for mature men who want something discreet rather than something frivolous.

Note that a nice metal bracelet, just like a watch, is the status symbol, but this is a look that you only get to pull off if you wear the bracelet right. But, stacking too many gold bracelets on one arm, for example, easily comes off cheap and tacky.

So, if you have to wear more than one accessory, stack two bracelets or a bracelet and a watch. You could also wear that chunky metal bracelet instead, forgoing the watch. Just don’t wear more than two bracelets on each arm. You could mix leather with metal or even the beaded bracelets.


Leather bracelets

Next to the metal bracelets, you have the leather bracelets, especially if you are into classic styles.

Versatility. Leather bracelets are quite versatile because of their design out of neutral colors, and the leather bracelet designs also allow you to choose from simple and solid designs to the braided, sophisticated, or the conspicuous punk-style leather bracelets. Essentially, there are leather bracelets in all designs, and you only need to choose a look that works for your personality and the occasion.

Casual designs. Take the punk-style and conspicuously designed leather bracelet, for example. It is the ideal bracelet style for a casual look. Think heavy boots, some slightly ripped jeans, and the classic but simple black T-shirt.

Simple styles. What if you prefer simpler and more subtle styles? Well, there are simple bracelet designs, just for you. And the best part is that you could pair the bracelet with your wristwatch. You only need to make sure that the color of the bracelet matches the color of your wristband’s band color. The good thing about these bracelets is that they usually come in either black or brown, just like the wristwatch, which means that you can wear the bracelet with anything.

Leather elegance. If you are going for an elegant, but also a slightly informal look, you could opt for a thin, braided leather bracelet as it oozes a subtle style, and you won’t have to worry about looking too flashy.

But you can also go all flashy and casual with the leather bracelets too – get bigger bracelets, stack them up, and mix the bracelet designs.


Rope Bracelets

The rope bracelets for men are the most common types of bracelets on the market; they are inexpensive, colorful, and versatile. The rope bracelet is also known as a cord bracelet. These kinds of bracelets are ideal for any man who wishes to add a splash of color to their outfit.

How to wear

Formal or casual wear. Because of the colorful design, this bracelet is more of a casual fit bracelet, and you should avoid wearing this bracelet with the smart/ official outfit look.

If you must accessorize with a bracelet and you are wearing a suit or any other kind of formal wear, you should opt for the bracelets made with either beads or precious metals.

Mixing and matching. The rope-bracelet is versatile, though, and you get to experiment with different bracelet thicknesses and colors, and you could also wear more than one of these bracelets, mixing and matching colors and different elements of the bracelets. You could also match the rope bracelet with leather or beaded bracelets for men.

The other thing to note about the rope bracelets is that they are timeless, and they are not season-bound. So, while you can wear such a bracelet in summer, it will still be fashionable in winter.

Regarding style, a rope bracelet is a good option for anyone into rustic styles. Just keep in mind that this bracelet will not last many years, something you will have to compromise for the lower price of the bracelet.


Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets make the most popular bracelet design, and you really can’t take issue with them. The beaded bracelets are stylish, versatile, unique, and work for pretty much all guys.

If you are new to wearing bracelets, you won’t go wrong with beaded bracelets. Beaded bracelets also come in different colors and materials, ranging from precious stones and wood to plastic and lava rock.

With all the design options, beaded bracelets give you styling freedom. However, don’t throw on any beaded bracelet you see without considering the effect created by the beads.


Keep in mind the following:

The size of the beads – beaded bracelets with big beads are ideal for that casual/ informal look, and not ideal for stacking. Smaller beads, on the other hand, give off a nice casual-business vibe, and you can wear the small beads with a jacket and tie or even your suit.

Color. While you get to throw in some touch of color when it comes down to the beaded bracelet, remember to keep a natural look and allow everything to flow easily for that effortlessly stylish look.


Other tips for wearing bracelets right

  • Stack as many of the thin bracelets as you would like on one wrist, but avoid stacking the thick, metallic bracelets
  • Treat the bracelet as you would a wristwatch, keeping it against the skin but under sleeves that are long enough to cover up the bracelets.
  • Don’t mix band sizes for bracelets or bracelets and wristwatch.
  • Wear the bracelets on one arm rather than have one bracelet on each arm
  • There are many other bracelet styles to choose from, but the tips above will apply to most, if not all. These bracelet styles include the ID bracelets (versatile retro look that works with all styles), leather cuffs (casual/ classic punk), rock and roll bracelets (casual/ punk), rubber/ cause bands (casual/ occasional social events), macramé rope (casual), or broad metals (formal and casual).



There are many types of bracelets for men, and wearing them right means understanding that the bracelets have different properties, and they can only be worn in a certain way or with specific styles.

 Follow the tips above to pull off the bracelet look perfectly. For more useful tips, please visit this page for more.

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