How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly? (2024 Updated)

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There are many questions people have when it comes to wearing magnetic bracelets.

Such as: How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly? They are not entirely known in the mainstream, so those getting one for the first time might be a bit lost.

We are here to help you with that. We’ll look at how to wear magnetic bracelets correctly, under what circumstances should you or shouldn’t wear it, and where it is best worn for maximum results.

Let’s dive in.


How to wear a magnetic bracelet correctly

How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

A common question among people who wear magnetic bracelets is indeed how to wear it. They are those that come with claps and a cuff.

If you get the bracelet with the clasp closed, use your thumb to undo the clasp. Listen for a click as it will indicate that it is opened.

Once it is opened, take the other end of the bracelet that has a hook and put in one side of the claps in past the hinge.

After, fold the clasp shut. Again, you will hear a click that signals that it is closed. When the bracelet is new, you will have a hard time undoing the claps, but with time, it gets easier to close it.


Can you wear magnetic bracelets in the water?

How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

Due to the make up for magnetic bracelets, you shouldn’t wear them in the shower or any water body.

That’s because they are prone to rust when exposed to water. It is the same when exposed to the chlorine in swimming pools and also the salt in the ocean. It will cause the metal to tarnish and also discharge the magnetic properties.

Be sure to take them off before getting into water or being in a situation where the magnetic bracelet will get wet.

When it gets wet, be sure to dry it and avoid a repeat. After wearing a magnetic bracelet and you want to take it off, rub a soft dry cloth over it to ensure that you’ve wiped off any sweat or lotion residue.

If you’re not keen to have to go through all the above and you want the bracelet on your hand at all times, then you can opt for a stainless steel bracelet.

It is corrosion-resistant and thus makes it ideal for everyday wear. It is also durable. Do remember that it does need some cleaning from time to time.

Soapy water and a soft cloth will suffice; you have to rub the wet towel on the surfaces. After, rinse with clean water and dry it.


Should you wear a magnetic bracelet at night?

How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

The best time to wear a magnetic bracelet is indeed at night.

Your body is not only at rest, but there is minimal movement with the bracelet.


Can you wear magnetic bracelets on both wrists?

How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

There are cases where people do wear two magnetic bracelets, one on each wrist. That is often when directed by a medical practitioner.

Alternatively, some see that wearing a magnetic bracelet is beneficial in combatting their ailment and decide that they will opt for two to accelerate the journey to their wellbeing.

If you’re wearing a magnetic bracelet for prevention purposes, one is enough. You can choose to alternate them if you want to get the full benefits, but two won’t be necessary.


Which wrist should you wear a magnetic bracelet on?

How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

Here, you want to get a chart with acupressure points showing the areas where you need to wear magnetic bracelets for the most effective.

For example, if you’re having issues with your spine, then you want to wear your magnetic bracelet on the left hand.

On the other hand, if you’re having gastritis issues, then you want to wear the bracelet on the right side. You have to look at the place where your body is having problems and put the bracelet on the acupressure point for that particular area.

How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

If you don’t get a chart, you can start by putting the bracelet on the side of the body with the issue. If you’re not sure where the area lies, either on the left or the right, you can start by wearing the bracelet on one side. If you don’t notice any changes, you can make the switch to the other hand.

Note: don’t wear a magnetic bracelet on the same hand as a digital watch as it is going to affect the magnetic properties of the magnets.

You also want to keep the bracelet away from credit cards and home appliances. You can, however, have it on when you’re using your laptop because the magnets are short range.


How tight should a magnetic bracelet be?

How to Wear a Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

It is said that the magnets on the bracelet work better when you move around. For that reason, you want to wear a magnetic bracelet somewhat loosely on your hand.

Get something that is a size that is slightly bigger so that it’s not too fitting.

When it is also fitting, it is not only less effective, but it can cause irritation and rashes due to sweat and dampness. You can use a tape measure to find out what size you are.

Let the tape measure rest loosely in your hand; that is, it can move around. The thing about magnetic bracelets is that not all of them have to touch your skin.



Thus far, we have looked at magnetic bracelets, when and how to wear them, and what to look out for. That said, you should not wear magnetic bracelets if you have an open wound, you suspect you have internal bleeding, or when you’re pregnant.

Should you be unsure of the state you’re in, consult your doctor first before wearing a magnetic bracelet. Equally, if you have medical implants then don’t wear a magnet as it might affect the works of it. That includes insulin pumps and pacemakers.

Overall, there is much to like about magnetic bracelets. They are not only a fashion trend but have some healing properties.

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