A Quick Guide On How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

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Did you know that turquoise is among the oldest gemstones in the world, prized as a sacred stone by ancient cultures?

Turquoise jewelry is very beautiful and classy and easily occupies a place in many jewelry boxes.

It lasts for many years when you care for it, it is versatile, and it makes an instant statement no matter what you choose to pair it with.

However, sometimes you may be unsure of whether it makes sense with the rest of your ensemble – which is why we write this article to help you know how to style this beautiful stone.


What is turquoise jewelry?

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is a semi-porous gemstone in a sky-blue color, although other forms of the stone come in deep blue, blue-green, grayish-yellow, yellow-green, and green colors.

The stone forms over thousands of years when water oozes through rocks containing specific minerals like aluminum and copper, and these minerals undergo chemical reactions and bind together, forming turquoise.

Its name derives from the French term for “Turkish stone” or Pierre turquoise, as Turkey was the country that introduced the stone to the rest of Europe.

Its beauty has allowed it to be useful in many jewelry applications, including making earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.


A brief history of turquoise jewelry

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

The history of turquoise jewelry does not begin in Europe but is believed to be in the Sinai Peninsula in the Maghara Wadi mines.

Turquoise stones were mined in this area from the days of ancient Egypt, as they were sources of the pharaohs’ jewelry pieces for more than 2,000 years.

Later discoveries of the stone were thought to be in the Caral culture in Peru, which was the earliest South American culture to mine and use the stone, and Aztec and Mayan cultures in Mexico also used turquoise in their art.

In the North American subcontinent, the stone was mined by Anasazi and Hohokam tribes.

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

Most of the mining happened in the Burro and Cerrillos Mountains which are located in present-day Arizona and New Mexico, while other cultures mined the stone in regions of Santo Domingo, Zuni, Tewa, Acoma, and other central American areas.

The beauty of the stone made many of these cultures call it the ‘Fallen Sky Stone’, as it was thought to bring protection, luck, and power to any person who wore it.

Therefore, most turquoise jewelry and stones were used in rituals, art, treaty negotiations, trade, religious ceremonies, as well as beautification, with the Native American tribes being the most famous miners and users of the stone, such as using it to call ancestral spirits, protect burial sites, and unite the minds of people.


Is it okay to wear turquoise jewelry?

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

Yes, wearing turquoise jewelry is fine, and you should not suffer harassment from others for doing so.

The reality is that turquoise existed long before it was mined by anyone, and the current state of globalization ensures that cultural exchange is inevitable – including wearing certain jewelry pieces and stones.

With this in mind, who should you purchase turquoise jewelry for? Some great ideas include:


Confident women

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry makes a great fit for women who tend to remain calm even in stressful situations, as well as women who take care of themselves and are confident in their intelligence.

Ancient civilization rulers wore the stone due to this, as civilizations believed the stone could boost analytical thinking and reduce mental stress for anyone who wore it.


Your friends

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

You may not think of buying turquoise jewelry for your friends, but it will easily make a perfect understated gift.

The stone symbolizes long-term friendships and friendship renewals, so consider buying it for your childhood friends and treasured people in your life.


Your significant other

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

If you have recently had a spat with your significant other and would like to start mending relations, getting turquoise jewelry should help.

A common belief is that the stone passes its powers to the person that wears it, and this means the qualities of caring, love, understanding, and knowledge pass to the receiver – your significant other in this case.


How to wear turquoise jewelry

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

While turquoise may be thought of as your best friend during the summer months, it still looks beautiful when paired with gold or silver.

It instantly adds an elegant finishing touch, but it may be tricky at times to know what to pair it with – especially if you are unsure whether it fits your style.

To help you in your pairing process, here are some useful tips you can follow to spruce up your look using turquoise jewelry:


Select understated pieces

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

If you are wearing a formal look such as when you are going to the office or an interview, or your style is a subdued one, maintain simplicity in the turquoise piece. Simple pieces can also work when you are new to wearing turquoise and are unsure whether it works for you.

The best thing about turquoise jewelry is it can be minimalist, striking, and sharp. Therefore, it can easily blend in with any outfit, including the casual ensemble of a pair of jeans and a shirt.


Wear it with neutrals

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

The beautiful and brilliant color of turquoise will add instant brightness to your look, so it is excellent with black, denim, and white – as long as you keep it simple and avoid it overpowering the rest of your appearance.

Additionally, the jewelry is excellent for adding some interest to your beige clothes and camel coats because it adds color to your face.

These looks will work with turquoise drop earrings, as well as a classic statement necklace or a few turquoise bangle bracelets.

To avoid overpowering your appearance, do not wear all the turquoise jewelry at the same time – instead, pick a piece and wear it as a focal point.


Wear a contrasting color

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

If you are feeling bold and want to make a statement, consider wearing contrasting colors to turquoise – the best color options are coral, purple, rusty red, and even neon-yellow in some cases.

Ensure the colors you choose go well with your skin tone though, as you do not want to have a washed-out look.


Be careful with boho ‘glam’

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

There is nothing wrong with the desire to perfect your style if you are going for a boho glam look, but it is worth knowing there are limits when you are combining glam and turquoise.

You can wear the jewelry and combine it with suede boots and skinny jeans, but avoid wearing the trend from head to toe – let the jewelry do the talking, and keep everything else simple.

After all, you do not want to look like you are wearing a costume, instead of the ensemble you intend to wear.


Wear it with gowns

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

For women who tend to go for gowns that happen to be minimalistic in design, you are in luck – turquoise jewelry is your best friend when you want accessories to go with your look.

Many stars have worn this look in a modern and glamorous fashion take on the red carpet, and you will be in good company if you decide to wear it too.


Wear simple pieces to work

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

If you are wearing turquoise jewelry to the office, you must adapt it to your working environment – although the stone is easy and versatile enough to do so.

Aim to compliment your work outfit instead of distracting from it by wearing delicate stacking rings and turquoise studs.

Alternatively, you can pair studs with a turquoise chain bracelet or a simple necklace. This will help you stay effortlessly classy at all times and transition seamlessly into an evening look.


Go all-out with evening wear

How To Style Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is the perfect gemstone to elevate a casual day look into a glamorous evening one – whether you intend to go to the ballet, attend a graduation party, wedding reception, or dinner date.

If you want a modern look, wear the jewelry with a glamorous black dress to provide some contrast.

If you want a fresh twist, consider adding diamonds and different shapes, then wear a statement turquoise ring or necklace and turquoise cocktail earrings to seal the look.



You can rarely go wrong with turquoise jewelry; it is simple yet timeless and fits seamlessly with any outfit you can think of.

You do not need to wear it on formal occasions alone, however – it will fit with casual wear when you want to dress down while still looking elegant.

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