A Real Quick Guide on How to Use A Pearl Shortener

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If you want to take advantage of the longer strands of pearls or even any other type of bead necklace, the pearl shortener might be exactly what you need. But how do you use it? And do you even need it in the first place? Well, keep reading to learn more about the pearl shortener.


What is a pearl Shortener?

A pearl shortener represents one of the most effective ways for you to take advantage of and appropriately accessorize with your long-strand pearl necklaces, as well as other bead necklaces. The pearl shortener such that it holds from the inside both strands of the necklace within the oval shortener, but at your desired length.

How to Use A Pearl Shortener

Alternatively, it may involve the use of two beads or pearl strands, creating a double strand. It often creates a figure 8 shape that is small and could be used either on pearls or on other beads, as you would use the oval shortener that has a smaller profile.

Note that, unlike the oval shortener, the figure 8 shortener tends to be smaller, generally, but you can use it on pearls and on other kinds of beads, just in the same way that you could use the smaller pearl shortener.

The differences in the size and the function of the pearl shorteners notwithstanding, it’s worth noting that both of the pearl shorteners feature a locking mechanism, and they also have a safety latch.


How do pearl necklace shorteners work?

How to Use A Pearl Shortener

As mentioned above, the pearl shortener is meant to hold the strands of the pearls on the inside, allowing you to attain the right length for the pearl necklace, for example. You could also use it to hold two strands of pearl necklaces, creating a double strand.

In other words, the shortener allows you to enjoy the versatility of a pearl necklace, for instance, and you may also use it to create a layered look. And if you want your 20” pearl necklace to be 16” or if you want to combine the necklaces to create a nice twist, the pearl shortener would come in handy.

So, if you are looking for a way to make your long pearl necklaces more wearable in various settings, or you just want to combine two or even more long-chain necklaces, you may want to use the shortener.


How to use a pearl Shortener

The pearl shortener is easy to use, and you will be happy to know that it opens up easily thanks to its little locking mechanism that snaps open or closed easily.

How to Use A Pearl Shortener

To close it and hold the necklaces in place, you’d have to snap shut the shortener, and once you do this, say when you have a long necklace, you can make a 30” necklace shorter or double layered with the help of the shortener. It cinches two sections of the pearl necklace easily, leaving you with a shorter but more stylish necklace.

Note that the shortener comes in handy when you don’t want to wear the pearl necklace long, and also if you are trying to avoid the obvious option of wrapping the necklace around several times, only for it to end up looking unbalanced later on or for the strands to get all tangled up. In such cases, the shortener’s clasp helps you create that layered look with ease and without having to worry about the strands tangling.

Note that the ideal necklace lengths that would work best for you when you have the shortener or need to use it would be the long and the simple pearl and bead necklaces. If you always had long necklaces, but you now prefer the shorter necklaces to the long ones, the pearl shortener will be your best alternative.

How to Use A Pearl Shortener

Not sure which shortener to use, or when the ideal time to use the shortener is?

Well, the important thing for you to know is that the oval shortener, though imperfect, is a suitable option for you if you want to combine two necklaces, as long as it doesn’t shorten the necklace too much. It is the perfect alternative for the safety pin, and by holding the two strands of the necklaces together easily, you won’t have to worry about one of the strands being too chokey or creating an unbalanced look.

To avoid or stop the pearls from moving around, you could use the smaller shortener or the figure 8 shortener. These are great options that will make you happy and your jewelry in perfect balance throughout the day because the pearls will not slip off, or the created symmetry will get out of what after some time or if you make sudden movements.

How to Use A Pearl Shortener


Need a balanced look for your pearl necklaces and also want to make sure that your long necklace can be worn short and still look great, invest in the pearl shortener, especially the figure 8 or the smaller shortener that will stop the movement of the pearls.  

Hey! I finally find the Answer!