How to Wear a Gold Chain Necklace?(5 Actionable Tips in 2024)

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Yes, it is a gold chain necklace, and everyone wears gold chain necklaces, so how hard can it be to accessorize with a gold chain necklace?

Well, you might want to take a step back and think about it because as simple as it sounds, some of the biggest fashion faux pas’ committed have to do with that simple piece of a gold chain necklace.

And truth be told, you really don’t want to be another one on the books, which is why we recommend reading this article to the end. In it, we share tips on how to wear a gold chain necklace the right way.


5 Actionable Tips on How to Wear A Gold Chain Necklace (with Style)

When it comes to wearing gold chain necklaces in the most stylish ways, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the gold chain necklace will make or break that elegant look that you are going for, depending on how you dress it up or rather the outfits you choose to wear with the chain necklace.

So, gentlemen, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before you put on that gold chain necklace.

These tips will help you come up with a stylish gentleman’s fashion look book.


Tip 1 – Choosing and wearing chain necklaces depending on the look you wish to attain?

Before we look at what kind of chain necklace you can wear and what you could wear it with, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the look you wish to pull off.

Most men who wear jewelry often go for a stylish and subtle look, a look that is easy to pull off, regardless of the outfit one is wearing.

But not all men are into the subtle but stylish pieces, and you might have days when you want to pull off something different, something eye-catchy, and perhaps a little outrageous.

So, for chain necklaces that are as big as your personality, you’d want to look out for the big, attention-grabbing necklaces that guarantee to take center stage.

But be careful because not everyone can pull off this look.

Tip 2 – When to wear what?

1.Wearing real gold chains

You can easily elevate your outfit when wearing solid/ real gold chains, and the best part is that you can pull off the perfect classy look with only a white t-shirt for a simple summer look or with a trench coat on for a complete winter aesthetic that leaves you looking holistic and very well rounded.

The t-shirt, gold chain, trench coat look is ultimately the best way for you to polish off your ensemble, and you won’t have to worry about overdoing it.


2.Styling chunky gold chain necklaces

Chunky gold chain necklaces give you the perfect opportunity to add a modern spin to your traditional pieces.

You can pull off the chunky necklace look easily for that first date look, lunch with the boys, and the best part is that you can dress up or down your outfit with that chunky gold chain necklace.

To add some character and for the necklace to stand out, you could untuck it from under your shirt, or you could throw in some complex layers to your outfit, for example, by wearing a printed t-shirt, a neck scarf, or a turtleneck.

Just make sure to mix and match different styles for that timeless, sleek look.

3.Styling your slim gold chain

It might look like that one piece of jewelry that you’d never go wrong with, but not knowing how to wear your slim gold chain might pull apart your entire look.

If you are into the slim, subtle gold chain necklaces, you could pair the necklace with a polo shirt, a trench coat, or even printed knitwear. Just make sure your chain necklace hangs on your collarbone for that stylish look.

Keep in mind that a slim gold chain offers a high level of artistry while also creating a nice sense of timeless tailoring and high-fashion, regardless of the occasion.

The delicate design of a slim gold chain makes the piece an excellent piece of jewelry for everyday wear.


4.Think of layering your necklaces

Layering gold chain necklaces gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment with different chain lengths, shades, and thicknesses.

You can easily pull off the layered look with the traditional suits look, a t-shirt, etc. There really isn’t one way of layering chain necklaces, but you need to ensure that the chain sits either on your collarbone or the chest.

Just don’t overdo it, or wear too many necklaces at the same time. The good news is that the risk of destroying the layered look is minimal thanks to the layered gold chain designs available on the market.

Layering often works well for most men because the layered chain necklaces in different sizes add texture and movement to one’s look. The best-layered necklaces have 2-5 chains.


5.Styling white gold chain necklaces for men

We can’t all be into the yellow gold chains, and some of us feel more like ourselves in white gold/ silvery jewelry.

If you prefer white gold jewelry and generally the lighter shades for your jewelry, you can easily pull off that stylish look with a white t-shirt, some oversized parkas with jeans, or a chunky sweater.

White gold chain necklaces also offer the perfect opportunity for you to layer up with gold chain necklaces of different sizes – you could even throw in pendants in different sizes


6.Styling pendant gold chain necklaces

Pendant chain necklaces offer the easiest way for you to show off your jewelry and the love for good things.

You can play with a small or big pendant necklace depending on your personality and preferences. The pendant chain necklaces instantly up your ante, regardless of the outfit you are wearing.

And since there are countless designs for chain necklace pendants, you won’t have to worry about finding a piece that doesn’t feel like you.


Tip 3 – How the shape of your face affects the gold chain you wear

The shape of your face affects how a chain necklace looks on you.

If you have a round face, opt for longer and more v-shaped chains, and if you have a pointy chin and a thin face, you should opt for the short gold chains or chokers.


Tip 4 – Choosing the right gold chain necklace length

The other important factor that will affect how a gold chain necklace looks at you is the length of the chain. While men’s chain necklaces come in different lengths, from 14-16 inches and others could be as long as 30 inches, you might not pull off any chain length.

The 14-16inch chain necklaces, for example, tend to be too short and tight for most men, and you’d be better off with longer chain necklaces or pretty much a chain necklace that is a bit visible above your clothes.

The chains in the 20-24inch category are more common and preferable for a good fit and form. The 20-inch chain will fall between your first and the second button on your shirt, and you can wear it inside or on the outside of the shirt.

The 22-inch and 24-inch chains are longer, and they fall further down on the chest, and these chains can be worn outside or inside your shirt. These chains also make the best pendant, dog tag, or cross-chain necklaces.

Then you have the long necklaces in the 26-inch to the 30-inch length. Such chains often fall into the ‘bling-bling’ category, they are designed to be worn outside your shirt on their own, or they could carry large pendants. The long-chain necklaces are statement necklaces.


Tip 5 – How thick is the chain necklace?

The thickness of the chain necklace is also important, and it influences the outlook of the chain.

For example, thick and chunky necklaces will be noticeable, whether worn inside or outside your shirt, while thin necklaces are more subtle, stylish, and can be worn every day.



To avoid awkwardness when wearing a gold chain necklace, you might want to pay a little more attention to the information and tips above.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!