How To Store Hoop Earrings(Follow Our 15 Actionable Tips)

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Hoops are timeless, and you could never go wrong with hoop earrings, whether you are going to work or dressing casually for the weekend or a night out. But what happens when you keep losing or misplacing your favorite hoops if keeping them in the jewelry drawer is not really working for you?

Well, if you are at a place where your hoop earrings seem to be disappearing faster than you can have the full experience of the accessories, it might be time for you to switch up your idea of jewelry storage and come up with more reliable storage options for the jewelry.

In this article, we’ll share with you some tips on how to store your hoop earrings easily. So, keep reading!


15 Tips for storing your large hoop earrings

1.Invest in a tiered jewelry stand

How To Store Hoop Earrings
Invest in a tiered jewelry stand

If you need a jewelry storage solution that allows you to see all your earrings and the rest of the accessories with ease, the tiered jewelry stand might be an excellent option for you, especially because you will be able to easily pick out what earrings to wear while dressing.

Also, the tiered stand will hold more pieces of the hoop earrings, the sizes and the weight of the earrings notwithstanding.

Just make sure you choose a metallic stand that can handle the extra weight and stay stable. The best part is that this jewelry stand is quite affordable.


2.Mirrored glass box

How To Store Hoop Earrings
Mirrored glass box

If you are looking for a hoop earrings option that will keep your earrings safe and even make them feel special, the mirrored glass box would be a great option.

It can hold more than a few pairs of hoop earrings and other pieces of jewelry, and you will be happy to know that it will hold the bigger hoops comfortably.


3.Hang them on your necklace holder/ Jewelry Tree

How To Store Hoop Earrings
Hang them on your necklace holder/ Jewelry Tree

Even if you only have a few chain necklaces, you may want to invest in the best necklace holder from which the necklaces can hang comfortably.

It works well because you can also hang the bigger hoop earrings from the necklace holder that will sit comfortably on your dresser.

You could also place the rings on the lower tiers of the necklace holder/ jewelry tree. Get a jewelry tree with 3 or 4 tiers to hold most of your jewelry easily.


4.Hoop Earring Holder

How To Store Hoop Earrings
Hoop Earring Holder

Thanks to the universal love for hoop earrings and the fact that everyone is looking for the best storage solutions for the earring holders, you will be happy to know that there are multiple options of earring holders that you could choose from.

The hoop holders will hold more than a couple of hoop earrings quite easily.


5.Store the hoop earrings in a pretty glass bowl

This is a simple, practical, and cheap solution for your hoop earrings. Just find a pretty glass bowl to keep your hoops in, and you’re are good to go.

All you need to do is to create some space on your dresser for the glass bowl, and you’ll be good to go.


6.Trendy Boho Hanger

If you have a large collection of costume jewelry, including a couple of large hoop earrings that need some organization, a trendy Boho hanger would be a great option for you.

In addition to being trendy, it also allows you to show off your hoops while looking great as an art deco piece.

If you are into Boho styles, you will appreciate the uniqueness of this hanger. The best part is that you could choose the hanger in different styles – thanks to the hooks, the earrings will always be safe.


7.Driftwood hanger

Driftwood is the trendiest and every DIY lover’s great accessory.

While there is quite a lot that you could do with these sun-bleached sticks, adding a hanging string and some hooks will leave you with a perfectly functional option for not just your necklaces and bracelets but also your large collection of hoop earrings.

If you are a minimalist, you may want to stick to single driftwood, although you could also stagger them a set of 3 on the wall for a more comfortable feel.


8.Chic Jewelry Box

How To Store Hoop Earrings
Chic Jewelry Box

This is the other storage option that would work for the bigger hoop earrings; all you need to do is to get a jewelry box with larger compartments.

So, in addition to having more than enough space for your bigger hoop earrings, you’d also have storage space for your earrings and necklaces.


9.Bigger jewelry boxes in unused drawers

This is also a good option for you if you have an unused drawer and a compartmentalized tray with bigger spaces.

It is the most suitable option for you if you want to make the best of the drawers. The larger tray compartments will hold the bigger hoops easily, and you can use the rest of the tray compartments to store the rest of your accessories and jewelry pieces like bracelets, necklaces, and anklets, among other baubles.

Compartmentalizing ensures that the tray of DIY boxes holds all your big hoop earrings easily; this option works great because you get to create or buy boxes whose compartments are big enough to hold the hoops.


10.Peace Sign Earrings Holder

If you are looking for a fun storage solution for your hoop earrings, the Peace Sign earrings might be an excellent option as they can hold more than a few pairs of your favorite hoop earrings.

It can hold the bigger hoop earrings easily too. Other fun ideas include crafted animal figurines, among other kinds of figurines.

How To Store Hoop Earrings

11.Mesh wall hanging

This will also be a good option for you if you are looking for a storage option for all your hoop earrings.

The earrings holders work well for hoops, and you only need to put in some hooks that are spaced out evenly to hold the hoops.

You could either buy the mesh holder or make one at home – and it may have hanging hoops or perhaps cardboard hooked with sturdy hoops that can hold multiple large hoop earrings.


12.DIY Brass Pyramid Holder

To hold all your large hoop earrings in place and the rest of the dangling pieces of earrings, you might want to make or buy this DIY brass jewelry holder.

The best part about this holder is that even without the earrings, it still looks great as a display piece, thanks to its pleasant geometric structure.

This holder would also work for some stud earrings.


13.Standing jewelry box with mirror.

How To Store Hoop Earrings
Standing jewelry box with mirror.

If you are looking for a jewelry holder that would work well, not just for your large hoop earrings but the rest of your jewelry and accessories, this standalone jewelry box that doubles up as a standing mirror would be a great hoop earrings storage solution for you.


14.Display Décor Plate

How about make a décor piece functional too? Well, you can do that with ease, thanks to the décor plate that easily doubles up as a functional display or storage for your large hoop earrings.

You could add a p few plants, flowers, and candles, albeit in smaller sizes, for better display.


15.Tiered storage box

We also recommend the tiered storage box for the large hoops. The circular storage boxes work great, and they will not only work for your hoop earrings but also necklaces and the rest of your accessories.  



If you have been looking for a reliable solution for holding your big hoop earrings, these options would be great for you.

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