How To Store Necklaces In A Drawer With 7 Detailed Steps

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To prevent tangling and to keep them in perfect condition and free from rusting for long, you need to pay extra attention to how you store your necklaces. And as you think of your storage options, it’s important to bear in mind that just having a drawer for the necklaces is not enough.

You have to come up with a strategy for storing the necklaces in the drawer, which is where we come in. We understand that in as much as having a drawer for your necklaces is a sound move; it is not the only thing you can do to protect the necklaces – you’d have to slot the earrings so that each piece sits safely alone.

To do that, we are sharing with you some of the best ways of storing your necklaces in the drawer. So, let’s get started!


How To Store Necklaces In A Drawer

  1. Organize your necklaces first

How To Store Necklaces In A Drawer

To ensure the right and the best storage of your necklaces, you need to organize them, along with all your jewelry, first.

To organize the necklaces, lay them all out first, untangling all the tangled pieces and getting rid of the broken pieces. You may need to clean them too, and as you do this, take inventory of what you have, what you’d still love to keep, and what to give away. You should keep the sentimental pieces, along with the ones that you really love wearing. This can be paralyzing, but it’s important. Keep the pieces that you are ready to part with in a Ziploc bag, and keep them aside. Also, you don’t want to start second-guessing yourself. So, when sorting, ask yourself the hard questions, like whether you really love wearing that piece, if it’s wearable and still in good shape, and if you have outfits to wear with that jewelry.

Now that you have the necklaces that you’d love to keep, here are some of the best storage solutions available for you:


  1. Get a jewelry box or divided jewelry organizer that fits the drawer.
  2. How To Store Necklaces In A Drawer

Obviously, it would be counterintuitive to throw your necklaces in the drawer without any plan for keeping the pieces separate and safe. This would also look very cluttered, which is why you need some kind of setup for the necklaces. So, in the selected drawer, get a necklace box, preferably one that works for different lengths of necklaces. You could use the same jewelry box for your earrings, too, if you need space for both your necklaces and earrings.


  1. Clear jewelry trays

How To Store Necklaces In A Drawer

To keep your organization solution neat and organized always, and to make sure that you can see what you’d love to wear before you pick it out, you might want to try the clear jewelry tray. The clear trays might or might not have lids, but they make it much easier for you to see the pieces laid out. We recommend getting the trays with lids to avoid dust, moisture, and tarnishing. Just make sure that the lidded options allow for easy opening and closing of the trays. Sliding lids are preferable, but you’d want to take the correct measurements before you order the tray.

In addition to getting the best jewelry trays, consider cutting pieces of felt and lining the tray with them. This fabric will stop the necklaces from sliding. Just make sure they match the tray and your décor. You will be happy to know that there are multiple drawer options online for you, and you only need to find the one with enough space to hold all your necklaces. Also, it should fit in the drawer.

Alternatively, get mini-drawers for the necklaces, especially the stiff and bulky pieces, then place them in the drawers or on the dresser’s shelf. The mini-drawers are available in different sizes and colors, and you can easily pick the one that best matches your style.


  1. Get jewelry inserts for the drawers

How To Store Necklaces In A Drawer

If you can find or prefer shallow trays, these inserts would be perfect for your drawers. These inserts often come in different shapes and sizes, but the best part is that they are partitioned perfectly to hold your necklaces, earrings, bracelets easily. So, if you are decluttering and need some order in your drawers, the shallow jewelry inserts would be more ideal for you. The best part is that the drawer inserts can be pulled out with ease, and you’ll be able to see the available options or selections. There are necklace and bracelet tray inserts that ensure the perfect organization of your necklaces.


  1. Get the velvet trays for necklaces

Besides the clear acrylic or plastic trays and the shallow paper/ faux leather/ or leather inserts, you could also opt for the velvet-lined trays. Just like the faux leather or the ones made of felt, the velvet will keep the jewelry from sliding while also preventing them from tangling. Also, the velvet trays are a beautiful way of showcasing your jewelry.


  1. Store the necklace in the store-bought storage velvet jewelry box

How To Store Necklaces In A Drawer

You could also opt to store your high-end necklaces in the velvet-lined jewelry box that you bought the jewelry in. Since most of these boxes are elegant, they would look great in a drawer, and you won’t have to worry about the necklaces tangling.

If you choose the velvet trays or the jewelry box, you’d want to keep the box clean always. To do this, unload the contents of the box or tray onto a towel or clean sheet, then vacuum the box or tray using a hand-held vacuum.


  1. Separating your necklaces in the drawer

If you don’t have a partitioned storage box or tray, you should think of separating the necklaces by putting them in individual straws. Just thread one end of the necklace through the stray and clasp the ends. This keeps the necklaces apart, and it also prevents tangling. Make sure that the necklaces are lying flat on the drawer, and you could also line the drawer with a velvet cloth to keep the necklaces from sliding.


Other jewelry storage ideas for drawers

  1. Use spice jars for your beaded necklaces. This often works because the spice jars fit into pretty much all kinds of drawers, and if they are magnetic, they will not side. You could use a non-skid surface to line the drawer and to stop the jars from sliding,
  2. Keep the necklaces in teacups – if you have fancy teacups that you don’t mind giving alternative uses, you could use them to store your necklaces, along with the rest of your jewelry, especially if you wear them frequently.
  3. Frame your necklaces in a drawer to make them easy to use. You could paint the drawer in a color you like, then use thumbtacks or pins to hang the necklaces.
  4. Layout your necklaces in a decorative tray or plate. Make sure it fits in the drawer and it’s wide enough to hold the length of the necklaces.



If you have been looking for storage ideas for your necklaces and wish to keep them in the drawer, the options above are the safest and the most practical ones.

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