Learn How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry In This Post?

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Did you know that amethyst was once a precious stone?

This was before the large amethyst deposits in Brazil were discovered. oday, it’s not that rare.

But with its sublime beauty, it is one of the finest semi-precious crystals.


What happens when you wear amethyst?

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

Wearing this trigonal violet quartz crystal could be the best thing you can do to enhance your well-being. Amethyst offers a veil of protection to all who wear it or keep the crystal in their spaces.

This crystal gets its name from the Greek word Amethystos (which is formed from two words, ‘a’ meaning ‘not’ and ‘metho’ that means intoxicate), signifying the protective powers of the crystal, which also protects you from intoxication.

But there is a lot more about amethyst, and though it may never be as sparkling as a diamond, it is the most stunning crystal that will shield you from harm while also bringing you loads of love, harmony, peace, and pureness.


A lot more happens to you when you wear amethyst, and these other benefits include:

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

  • Spiritual growth– amethyst opens the third eye and the crown chakras. Placing the scone on these stones will amplify your connection to the spiritual realm, improving your spiritual well-being. This connection also means that the crystal will protect you from psychic attacks.
  • Improved mental and emotional well-being– amethyst is a calming stone that will bring you peace by protecting your mind. If you are constantly struggling with racing thoughts, amethyst will tone things down -this is why amethyst also goes by the name Nature’s Tranquilizer.
  • Enhanced Physical health status– The other benefit of wearing amethyst is that it cures headaches and helps to manage insomnia, depression, feelings of despair, and also grief.

And so, the only question we should be answering today is this – which is the right way to wear amethyst jewelry?


Can amethyst be worn daily?

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

Yes. This crystal will survive daily wear thanks to its hardness, scoring 7 on Mohs Scale of Hardness.

All you need to do is to make sure that you keep it from hard surfaces that may scratch and damage it.


Which day is best to wear an amethyst stone? Why?

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

Saturday. While you can wear your amethyst jewelry daily, the ideal day to enjoy the crystal’s benefits is Saturday.

Wear your amethyst ring or pendant necklace at sunrise on Saturday during Shukla Paksha. It is activated and more powerful on Saturday dawn between 5 and 7 or during the day between 1 and 2 pm.

However, wear your amethyst ring during the descending moon or Krishna Paksha on Saturday evening.


Can anyone wear amethyst?

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

Yes. The beauty of amethyst is that anyone can wear it, not just individuals born in February. But if you believe in Vedic Astrology, you must take note of the exceptions to wear amethyst.


Who should not wear amethyst stone jewelry?

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

Scorpio, Taurus, and Pisces.

While Taurus is an earth sign, it’s under Venus’s rule – amethyst is the opposite; it’s a water element and may not have the best effects on the wearers – in some cases, it may cause instability.

On the other hand, Scorpios and Pisces are water signs. Although this should make them compatible with amethyst which is also a water sign, this isn’t always the case because the interaction of these water signs with their respective planets, Pluto, and Neptune, make these signs too emotional. Amethyst on Pisces or Scorpio will make one feel too deeply. So, keep this in mind before wearing amethyst.


Who should wear amethyst stone jewelry?

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

All other signs can wear amethyst. But for maximum benefits, wear amethyst if you are a Leo, Cancer, or Aries. Pisces and Scorpio can wear amethyst stone jewelry, but with caution.

You could also wear amethyst if you have been struggling with the adverse effects of Saturn. Amethyst is also the ideal crystal stone for you if you are struggling or going through a challenging time.

This is the case because Amethyst promotes serenity, calm, and peace – these will help you better handle anger, anxiety, fear, or negative thoughts.


How to wear amethyst stone Jewelry for a better health

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

We no longer see drinking vessels carved with amethyst to prevent intoxication; we now wear the crystal on our bodies to experience its powers.

So, how should you wear your amethyst crystal pieces to experience its benefits?


I. Wear Amethyst earrings to open and activate the third eye

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

Choose a pair of amethyst earrings and wear them if you feel more anxious, stressed, or losing your footing. Amethyst worn as earrings will open up and nurture the third eye and the crown chakras, making you more perceptive, at peace, and spiritually aligned.

It will expand your aura and also open up and protect the third eye, and you’ll become more self-aware, confident, and mentally healthy.


II. Wear an amethyst as a necklace

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

An amethyst necklace opens the heart chakra. And thanks to the vibrant purple tones of amethyst and the fact that it influences all chakras.

So, wearing the amethyst pendant necklace opens your heart to love, joy, and happiness and does a beautiful job of inviting healing energies in your heart and soul.

In many ways, a healthy, healed heart brings a healthy state of happiness and good health to the whole body. A healthy heart equals a healthy body and mind.


III. Wearing an amethyst bracelet for grounding and spiritual balance

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

An amethyst bracelet will enhance your overall well-being by balancing your spirituality and making you feel more grounded.

This happens because the chakras run throughout the body, not just along the spine, and so, when your roots are connected to the earth, you become balanced, strong, and confident so that you can stand tall and confident throughout.

Amethyst stones will make it possible for us to access our emotions and intellect, thanks to the open and healthy heart and brain connection.

The bracelet, made with amethyst, is one of the best jewelry options for you, especially if you are looking for help being more grounded. You also feel more balanced thanks to this bracelet.


IV. Amethyst Ring

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

While you could wear any amethyst jewelry, the best way to enjoy the full benefits offered by this stone is by wearing it as part of your ring or a necklace pendant.

It’s recommended that the ring or pendant necklace should be set on silver. And the ring should go on your right hand’s middle finger. Doing this allows you to enjoy the crystal’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing benefits.

An amethyst ring enhances your conviction to become the best you can be. Given the power in our hands and the healing powers of amethyst, this crystal will transform your fingers into powerful healing vectors.

And because we can move hands to different parts of the body, precisely points and chakra nodes throughout the body, the healing vibrations of amethyst are felt everywhere. For whole-body healing, consider wearing an amethyst ring often.

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Jewelry

Other ways of experiencing the healing powers of amethyst include:

I. Wearing different amethyst jewelry pieces during meditation

II. Wearing your amethyst ring when meditating



Amethyst has profound healing effects on the physical body, emotional or mental state, and spiritual health.

And to experience all its healing powers, you need to invest in the best amethyst rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

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