How To Wear Beaded Bracelets for Men Like a Pro

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Beaded bracelets are stylish, but you will agree with us that they are not the easiest to style. Thanks to the diverse styling options, the beaded bracelets (and other types of bracelets) have remained stylish over time, and both men and women wear them.

In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about beaded bracelets and how to wear them.


About Beaded Bracelets

As the bracelet type that has earned the top spot as one of the most preferable and popular arm accessories for men, an understanding of your options is important.

Essentially, the beaded bracelets can be wooden, made of luxury crystals, bone, and glass, or even plastic (the most affordable type of beaded bracelets).

These variations mean that you will always find a beaded bracelet to match your mood, dress code, and style. And if you are not sure where to start, you will be happy to know that you could stack two or more beaded bracelets, wear bracelets that come in different bead patterns, colors, sizes, and the ones made of different materials.

So, whether you wish to go for a minimal, monochromatic look with a formal suit or you want to have fun with colors, textures, and patterns for a wedding or any other casual event, there is always an ideal bracelet for you to choose.


How many beaded bracelets should I wear?

How To Wear Beaded Bracelets

When it comes to bracelets, you will be happy to know that you can mix bracelets of different widths and weights and also bracelets of varying bead sizes.

The general consensus is that you could wear at least 2 bracelets on one or both wrists, but you shouldn’t have more than 7 bracelets on at a go – this big number is not only overwhelming but also uncomfortable.


What does it mean when a man wears a beaded bracelet?

We can all agree that a man choosing to wear a beaded bracelet is often nothing more than their desire to express themselves, their love for fashion, and the fact that they feel comfortable accessorizing with the best and the trendiest jewelry options.

Beyond their expression of style and personal preferences, a man choosing to wear a bracelet could also hold some special meaning to them. Here, we’ll share with you the meaning of a man wearing a beaded bracelet.


1. Expression of your personality

How To Wear Beaded Bracelets

Depending on the selected type of bracelet, this accessory is often a great representation of your thoughts and beliefs and also makes it possible for you to express yourself easily.

Bracelets in different colors and made of different materials often represent different personalities, which is why accessorizing is more of a ritual to men who love jewelry.

And if this sounds like you, you will agree with us that your look will never feel complete without the right bracelet.

To take your love for jewelry a notch higher, especially for the best level of self-expression, you may want to try out a gemstone bracelet.

The gemstone bracelets are important because different bracelets carry a deep meaning thanks to their distinct processes and the fact that they are made through a specific complex process.

As a result, the gemstone bracelet would represent your most important values and even promote different kinds of energies like intelligence, balance, ambition, gratitude, or courage.

The obsidian bracelet, for example, is the definition of braveness and guardianship, and it’s also believed to have the power to bring you clarity while also shielding you from any kind of negative energy.


2. Great conversation starter

How To Wear Beaded Bracelets

If you are not big on social events and always struggle to break the ice, your bracelets might be conversation starters you didn’t know you needed to have more fun with.

While staying silent and observing the behaviors of others in awkward moments is the natural pre-set for most of us, you can be at ease and overcome the awkward moments easily if you have on cute bracelets.

Bear in mind that at the end of the day, conversation starters can be the simplest and the most trivial things.

And if you are the kind of guy that accessorizes in the most outstanding way, you will stand out as the guy that takes their looks seriously and also takes whatever event or occasion they are invited to seriously.


3. Bracelets are the most stylish accessorizing option

In addition to being regarded as cool, accessorizing with a bracelet is important in that it ensures that your outfit and look are complete.

A bracelet shows that you are detail-oriented, attentive, and in many ways, opting to wear bracelets is a way for you to show off your personality and who you really are.

How To Wear Beaded Bracelets

4. Bracelets for health improvement

As mentioned above, gemstone bracelets are ideal for men and women who believe in the inherent powers of gemstones.

And sometimes, men choose to accessorize with the beaded gemstone bracelets because of the stone’s power to retain energy and rejuvenate them.

Some precious stones absorb negative energies and elevate your spirit so that you emit more positivity. Such gemstones like obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, or Hematite are formed over thousands of years under extremely high temperature and pressure conditions, and they have also been used medically for many years.

So, if you believe in the healing powers of gemstones and crystals, wearing a beaded gemstone bracelet would be the most natural thing for you to do.


The other meanings behind men wearing bracelets are as follows:

  1. The bracelets represent the individual’s societal status, and it could also be a form of their group identity.
  2. Some of these bracelets are meaningful and also the best of inspirational pieces to have on all the time.
  3. Great reminders of one’s source of motivation and self-discipline
  4. It’s an excellent way of embracing trends


Tips for wearing beaded bracelets

1. Which wrist to wear the bracelet on?

Essentially, there are no hard and fast rules that govern this, but it’s ideal for wearing the bracelet on your dominant hand, but if you don’t want it to scratch your wristwatch, you could wear it on the opposite hand.

How To Wear Beaded Bracelets

2. Choose versatile pieces

The black obsidian and the Tiger’s eye bracelets are the most common types of gemstone or crystal bracelets for men, and you will be happy to know that they are quite versatile thanks to the neutral colors that allow you to wear the jewelry at all times, and to whatever event, including formal and casual events.


3. Get a custom piece

While you could wear a simple generic beaded bracelet to show your love for accessories, you could derive great satisfaction from the beaded bracelet if you get it customized or if yours was a customized gift just for you.

The best part about the custom pieces is that they can be worn alone or with others, and they will always carry that important message and memories that mean a lot to you.

How To Wear Beaded Bracelets

4. Find the gemstone beaded bracelet that suits you.

You may want to consult a learned Astrologer or an Astro-Gemologist to ensure the right recommendation for the best-beaded bracelet for you to wear.


5. Ensure the quality of the bracelet

You don’t want to spend your money on a fake beaded gemstone bracelet that would start peeling, fade, or break out of nowhere.

So, it must be well-built with a durable string or metal wire, a sturdy but easy to work clasp, and the beads should be made of materials that are real and durable.



If you were looking for a guide on beaded bracelets and weren’t sure what the fuss around these bracelets is all about, we hope that the information shared above covers all the bases.

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