How To Wear a Copper Bracelet?(Details and Tips in 2024)

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Here we take a deep dive into copper bracelets and why they have been causing a buzz now for centuries


History of copper in treatment

Copper has gotten used as a remedy for many things over the centuries. The reason for that is it is believed that the body can absorb copper ions through the skin and help fight various ailments. There is also iron and zin in copper that is equally said to get absorbed through the skin. It then goes into the bloodstream, retaining only the necessary quantities.

Copper is said to also strengthen bones in the case where a person has arthritis, fractures, radiculitis, and other joint and spine issues.

In the 18th century, copper got used to treating fever, whereby a heated penny would be put in hot water that would be then used to water on the patient.  These two ailments are yet to be found to have sound scientific backing.


What does wearing a copper bracelet do?

A group of people advised to try wearing copper bracelets are those with anemia. Equally, those with blood pressure can stand to gain from doing the same.

If you feel low on energy, you can wear copper bracelets to recharge you. It is also recommended copper jewelry when there is a magnetic storm and during the flares of the sun. In both cases, the copper protects you. That is thanks to the electromagnetic waves emitted that are beneficial to the entire body, and not only during storms or solar flares.

A trend among celebrities is to wear copper bracelets that help them get a good night’s sleep. That’s because their demanding schedules tend to cause insomnia. It also aids in the reduction of fatigue and stress. Overall, wearing copper causes the absorption of copper irons that supplements what the body lacks. For that reason, it can help reduce the occurrence of headaches and also both internal and external inflammation.

There are thousands of people who can attest to feeling relief and relaxation after using copper for their aching or stiff joints. These are brought about by inflammation in the joints. These realities that people attest to are not medically verified, but to them, it does cause some relief. That is why copper bracelets are considered to fall under the Alternative Medicine category.


Does wearing a copper bracelet work?

So far, it might sound like copper is acting as a magic charm of sorts. However, there is preliminary scientific backing the legitimacy of its effects. There is even the Ministry of Health of the USA Federation recommends copper bracelets. You will also find athletes wearing copper bracelets to balance their bodies and to increase the impact of their activities.

The healing property copper has is known since the mid-eighties, and their demand began to increase. What was revealed through studies is that there’s a correlation between copper bracelets and lowering blood pressure. Coupled with a proper diet and regular exercise, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular illnesses that blood pressure causes.

The electromagnetic nature of the copper influences the body’s magnetic field to help it prevent and fight disease better.  Copper by itself also possesses antioxidant properties which stop free ions and radicals from increasing toxicity in the body. For that, astrologers claim that it has the capability of slowing down the aging process both inside and outside.


What hand do you wear a copper bracelet on?

In the case of prevention, that is, you want to prevent disease; generally, you ought to wear copper on the left hand. However, if you’re anemic, you ought to wear a copper bracelet on both wrists, alternating. Should you have issues with your joints, it is recommended that you wear copper bracelets.

Another reason to wear copper bracelets on either hand is so that it can stabilize one’s blood pressure and also recharge their energy. If you’re wearing copper bracelets as an accessory, you can wear them on the hand of your choice.

PS: Copper is a high activity element and thus should not get continuously worn. You want to take short breaks to avoid putting any form of strain on your body.


Can I shower with my copper bracelet?

You should not shower with your copper bracelet on. The reason is that it oxidizes and thus tarnishes when exposed to moisture.

You also don’t want to have them come into contact with lotion; first, take them off before you apply it. Otherwise, the copper will likely come into contact with sweat, but that shouldn’t be a worry. You can use lemon juice and salt or baking powder to form a paste that you can use to rub on your copper bracelet.

That’s in the event they have turned color because of showering with them.

If you want to wear your copper bracelets around water, then apply a coating of clear nail polish.

Alternatively, you can purchase bracelets or jewelry with a layer of lacquer that prevents tarnishing due to various elements. The surface is shiny, and all you need to keep it clean is lukewarm soapy water and then rinse and dry with a cloth.


Does wearing a copper bracelet help arthritis?

A study conducted in 2013 showed that copper bracelets have no real effect when it comes to pain and swelling in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Additionally, they found no evidence of the disease getting better.

In that event, if you suspect that you have RA, you should seek medical attention immediately instead of trying out the copper bracelet first. You don’t’ want to make the situation worse before getting medical health.

That that regard, be wary of those saying that copper bracelets are enough to lessen the symptoms of RA.



A lot of the effects of copper are based on little to no science, with its appeal mainly seen in astrology and alternative medicine.

If you have an existing condition, it is worth to note that a copper bracelet will not magically heal you.

There is merit in the copper ions that get absorbed through the skin, but you ought to take a holistic approach in this regard and use modern medicine too.

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