How To Wear A Long Necklace With A Collared Shirt(Easy Guide)

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If you are going for a formal or a business casual look, a collared shirt is just one of those things that you must have on.  

But just because you are wearing a collared shirt doesn’t mean that it has to look boring and plain.

If you are into jewelry, gold or a sterling silver chain could be at the top of your mind right now, and you could be thinking that maybe you could wear a short chain necklace to complete the look.

But what if we told you that you could actually pull off a more stylish look with an even longer necklace?

Well, you could, but you only need to read this guide first.


Can you wear a necklace with a collared shirt?

How To Wear A Long Necklace With A Collared Shirt

Yes, you could wear your necklace with a collared shirt. You could, for instance, wear one of your favorite pieces of men’s necklaces over your polo shirt for a more laid-back style.

All that’s required of you for you to be able to pull off the look right would be to choose a long necklace between 26 and 30inches.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to wear your necklace underneath the collared shirt, shorter necklaces would be more ideal, say a 20-inch chain necklace.


How to wear a long necklace with a collared shirt

The best part about accessorizing with longer necklaces is that the great amount of dimension while also adding some elements of fun to your look. To pull off the look perfectly with your collared shirt, here are some of the important considerations you need to keep in mind:

How To Wear A Long Necklace With A Collared Shirt
Mix and match your accessories
  • Mix and match your accessories

For the perfect look, especially with your long necklaces, you may want to wear a detailed top with lace, or perhaps a plain, bold-colored top that needs some life thrown in.

you need to mix and match the accessories, throw on a blazer and jeans, and you are good to go.

Long necklaces still allow you to accessorize with grace and style, and if your outfit is plain, that big, long, and colorful necklace will complete your look perfectly.

Just be careful not to mix in too many details and colors, especially if you’re dressing for work.


  • Wear a collared shirt with a statement piece
How To Wear A Long Necklace With A Collared Shirt
Wear a collared shirt with a statement piece

If you wear collared shirts often, you might want to try pairing them with a long, statement piece of jewelry for a perfect/ complete look.

This look is rather effortless and comfortable, and you may find yourself dressing this way daily. It could be your go-to look.

Essentially, pulling off this look requires you to wear the long/ statement necklace over the collared shirt, preferably with the first button undone.

You could also wear a sweater over the shirt and the statement necklace on top. The long necklace will stand out beautifully, and you won’t have to worry about it looking out of place.


  • Tuck it under the shirt

For gentlemen that wish to wear their necklaces with a suit, the most important thing to take into consideration is the length of the necklace.

You could opt for any necklace between 20 and 24 inches, but because you are wearing a suit, you have to keep it tucked in so that it shows ever so subtly and low-key.

How To Wear A Long Necklace With A Collared Shirt
Tuck it under the shirt
  • Wearing a long necklace with a polo shirt

While you’d have to tuck in the necklace for a business look, you can wear the long necklace over the polo shirt for a more casual look.


  • The right type of necklace to wear with a collared shirt

Generally, there are plenty of options of necklace styles that you can choose from for the collared shirts because these shirts also come in different styles.

But for most men, the ideal necklace type for buttoned-up collar shirts would be the simplest of metallic chains, whether in white or gold. These metal chains are often recommended because they can sit right under the collar, and if you are going for more of a business casual look, you would unbutton a few more buttons and wear longer chain necklaces with ease.

You could also wear long necklaces that are beaded or with pendants. You just have to be a little bold to pull off such looks with the perfect tailoring elements of your shirt.

And with a good variety of chain styles on the market, you would be able to easily pull a stylish look even with the 30-inch chain necklaces. Just make sure that you feel comfortable in the chain.

How To Wear A Long Necklace With A Collared Shirt

  • Fully buttoned shirt look

You can wear your long chain necklace over your buttoned shirt easily by making sure that the buttons are done all the way up.

This creates an elegant fashion statement for a casual look. This style works best with a plain-colored shirt. This is also the go-to accessorizing option for you if you are going for a trendy and super-stylish look.

Keep in mind that closing the top button ensures a clean, modern look, and the chain necklace can also work well as a statement piece in place of your tie.


  • Try a layered look

If you like, you could leave about 3 or 4 buttons undone, then wear the longer necklaces along with one or two additional and shorter necklaces.

How To Wear A Long Necklace With A Collared Shirt
Try a layered look

This is a more casual look, and you need to be confident to pull this look easily. Layering the necklaces is also a great option for you if you enjoy wearing several jewelry options, long and short. To complete the casual look, throw on a black leather jacket.

Also, layer up by mixing necklaces in different shapes and symbols, opting for more of the necklaces with unique decorative elements.

And stick to jewelry made of the same metal type – this makes styling and pairing of the pieces easier. The 3 or 4 undone buttons will give off a more edgy vibe.


  • Get a chunky piece

If you like long, chunky necklaces, you will be happy to know that you can wear such necklaces with your collared shirt, either with the buttons done or undone. Throw on a denim coat to complete the look.



Just because you often wear collared shirts doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a collared shirt. Just follow the recommendations above for the most stylish look.

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