A Quick Guide on How to Wear A Body Chain With Clothes

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If you are into body chains or maybe you are exploring the world of body chains and wish to learn more about how to wear the body chain or, rather, how to accessorize with the body chain correctly, this article is for you.

While body chains are not everyone’s cup of tea, these intricate accessories are stunning pieces that will not only complete your look but also give you that bold vibe while making you feel more confident.

The body chain is always the statement piece you wish to invest in because it adds character and oomph to your wardrobe. The only challenge around this mood-lifter and head-turner is how to wear it.

So, let’s get into it!


How to put on a body chain – Quick guide

Beyond being a fashion statement, your body chain is akin to your fashion armor. As mentioned above, it is more than an accessory.

Since you want to make sure that you wear the chain correctly, here is a quick guide. Just keep in mind that the body chains’ versatility means that the chains can be worn in many ways.

How to wear a body chain with clothes

To wear the chain, first, keep in mind the fact that the body chain is a delicate and easily noticeable accessory that takes your outfit from feeling and looking blah to wowing in a snap.

This accessory is worn across the chest, on your back, or even around the hips, just to name a few ways of wearing it. This chain can be lightweight or a little heavy, and it’s made of different materials and comes in different shapes.

In most cases, however, wearing the chain is rather easy, with most body chain styles allowing for wearing the chain across the front of your body or even crisscrossing it in many layers, depending on your preferred style.

Other body chains are quite delicate, with simple drape styles ranging from the central V at the neck to more bold designs with intricate patterns in the front and the back.

Thanks to these differences in the chain designs, you can wear them under or over your clothes. You may like the ones shaped in a bra style that pops out well beneath your wide-necked shirt or even worn under a blazer jacket.

How to wear a body chain with clothes

To wear it, take the design of the chain into consideration. Some allow for wearing the same way you would a necklace.

That said, you need to pay attention to the overall fit of your clothes, making sure that the silhouette of your body and outfits complement the body chain style.

What this means is that the body chains will dictate the outfit you wear. To pull off the look easily, opt for something simple underneath, such as a slip dress. Just drape it over your top or body, then wear the crop-top dress or shorts.


8 Tips for wearing a body chain with clothes

1. Wearing the chain over clothing

How to wear a body chain with clothes

You can wear your body chain over your top, a turtleneck, blouse, swimsuit, a dress, or any other favorite outfit in your wardrobe. That said, the body chain will only stand out if worn over a block color outfit and not floral or patterned outfits.

This is an important thing to keep in mind because at the end of the day, the body chain is the statement piece, and it will only make that statement when you wear it over a nice canvas, which is, in most cases, a black top or blouse.


2. Ensure a good fit of your outfits

How to wear a body chain with clothes

For the body chain to look good on you and bring out the intended edgy look, you need a good silhouette for it, which is why you must have a nice fitting outfit, whether you are wearing the chain over clothes or bare skin.


3. Choose a style that works well for you.

There are numerous styles of body chains to choose from, and some are simpler or more complex, or delicate than others. There also are body chain styles that are ideally made to be worn underneath something like a crop top and others that are meant to be worn over the top.

Others will run through your swimsuit’s strap to drape you on the sides, hence highlighting your curves. Then you have the belly chains that circle the hips.

With these and several other options, you want to reconsider what you have going on and the features you wish to draw attention to.

If your bust looks great under a blazer, for example, you can highlight this by draping on the bra-style body chain that wears like a bra and looks chic and cool. Wearing it over a slip dress or turtleneck top is also a good option that works.

How to wear a body chain with clothes

4. Drape the body chain over a dress

If you are looking for ways of making your simple and plain dress stand out and perhaps to add or create some curves to your silhouette, the body chain draped over the dress would be a good idea.

This works particularly well with short A-line dresses or a shirt dress. It’s also a recommended accessory option for plus-size babes because it helps to break the feel of shapelessness.


5. Wear it over your long-sleeved skirtini

For a bolder look this summer, you could pair your chain bel with a leg body chain to go with your long-sleeved crop top, as well as the skirtini.

While completing the look, these body chains also draw attention away from the skirtini or any other features you may want to avoid showing; but still, give you a confidence boost as you look like the boldest person to step out of the house.

How to wear a body chain with clothes

6. Body chains and high-waisted shorts

The first time you see someone pulling off this look, you are reminded that anything is possible in the world of fashion, with the best part being the fact that the body chain-shorts look is so cool.

You only need a minimalist body chain, perhaps in color black, paired with your favorite high-waist shorts and perhaps your coolest crop top to boot. A slightly oversized shirt would also be ideal to complete the look.


7. Body chain and bodysuit look

This is the other bold style you may want to try out, especially if you have a bodysuit that also comes in a bold style, for example, with a bareback.

This would also be the perfect option where you have a body chain that is more complex and more of a statement piece, perhaps one with more than a few chain strands running through the back, in which case it would strap on your back perfectly.

Such body chains can be confused as being part of the bodysuit because of how they both blend perfectly. Just make sure that your bodysuit has character, too, with that plunging, vintage style from the lace, for example, which will highlight the best elements of your chain.

How to wear a body chain with clothes

8. Basic black bikini with a body chain look

This is the other simple beach/ summer look complemented with the body chain, and it’s surprising to see how the bikini and body chain combo just works. The simplicity and ease of pulling off this look could be the reason why this is the most common way of wearing the body chain.



These are just some of the ideas that you could try out if you want to wear body chains more often.

You can wear it with a jumpsuit, dress, bikini, or top and dress/ short, and the combinations will always create the boldest looks.

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