How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Ring With a Esay

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Cartier Love rings make up the most popular jewelry collection by Cartier, and they are the reason why many people are crazy about their rings. And this luxury brand has made sure that their customers only get the very best of jewelry to meet their customer’s needs. But this is at a high price tag.

This also means that if you are interested in buying Love Rings by Cartier, you have to do your research to make sure that you’re buying authentic pieces and not spending your hard-earned cash on counterfeited pieces.

Bear in mind that while common sense says that Cartier Love Rings cannot be cheap, there is always the possibility of a seller offering a counterfeited love ring at a slightly lower price, but still at an attractive rate that you end up falling for the trap.

To make sure that you don’t fall for a fake Love Ring by Cartier, below are some important tips and tricks to guide you and protect you from spending your money on counterfeits.


How to tell a real Cartier love ring from a fake

1. Text Engraving – Overall Quality of the Text

The easiest and perhaps the fastest way for you to spot a fake Cartier Love Ring would be by looking at the quality of the engraving, especially on the ring’s interior side. This is because dupes often lack the inscriptions on the interior side of the ring made correctly, and if you know how an original Cartier love ring is inscribed, you will instantly notice the differences in the inscriptions. In most cases, the fake Cartier love rings’ inscriptions are not of the correct thickness.

How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Ring

Essentially, if you are looking at an authentic Cartier Love Ring, you will see that the inscriptions on the inside are clearly made with a lot of care, and there are no flaw slips for you to worry about at all.

This is an important factor because at the heart of their love ring designs lie the promise of lasting luxury, high-quality pieces, and you can see just how much work and level of precision goes into the designs.

With the fake Cartier Love Rings, you will notice many flaws in the texts. The characters tend to be too thin and barely visible, unlike the genuine Cartier Love Rings that bear deep, visible and, well-inscribed characters.


2. Inscription Quality – Cartier Logo/ Copyright Symbol

If there is one thing that most counterfeiters are unable to get around, it’s got to be getting the logo of the brand or product they are counterfeiting right. And not just the logo, but the counterfeit symbol too.

How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Ring

With counterfeit Cartier Love rings, you will notice that the © symbol is made too thin, and it’s only barely visible. On the other hand, the genuine Cartier Love Rings will have the copyright symbol well detailed, visible, and clear. The etchings for the character are also deep enough, and they will not appear to wear out with time.

Then when you look at the Cartier logo on the fake Cartier love ring, you will notice the same poor quality, too thick, too boxy, and perhaps subtly ensure quality seen in the slimness and thinness of the characters for the logo. The logo on the genuine Cartier love ring is not only bold and visible in the most reassuring ways but also unmistakably thicker and wider (than the fakes).


3.Au750 Comparison

You also have the manufacturer’s specifications for the materials used for the authentic Cartier Love Rings – the Au750 sign (750 or 18K Gold). Genuine pieces of jewelry by Cartier are made of high-quality 18k gold, which has 750 as its alternative hallmark stamp. You will notice that with the counterfeit Love Ring, the Au750 symbol or text is a tad too thin, while the text on the genuine love ring is much thicker and much clearer. The fake Love rings will also have too much space between the two letters, “A” and “u”. The genuine Cartier love rings have the two letters close to each other but also in a more even spacing design with the rest of the characters. Nothing is off the beat. The characters often appear to be off-the-beat with the fake Cartier Love Rings.

How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Ring

More Text Comparison Options

Cartier” text, specifically, is a tell-tale sign that you can use to differentiate genuine from fake Cartier love rings.

On the fake ring, the Cartier text somehow fits into the fabric of the ring too deeply as you would when you use a rough object to inscribe on a surface, and the result is seen as Cartier text whose characters look too thick than the real Cartier pieces.

The text for Cartier on the genuine ring tends to be thinner, not as deep, but at the same time, it looks clean, well-defined, and professionally done.

Check out the “C” also for the copyright symbol. The positioning of the C in the fakes is a little crooked but perfectly positioned in the genuine ring.  

