A Real Quick Guide On How To Stop Pandora Charms Moving?

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When you have a complete charm bracelet by Pandora, which means that it has the best of Pandora charms running throughout its length or most of it, you will agree with us that one of the biggest challenges you may face has to do with the charms moving around.

And so, you may be looking for the ideal remedies that would help you stop the charms from moving.

In this article, we’ll share with you some of the practical and effective remedies for stopping your Pandora charms from moving.

So, let’s get right into it!


How to stop Pandora charms from moving

How To Stop Pandora Charms Moving

Before we look at some of the things that you may want to consider to help stop the charms from moving around, it’s important to note that the Pandora charms are ideally designed not to move or slide around.

The reason for this is that the charms and the bracelets by Pandora are designed in a threaded system that allows the charms to be screwed onto the Pandora bracelet. In such cases, the charms stay in place throughout.

But also, there are other Pandora charms that are unthreaded, which means that the charms slide out off the chain without the need for threading. So, in this article, we’ll focus on the second category primarily.

These are some of the ways to stop your Pandora charms from moving.


1. Use of bracelet clips

In most cases where the bracelet is a complete piece of a charm bracelet or is pretty much full, the bracelet needs to have clips near the clasp threads to prevent the charms from unscrewing themselves or coming off the bracelet.

How To Stop Pandora Charms Moving

The clips often work well and in tandem with the silicone rings, with the clip going in around the silicone rings, and so, when your charm bracelet is made of a full set of the charms or almost full, the clips that are usually placed on the bracelet’s middle threads will keep the charms in place.

But that is not all that you get from investing in the bracelet clips. The other benefit that arises from the use of the bracelet clip is that while stopping the charms from moving around, the clips further prevent the wear and tear of the charms and the bracelet’s chain.

At the same time, the clips will balance out the weights of the charm bracelet, meaning that your bracelet will not be pulled around or back and forth or even getting slack.

And if you are just starting your Pandora bracelet, meaning that you just got the first or the first two charms on the bracelet, the clips will give the bracelet more of a substantial look.

How To Stop Pandora Charms Moving

If you feel like the use of the clips would be the ideal solution for you to keep the charms from moving, you will be happy to know that putting in the clips is not that hard.

For starters, the clips are designed in a clip design, meaning they open and close on one end that runs on a spring system.

To use them, you need to place the bracelet flat on a surface, then put the clips where the threads are (make sure that threads are cradled in the clips and close off the clips to keep it well secured) – the threads are the elements of the bracelet that section off the bracelet into three, and most of the Pandora charm bracelets have two threads.

So, you will place the two clips on the threaded areas, and these will contain your charms.


2. Use of safety chains

How To Stop Pandora Charms Moving

In the unlikely event that your claps open rather unexpectedly, the charms could be lost easily because they may fall off. However, this is prevented by the use of the safety chains which Pandora has designed specifically for use with their charm bracelets.

Keep in mind that in addition to keeping the charms on and preventing them from moving around, the safety chain also comes in handy in that it prevents the charm bracelet from falling off.

As a result, the safety chain is an important component of the charm bracelet, and you may appreciate its function even more because that charm bracelet makes it easier for you to wear and to take off the charm bracelet.


3. Use stoppers to keep the charms in place

How To Stop Pandora Charms Moving

Pandora’s charm bracelets are elegantly designed, but with two or three charms incorporated into your stunning charm bracelet, you will have to find a way of keeping the charms in place, and you’d have to make sure that the stopper used matches the rest of the bracelet and the charms.

The stoppers come in handy in that they not only prevent the charms from moving around but also add a nice finish to the bracelet.

Someone who doesn’t know what the charm bracelet looks like when you buy it along with the charms may even think that the charms are a part of the bracelet design.

You will be happy to know that there are many options that you can choose from online. The stopper charms and the spacer beads come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors, and there is pretty much something for everyone.


4. Use of Silicone Rings

How To Stop Pandora Charms Moving

This is the other solution for stopping your Pandora charms from moving around, and it’s the ideal solution when your bracelet has no threading, whether it is made of leather, sterling silver, or any other material. For this, you need to buy small silicone rings, also called the O-rings.

These rings have openings in the middle of the silicone and allow you to slide them over the bracelet’s end. They are easy to get on, and you will like that they don’t slide around by themselves.

The silicone rings come in black or clear and fit in the openworks charm bracelets easily and with just a small amount of push.

You may also buy the c-shaped inserts made of rubber and sold by Pandora. These rings get the work done rather effortlessly, and they work great. But they are not an ideal option for everyone, and other people prefer the other things recommended above.



Clips, stoppers, silicone rings, and safety chains all work well and will stop the charms from moving around.

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