How to Wear a Body Chain with a Dress?(Quick Guide in 2024)

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How to Wear a body Chain with a Dress?Body jewelry is making an entrance in today’s fashion as it’s no longer left for belly dancers and video vixens.

More women are wearing them to parties and clubs, and any time where one wants to look sexy and stand out from the crowd. What makes it appealing is that it’s noticeable but also at the same time delicate, which then enhances one’s femininity.

If you’re interested in making body chains part of your wardrobe, here are some tips on how to wear them.


How to wear a body chain with a dress?

Before we get into how to wear a body chain, we do have to expound on what it is. The name does speak for itself, though; it is a piece of jewelry worn across the body.

It typically rests on a large part of the body, including around the chest, back and hips. The designs and options of the same are quite extensive.

Just as with other jewelry, it is available in various materials and weights, with design options near endless, each appealing to individual taste.

What’s fantastic about body chains is they are made to look gorgeous at both the front and back of the body.

Whether you’re earring a plunging neckline or an open back, you’re assured that the jewelry will be attractive. There are those chains that are also styled in a way that you can wear under your clothes and are typically shaped to accommodate a bra shape but still peak out under low necklines.

If you’re looking to take body chains to the next level, you can opt for those that drape over one’s thigh or even go down the arm and stop at the wrist.

What makes body chains appealing is that all personalities can get something that suits them. Whether you want something subtle or show-stopping, you can get it.

There are typically no rules when it comes to body chains, only that too much of something can work against you. Body chains are a centerpiece in themselves, so you do have to be mindful of additional jewelry.


Who gets to wear body chains?

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Body chains are not a close club where specific people have a right to wear body chains. This kind of jewelry accommodates any of any age and body size.

With the materials and colors available, anyone can get something that works perfectly for them.

We live in a time where personalization and customization is the norm, so if you don’t find something that makes you particularly excited, you can reach out to specific jewelers to make you a unique piece.

Initially, body chains were for those wearing swimsuits and jumpsuits, but that quickly changed.

It’s become somewhat mainstream, meaning that even with a short and t-shirt, you can still rock a body chain. Even so, most people spare it for when they want to take an outfit to the next level, turning something standard or good looking to highly attractive.


Where to wear body chains

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It is mostly agreed that body chains look excellent with evening or formal wear.

If you’re going to a party or the club, they only add to the appeal to one’s attire all the more.

It’s worth keeping in mind where you’re earring body jewelry, though.

It is considered inappropriate if you wear it in corporate meetings or solemn events as that’s not the time to stand out or even have the word “sexy” describe you.

Before purchasing body chains out of excitement, think of the occasions in which you’ll wear them so that they are indeed deemed appropriate.


In or out?

Body chains come with a certain level of freedom, and even then, they that’s dependent on the type of dress that you’re wearing.

For example, if you have a jumpsuit or anything with a plunging neckline, then you can wear a body chain under the outfit.

However, if you’re wearing a dress with a higher neckline or covers a significant part of your body, you can still want to wear a body chain on top.

There are various kinds of body chains that you can wear on the dress. There are those that you stop around the waist or those that hang on either side of the thighs.

If you’re earing something with a waistline or a high waist dress or skirt, then you do want to wear a body chain that stops at the waist. Otherwise, for a standard dress, you can wear a chain that has the sides hanging by the hips or thighs despite the length.

Bodysuits were among the original outfits that women chose to wear body chains with.

If you have a black jumpsuit, there’s almost no limit to the type of body chain that you can wear. You can keep it slim and elegant or chunky and chic- either way, it works.

You can wear it at the front, the back, or around the waist, but either way, you’re bound to get a lot of attention. There’s a reward in turning an otherwise typical jumpsuit into something classy.



Body chains can either get worn underneath one’s garment or on the top, with the primary factor being how much skin a particular outfit does expose.

The other fantastic thing about them is you don’t have to be a specific body type to harness the classiness and fun that a body chain adds to an outfit.

If you’re shy, purchase a simple one, and once the compliments start rolling in, you’ll find yourself opting for more intricate designs.

Suddenly, a typical sundress, jumpsuit, swimsuit, or whatever outfit gets bumped up to a 10. As long as you wear a body chain with confidence, then there’s nothing stopping you from being the center of attention.

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