You should also look at the positioning of the letter “C“ in Cartier. Genuine rings have the letter C positioned perfectly, along an invisible line, which speaks to the high level of craftsmanship and great quality that goes into the making of genuine pieces. The fakes, on the other hand, have the letter C inscribed in a not-so-professional manner. The C appears too thick on the fake, with no clean lines, rather than the thinner C on the real Cartier Ring.  


4. Engraved Lines on the Love Ring’s Exterior

Now that you know what to look at when it comes to the type of font used for the fake and genuine love rings by Cartier let’s take a look at the exterior of the rings.

As you already know, the love rings have specific design elements on the outside as well. The most common one is a circular shape with a line in the middle. Looking at the lines, you can tell if the ring is genuine or fake.

Replicas are made with lines that tend to fit in the metal too deeply because the lines tend to be a tad too thick, unlike the genuine Cartier love rings whose lines are much thinner but still very clear – they are not fitted in too deeply, hence the thinner but perfectly visible Love Ring.

The lines on genuine Cartier Love rings are perfectly smooth, uniform, and they give a ring a perfectly elegant look and feel.


5. Authentication for the text on the box

How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Ring

Your Cartier Love Ring will come in a Cartier jewelry box. But the fake will, too. But can you tell if the ring is fake or authentic just by looking at the box? Well, yes. You only need to know what to look for. Which, in this case, is the ‘Cartier’ text.

The replica box will have text that is too thin printed on it, and the letters will look too narrow to the extent that the full text is pretty much unclear. Genuine Cartier Love ring boxes, on the other hand, have the Cartier text in perfect font. The text is thicker but very eligible and uniform.

Other Differences to look out for


6. Box (Color, Logo, Closure, Design Details, etc)

How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Ring

Genuine or original Cartier love rings come in a well-designed red bag, and the ring is encased in a big box that has another smaller box inside. The smaller box is stunning and very well made. To open it, you’d have to click the button to be able to see your ring. It’s worth noting that a genuine Cartier Love ring’s box has no Cartier logo on top, but the logo is inside the box in perfectly regular font, in gold color. The material used around the ring is a high-quality, super-soft suede.

Fake Cartier, on the other hand, is made of poor-quality materials for the red box. The red for the fake Cartier is not as fake or original, and though the logo is also on the inside, it’s a tad too thin.  The boxes, certificate, and the pouch for the fake love rings all look like they were made hurriedly, using poor quality materials, in off colors, and with absolutely no finesse.

Note that the red in the fakes are almost a maroon, while the original Cartier Box exudes the highest levels of finesse and grandness in a deeper red with the Cartier logo on the inside of the box and visible when you open it.

Real Cartier Love Rings have the Cartier logo in gold against a black suede background – and the logo is in 3D. The fake Cartier Love Ring comes in a box with a white interior made of white, and the word Cartier is printed in irregular gold font.

The box closures differ as well. Real Cartier boxes have the closure pretty much hidden, with no closures on the top section. But the fake has the closure system incorporated on the top and bottom sections of the box.

Details. The real Cartier box is delicately detailed all around the sides, and it makes it look perfect, but the detailing on the fakes almost makes it look gaudy.

How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Ring

7. Material

Real Cartier love rings are made of the best quality materials, including 18k gold in yellow, rose gold/ pink, and white, as well as platinum. The use of these materials means that the price tag for the real rings is quite high, and the rings feel heavier.

Fakes are often made of cheaper and lighter materials, and they are mostly gold-plated and cheap – with finishes that look over-processed or just too shiny. The fakes are too cheap.


8. Certificate

Original Cartier rings are sold with certificates whose serial numbers match the ring’s serial number. This isn’t often the case with fake rings. Also, authentic certificates are not yellow – they have that retro-kind of classy finish.



Before you buy your Cartier Love Ring, go through this article and learn about the differences in colors, texts, depth of the text, positioning, materials used, and the box/ bag that an original Cartier ring comes in.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!