A Quick Guide on How To Tell If Gold is Real With Makeup

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Did you know that it was possible for you to test the authenticity of gold jewelry just using your makeup?

While unconventional, it is also one of the fastest tests that would tell you if the gold pieces of jewelry gifted to you or purchased by self is real and worth the money or not.

This is also the kind of test that you may want to try when you cannot use what is considered the fastest way of testing the gold pieces, that is, checking the hallmark or the official stamp that would naturally be incorporated in the pieces of jewelry.

There are cases where your gold pieces of jewelry are too old, and the hallmark might have faded, or maybe it wasn’t there because you are looking at an heirloom that was not hallmarked at the time of the purchase.

How To Tell If Gold Is Real With Makeup

And with the absence of the 10K, 14K, 18K, 22Kor even 24K gold, you may have to use other tests to determine the value and the realness of the gold jewelry.

And since tests like the nitric acid test can be unsafe or not the most accessible test method, your makeup may help you determine if the gold jewelry is real or not.

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Does real gold leave a black mark on makeup?

How To Tell If Gold Is Real With Makeup

In this test method, you’d be looking for black streaks. It has been determined that jewelry made of real gold will almost always leave black streaks on the skin or makeup when the piece of gold jewelry rubs across the makeup on your skin.

In this test, you need to apply your foundation, then powder and then let the makeup dry completely before pressing that piece of gold on your skin. Rub the piece of gold gently on your skin against the foundation, and if the gold piece leaves behind a black streak or a line, the then gold piece is most likely a very authentic piece of gold jewelry.

But if there are no black streaks or a line against the foundation after rubbing on the gold piece on the skin, then that piece of jewelry is either made of a plated layer of gold or just another metal.


The science behind this method

How To Tell If Gold Is Real With Makeup

This is one of those tests that is highly theorized, but what you need to know about it is that 14k gold or any other form of higher karat gold will form a black streak on your skin over the dried-up foundation.

While gold is an inert, soft, elementary metal that rarely reacts with living tissue and other elements, there’s still a reaction when the pure, solid, or high-karat gold is in contact with makeup.

Some people have theorized that the black streaks are a result of an iron deficiency, with the explanation for this being that a person with an iron deficiency doesn’t have enough hemoglobin to carry the necessary amount of oxygen that is needed by the body, and because iron isn’t very different from gold in the chemical sense, a person with an iron deficiency who wear the gold jewelry often will notice a black mark or streak on the skin.

This is believed or theorized to arise from the hemoglobin in blood migrating towards or being attracted to the gold, which results in the bursting of the minor blood vessels on the skin, hence the black, bruise-like streak.

But what about the interaction of the gold jewelry with your foundation?

Well, when it comes to the reaction of the gold necklace or earrings with your foundation, it is theorized that the black streak comes from the reaction of the other elements in the gold piece like silver with sulfur from the makeup, forming a black or dark grey streak of silver sulfide.

So, if you don’t notice that black streak, it is likely that the piece of jewelry is not actually made of solid gold, but it could be plated.


How to tell if gold is real with makeup

How To Tell If Gold Is Real With Makeup

Follow these steps to determine the authenticity of the gold jewelry.

  1. First, apply a coat or a thin layer of liquid foundation on your forehead or the back of your hand.
  2. Next, apply a layer of powder over the foundation, and then wait for the foundation to dry fully.
  3. You could also skip the powder step and just apply the thin layer of the liquid foundation, wait until it dries up completely, and then test the piece of gold on the makeup by rubbing it against the gold piece gently.
  4. After the foundation dries completely, press the piece of questionable gold jewelry on your made-up skin or that area where you have applied the makeup.
  5. Now, rub the gold piece on your skin lightly against the area of the skin with foundation, then observe the changes in your skin. If you notice a black line or black streak where you rubbed on the gold piece, then the piece is highly lightly a piece made of authentic gold. If, on the other hand, you don’t see any changes, color development, or black streaks, then the piece is likely made of a metal other than gold, or it may be a gold-plated piece.

How To Tell If Gold Is Real With Makeup

If you are still doubtful after this test and need a more conclusive test, you may have to get the piece of gold jewelry appraised by a professional jeweler. The appraisal ensures that you have a very accurate idea of what the jewelry is made of.

You’ll pay a fee for the appraisal, but this will not leave any doubts in your mind about the quality or the authenticity of the gold jewelry.



If you are looking for a simple authenticity test for gold jewelry at home, and don’t want to spend too much on the test, then rubbing the gold piece on an area of the skin where makeup is applied might be the best test for you.

Remember that the real gold will leave the black streaks behind, and fakes or plated gold will not.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!