How to Wear a Chain With a Hoodie(In a Right Way) in 2024

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You’ve seen them on celebrities, primarily those in the music industry, and particularly those in the rap genre. What are we talking about? Hoodies and chains. That’s not quite the mainstream way of doing things, but its most certainly getting done by celebrities. Do you know who else is bringing this trend too? Billie Eilish and she is entirely unapologetic about wearing huge chains her neck and over a hoody.

Are you thinking about doing something similar? Let’s look at how to do it, and if you should be doing it at all.


Wearing a chain with a hoodie

When you see celebrities, and others for that matter, wearing a chain over a hoodie, they are often chunky chains and with large pendants. These are statement jewelry that it would make little to no sense if they were concealed under one’s hoodie.

This same jewelry can get worn over a t-shirt or shirt with a jacket on top, but the weather doesn’t always allow it.

Therefore, one would consider wearing a chain with a hoodie as something functional; you want to keep warm but at the same time flaunt your chain.

Something to note about chains and hoodies is that the piece does need to be above the average thickness to stand out. If you have a thin chain, it can get lost in the bagginess of the hoodie. Also, you want to wear a plain hoodie that acts as a backdrop for the chain and not something that will compete with the jewelry.


Why wearing a chain with a hoodie is getting popular?

As mentioned, rappers and Billie Eilish- who is insanely popular- are bringing this trend back. One can interpret this trend as comfort wear with a splash of self-expression. Hoodies are synonymous with comfort; that is why ladies are ever “borrowing” and not returning men’s hoodies.

The other reason is that they have no age restriction, a toddler and their grandmother can wear a hoodie, and depending on the ensemble, look very stylish.

Overall, hoodies are considered laid-back, even when they are stylish or from a high-end brand. Adding chains, one can argue, is adding a mix of being laid-back but also showing that you are wealth. Why? Chains are generally seen as a sign of big money, depending on the community you come from. When you wear a hoodie and a chain, it is similar to saying, ‘sure, I look simple, but my chains make a statement about my wealth.

For others, it is not that clear cut. Some, wearing a chain is a way of self-expression and not necessarily wealth or class. In some cases, if you wear chains round the clock, no matter the weather, wearing them over a hoodie is something you’ll end up having to do to maintain your authenticity still. Here, it is not about being considered as “cool” but instead only being practical.


Which people love to wear a chain with a hoodie?

A quick Google search wills how you that it is primarily celebrities. A majority are those affiliated with the rap and hip-hop culture. Also, part of what made hoodies famous was the rap and hip-hop culture in the 1980s. Given that chains are synonymous with this niche, then it likely if you wear a chain with a hoody, people will assume you’re a fan or an artist.


Can I wear a gold chain with a hoodie, and how?

This question is somewhat controversial, but we’ll get to that. In this context, however, you can indeed wear either a gold chain with a hoodie. However, there is more to that. First, you have to ensure that what you’re wearing is solid gold and not gold-plated. The gold ought to be either 14k gold or 18k gold. Depending on what you prefer, it could be white, yellow, or rose gold.

The reason for that is that if you are wearing gold on top of any attire, not just the hoodie, it ought to be authentic; otherwise, you appear to be an imposter. You also don’t want to be seen out in public with a tarnished chain because people will know it is not real gold. The other thing to look out for when wearing a hoody is making sure that not too much is going on with the hoodie itself. For a better effect, if you want the gold chain to stand out, opt for an everyday hoodie.

Now, back to the question, can you wear a gold chain with a hoodie. For others, the answer is yes, but it should be tucked inside the hoodie and not outside. There is the school of thought that believes that gold chains should be worn subtly, especially for men and if they are chunky. They should only be visible around the neck, and the rest, including the pendant, should be out of sight.

The logic for them is simple; if you have an expensive watch, you don’t wear it on top of something long-sleeved. Even with that, the context in which you wear a chain over your hoodie matters. Not all environments are suitable, especially when a hoodie is at play. If you like being subtle, then the best place to wear your gold chain is under your hoodie.



There isn’t total agreement in the industry when it comes to wearing chains on top of clothes, especially for men. However, there is a growing trend that is changing this narrative. If you’re comfortable with having a chain on while wearing a hoodie, then, by all means, go ahead. Wear it with confidence as you want it to be seen as a form of self-expression and not merely another trend that you’re following.

All in all, have fun with it!

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!