Learn How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry?

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About Lava Stone Jewelry

How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry

Lava stone or lava bead jewelry is the kind of jewelry that is made of a type of igneous rock. Since it’s not created in the lab, the lava bead stone jewelry pieces are highly porous while maintaining their natural allure and luster.

Like obsidian stones, lava stones are formed from volcanic eruptions when the lava is shot from the volcano and flows to the side of the volcano.

When the hot liquid rock dries up – and this happens very fast, it turns into lava stone, which is often black, with millions of minute pores.

And thanks to the many processes involved in its formation, lava stone is considered the rebirth stone, which is why it is one of the popular stones used in jewelry and chosen by people looking for gemstone jewelry that represent the new changes in their lives.

How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry

Experts also believe these stones feature immense healing properties thanks to the fiery strength through which the stones come about.

Many users and believers in the powers of mineral stones note that these crystals influence the body’s chakras, causing grounding and stabilization of the root chakra.

This is because lava stone has a strong connection to the heart. And after the stabilization of your root chakra, you will feel safer, more anchored, and more positive.

Some of the benefits of lava beads include stress reduction, reduction of anxiety, and happiness. But then, how do you wear and take care of the lava stones?

How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry

To experience and enjoy the full benefits of lava stone, it is recommended that you wear these stones as close to your skin as possible.

Ideally, the stones should be touching your skin since there is no blockage or barrier necessary for the stone, and the clear energy flow means fast action and effectiveness.

So, you could wear the lava stone bracelet on your wrist during the day and then take it off at night. This way, you will maximize the benefits of the lava stones.

So, how do you take care of your lava jewelry pieces?


How to take care of your lava stone jewelry

1. Cleaning lava stone jewelry

How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry

Like all other forms of organic stone jewelry, you must clean your lava necklaces and bracelets, or any other type of gemstone jewelry, and very carefully.

For the lava stone pieces of jewelry, you need to clean the jewelry using a gentle cleaner, preferably one free of acids or any other harsh/ strong chemicals. It would help if you also regularly washed your lava stone jewelry using essential oils.

You first need your favorite essential oil to clean your lava stone pieces using essential oils.

You will apply this oil to the lava beads’ surface. To do this, add at least one or two drops of the essential oils of your choosing to each of the beads.

How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry

You can use a q-tip or even apply the oil on your finger and then rub the oil on the lava beads/ stones.

If you have an essential oils roller bottle, you could use it too because this allows your oils to seep and soak into the lava stone beads – make sure that you give it a few more minutes before you wear it bead bracelets again.

You will be happy to know that the essential oils will last a few hours but some last for an entire day. You could reapply the essential oils whenever needed.

This cleanses the lava bead stones and keeps you smelling sweet and fresh all day long – think of the stone as an essential oil diffuser.


2. Keep the jewelry dry at all times

How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry

The most important thing for you to do when it comes to caring for your lava stone jewelry pieces is to keep them all dry, always. It would help if you made sure that the storage box for the lava bead pieces is completely dry and probably airtight.

You should ensure that the jewelry isn’t exposed to any of the chemicals in perfumes or hairsprays because this would break down the stone or cause the stone beads to break down much faster.  Well, the only acceptable oil is pure essential oil.

Keep the jewelry in a cool, dry area whenever you’re not wearing it. An airtight pouch or jewelry box will always be a great way to keep the lava bead bracelet.


3. Roll the lava beads

How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry

To ensure their longevity and for the essential oils to spread through the stones well, you need to roll the heads on a flat surface, back and forth, and on and off.  

You may have seen people pulling or stretching them out, but you shouldn’t. The bracelet lasts longer when rolled than when you stretch it out.

Rolling it also prevents the elastic beads from snapping. The lava stone beads may be strong, but they are not indestructible.

So, even with the strongest and most elastic beads, keep them safe by rolling the bracelets rather than stretching them out. You could also roll the lava bead bracelet as it rests on your wrist.


4. Take them off before showering or swimming

How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry

The next thing you should do to ensure the durability of the lava bracelets is to take them off before your shower or bath. Also, take the bracelet off before getting into the swimming pool.

It would help if you made it a routine to take the bracelet off before you jump into the shower or pool. You should also take it off before or when cooking and going all other chores.


5. Don’t sleep in your lava bead jewelry

How To Take Care Of Your Lava Stone Jewelry

Despite the temptation, you shouldn’t go to bed with your lava bead bracelet or necklace.

Though tempting, especially because of its calming and grounding effects, there is a huge risk of the bracelet breaking or snapping while you sleep.

Often, the damage might not happen overnight, but the elastic will weaken with time, and after some time, it will break apart.



If you have a lava stone or a lava bead bracelet, you should follow the recommendations above to ensure that the bracelet lasts long and is in perfect condition in the long run.

The stones will also offer a high sense of stability, and you will feel much more grounded wearing the lava bead stone bracelets, especially after following these care instructions.

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