How To Wear a Chain with a Suit?(Quick Tips in 2024)

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When it comes to clothing, jewelry, and other accessories, men are limited in their choices as compared to women. In terms of jewelry, most men can occasionally be spotted with a ring, watch, or chain. In more modern times, men are also beginning to embrace studded earrings and metal bracelets.

When it comes to pairing this jewelry with clothing, it can get complicated, especially when the clothing is a suit. Most accessories that go well with a suit are cufflinks, tie clips and watched, or maybe a ring too. Chains, however, are a different case.

Do many men wonder whether it’s allowed to pair a chain with a suit? Does the combo work? Or will it look ridiculous? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions then you have come to the right place.

In this post, we will be covering all of these questions and sharing with you tips that will guide you on how you can pull of a chain with a suit.


Can You Wear a Chain with a Suit?

How To Wear a Chain with a Suit

Chains are becoming a popular jewelry item choice among men. You can even sport male celebrities from singers to sports experts, wearing chains. The chain varies in thickness, length material and is mostly worn with casual attires. You often can spot men wearing thick gold chains. Sometimes the chain can be dazzled with diamonds as a symbol of status and wealth.

Suits, on the other hand, are a more sophisticated and elegant style of dressing. They give an aura of seriousness and professionalism. You’d mostly wear a suit when trying to look formal. This can be when going to work, or at a wedding or graduation or other special ceremonies.

The two are therefore in contrast, meaning most people may find it odd to put on a chain with a suit. It may also not be suitable in certain contexts like school, or strict formal workplaces. That doesn’t mean that there are any hard rules against it. What if the chain has sentimental value and you always want to keep it with you? You can wear a chain and suit if it’s something you would like. Those who aren’t afraid of bold choices may be more comfortable. The main question is how can it be worn?

How To Wear a Chain with a Suit

Traditionally suits are worn with buttoned-up collar shirts, therefore most men may prefer to wear the chain underneath the shirt, to avoid being too bold. You can also open up the collar slightly so a bit of the chain worn underneath can be seen. Some wear the chain on top of a buttoned-up collar shirt, so the chain is in place of a tie. If you don’t mind bold choices you could opt for wearing the chain with your tie or bow tie.

Today, however, suits don’t necessarily have to be worn with a dress shirt. You can trade the collared shirt for a more casual T-shirt or turtle neck. It gives a slightly more casual but formal look. In this case, it’s easier to incorporate a chain effortlessly without looking like you’ve overdone it. So, you see, there are many ways of pairing a chain with a suit, it’s only a matter of what you are more comfortable with.

How To Wear a Chain with a Suit

How To Wear a Chain with a Suit and Tie?

While there are no hard rules about pairing a chain with a suit and tie, the combo can be difficult to pull off. So here are some useful tips you can use to ensure that you don’t overdo it:

1.Simple is safe.

If this is something you are trying out for the first time then you might want to keep things simple. Go for a simple metal chain, preferably white or yellow metal. They are easier to pair with a collared shirt and tie. That way the chain won’t draw away all the attention.

How To Wear a Chain with a Suit

2.The length of the chain.

Choosing the correct length is very important if you don’t want to look too flashy. The ideal range is 20”-24”. With long ties shorter chain lengths closer to 20” are ideal. The chain should lie just below the knot of the tie. With a bowtie, you have room for more length so you can wear a 24” chain comfortably.

3.Thickness matters.

The thickness of your chain makes a statement as well. The thicker the chain, the more attention it draws to itself. Remember the key is to keep it simple and subtle. Thinner metal chains are therefore ideal. They shouldn’t, however, be too thin that they blend into the tie, otherwise there’s no point in wearing the chain.

How To Wear a Chain with a Suit

4.Balance with other accessories.

A suit has many other accessories that go with it. To avoid the chain standing out too much you can match it to the other accessories. If you are wearing a gold chain, for example, you can balance it with gold cufflinks, a gold watch, and maybe add in a gold tie clip. That way, the chain won’t look out of place.



Suits on their own already make a statement. Chains, however, add a unique edge to that statement. Don’t be afraid of trying out the combo. After all, fashion is about expressing yourself and thinking out of the box. The key is to be comfortable and confident, and you can pull off anything.

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