How To Wear A Corset With Jeans Without Looking Trashy

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Corsets are back in style, and our closets, like they never left, but are you wearing it like you’re straight out of the Victorian times, or do you know how to pull off the perfect look with a corset in 2022?

Worn and accessorized correctly, corsets are sexy, elegant, and stylish. So, if you have been looking for ideas for wearing and styling the corset with jeans to look your best, this article is precisely what you need.

Here we’ll take you through everything you need to know about accessorizing correctly with the corset with your favorite pair of jeans. So, let’s get right into it!


How to wear a corset with jeans without looking trashy

For starters, a corset refers to a chunky piece of cloth or garment worn on a woman’s torso, often to accentuate the waist by tightening it and making it look smaller. As depicted in the movies, this item of clothing has been on the fashion scene for years now, having debuted in the 1500s in Europe.

How To Wear A Corset With Jeans Without Looking Trashy

It was, however, more prevalent in England as it was popularized by Queen Victoria, who has since been known for her incredible fashion sense and love for accessories, something that revolutionized the fashion scene.

So, despite the popularity of corsets in the fashion scene today, it has been a huge item in the fashion world from as far back as the end of the 19th Century. But unlike the corsets popular today, the corsets from the late 19th Century and early 20th Century were boned using whalebone, wood, ivory, or steel.

The result was undergarments that were unbelievably heavy and burdening to most women. They were finished off with either muslin or fine silk, but this didn’t change its effects on the body in terms of weight and comfort. And as anyone can imagine, these are not the most comfortable garments.  

Thanks to advancements in technology, corsets on the market today are made of different materials like cotton, satin, and leather, with PVC plastic and steel incorporated for boning.

Many years later, however, the corset’s purpose remains the same – training and holding the torso to attain a desired shape for the waist.

So, how do you style the corset, especially when wearing it with jeans?


Choose your ideal corset style

How To Wear A Corset With Jeans Without Looking Trashy

Corsets come in two main styles-  the underbust and the overbust corsets. As the name suggests, the underbust corset is designed to be worn and to sit under your bust, so it starts from under the breasts, ending right where the thighs start.

It covers the torso and rib cage; without and so, you’d only wear it over clothing, perhaps with your signature bra. You could also wear it over under clothing. Also worth noting is that this corset comes in different designs and types, such as the waspie, longline, bodice, and cincher.

On the other hand, the overbust corset is the go-to and the most popular type of corset for you if you want something to show off your gorgeous cleavage with. This corset starts under the arms, bending at your upper hip, and it gives the boobs an excellent lift while highlighting the cinched waistline.

It also offers excellent back support, and the best part is that you can wear this corset with any of your everyday outfits or even dress up in it for an intimate evening date. Common types of overbust corsets include the lingerie corset, the bustier, flat-front style corsets, sweetheart neckline corsets, cupped corsets, or denim corsets.


1. Preferred jeans style

How To Wear A Corset With Jeans Without Looking Trashy

It is not enough to know the different types of corsets because being able to style your corset well and successfully pull off the look depends on the style of jeans you often wear or prefer.

  • Low-Rise Jeans

If you like wearing low-rise jeans, you should avoid the waspie underbust corset because you will inevitably have a muffin top. In such cases, you need a longer corset that looks good with low-rise jeans.

Regardless of your preferred style of pants, you should be keen to avoid overlap of any kind and keep the overlap to a minimum.

If you feel confident in the work you have been putting in at the gym and your abs, but you don’t want to go for an overly cinched waist, we recommend going for a midriff look that leaves a small gap between the bottom of the corset and the jeans’ waistline.

But even when doing this, the edges of the corset and your jeans shouldn’t rub against each other because this would put a strain on the fabric and even pinch the skin. So, you would be safe with the outdated longline corsets, which work well for anyone who prefers low-rise jeans.

  • Mid-Rise and High-Rise Jeans

If you prefer wearing mid or high-rise jeans with your corset or would like to try to pull off the Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Iggy Azalea, Bella Hadid, Camila Cabelo, or Rita Ora look with a mid-rise or high rise skinny jeans and corsets, then this would be a good style option to try out.

These styles of jeans work well with corsets, especially because the corsets are intended to cover the midsection. And if you don’t want to buy new pairs of jeans, you could choose the shorter corset styles.

How To Wear A Corset With Jeans Without Looking Trashy

Just make sure that the corset accounts for the jeans extra fabric. You could also loosen the corset laces with these pants so that you don’t leave the jeans waistband pattern imprinted on your midsection at the end of the day.

One caveat, though: avoid wearing a long corset with high-waist jeans. This is because you wear the corset over the hip bone, so pairing a long corset with high-waist jeans is not ideal. You could, however, try wearing the high-waist pants with the waspie.

And if you are not up for the low-rise pants, always go for the mid-rise jeans.

  • Trousers

If you are worried about being unable to pull off the corset and pants, look easily; try wearing the corset with a pair of trousers, preferably ones with a wide waistband. This look works well because it allows the corset to fit under the waistline, and the wide waistband offers padding and more comfort around the hips.  

  • Jeggings for the win

If you prefer high-waisted jeans, you may want to wear jeggings with your corset. An alternative to the jeggings would be any style of pants with a waistband. This is ideal because it rests comfortably against the skin, especially with the corset cinching on your waist over it.


2. Heels

Pair the high-rise jeans or jeggings with a nice pair of jeans. This is a look you cannot go wrong with. Pumps are a good option, too, for an elegant look. You could also try ankle boots. The best part is that heels or pumps will give you a good posture while defining your body and a sexy and stylish overall look.

How To Wear A Corset With Jeans Without Looking Trashy

3.Add accessories

Whether you choose to wear your corset over or under clothing, you should find some accessories to go with it. The corset and jeans or jeggings look great and classy, but you could also add some black necklaces to accessorize that black lacy corset. The accessories will also add a nice, feminine twist to your appearance. You can never go wrong with accessories.


4. Throw a blazer on

You could also style your corset and pull off a classy, elegant, and sophisticated look with corsets by throwing on a blazer. A blazer works well to offset the lacy lingerie look without making you look trashy or like you’re trying too hard. The best part is that the blazer creates the perfect semi-formal and happy-go-lucky look.


Styling jeans and corsets

  • Corsets with low waist pants

Pair your solid black corset with a pair of blue low waist jeans. We guarantee that your style will wow people, and you won’t look trashy. This look is also considered the most fashionable and also the soberest. Hold up your hair in a bun and rock your favorite black heels to complete the look.

  • Bell-Bottom Jeans

This is the other unique and fashionable style you could try. And the corset works well in place of a crop top. Find floral-printed corsets to pair with the jeans for a stylish look.

How To Wear A Corset With Jeans Without Looking Trashy

  • Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are fashionable, and this style is here to stay. It works well, and this recreation of the old fashion styles is inspiring. It’s also one of the most versatile styles to try.

  • Ripped Jeans

Can we all agree that fashion has no limits, and there is no better way to pull off the ripped jeans look than with ripped denim? It is cute and trendy, especially with your face all made up.

  • Corset over fitted blouse or top

You may also want to try this styling option, especially if you are into bolder styles. You will create a chic, modern, and easily wearable outfit style with a crisp white button-down shirt and a bralette-like overbust corset. Just make sure that the shirt offers a perfect fit – you don’t want it puckering under the sleek corset.

  • Boyfriend Jeans

Finally, pair your corset with boyfriend jeans – you will thank us for this style tip. It is comfortable, stylish, trendy, and relaxing, especially in summer.



And there you have it! Best ideas for wearing jeans with corsets without looking trashy.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!