A Real Quick Guide On How to Put on Claire’s Clip-on Earrings

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You don’t have to get your ears pierced to wear the most stunning earrings, and you will be happy to know that it is possible for you to look so good in all types of earrings, thanks to the designs of earrings offered by the Claire brand of earrings.

The only thing you need to know is how to wear the clip-on earrings correctly. In this article, therefore, we’ll not only introduce you to all you should know about Claire’s earrings but also how to put on the earrings correctly.

So, let’s get right into it!


About Claire’s clip-on Earrings

How to put on Claire's clip on Earrings

Claire’s clip-on earrings and the magnetic earrings by the brand are considered to be some of the very best quality and well-designed pieces of earrings ideal for persons with unpierced earrings. The earrings come in different designs, shapes, styles, and sizes, and there is something for everyone.

Notably, the clip-on earrings have been around for a long time, specifically from the Victorian times when it was considered unladylike to get ears pierced.

And so, while we are no longer struggling with stigma over pierced ears by men and women, more people are still searching for non-pierced earrings, either because they dislike piercing the ears and being in pain or because they need a break from wearing the earrings meant for pierced ears because of prior damage or irritation of the ear piercings.

In other cases, however, the clip-on earrings look too good to be passed out on, which would be why people wear the clip-on earrings. And if you are looking for the best options of clip-on earrings, then the clip-on earrings by Claire would be an elegant option for you.

The other thing to note about the clip-on earrings by Claire is the fact that the earrings come in different animated shapes and designs, to match the unique needs of jewelry lovers.


How to put on Claire’s clip-on Earrings

The first thing you should know about the clip-on earrings by Claire is that the earrings come in many different sizes and also metal types, so knowing how to wear the earrings, especially the clip-on spring hoop earrings, are essential.

Most clip-on earrings have some leverback back that holds the earrings in place, but this isn’t the case with the hoop earrings by Claire. So, how do you wear such earrings?

How to put on Claire's clip on Earrings

Wearing Claire Hoop Earrings

First, take the hoop earrings, and then gently slide backward the spring – that is the end with some ring on it, that is also the end of the beginning of the hoops. Once you pull back the spring, wear the earrings as you usually do, but don’t let go of the spring.

Then once the hoops sit comfortably on the earlobe, you can let go of the spring end gently, and just like that, the earring stays on. Now, repeat this for the other earring and all others, depending on how many earrings you wish to have on at the same time. Keep in mind that the spring end of the hoops goes to the back of the ear, not the front.


Wearing the Snap-on and Leverback Clip-on earrings by Claire

Claire also boasts some of the very best varieties of clip-on earrings that come with a snap-on design that is very easy to wear and take off.


With these earrings, you only need to snap open the backing to open and wear the earrings when you have the earrings on where you want them on the earlobe, with the bigger snapping section at the back, snap on the earrings, and voila, the earrings sit on your ears perfectly and gently.

This applies to the leverback earrings, too – you only need to pull back the lever to open, then snap the earrings for them to close back on the ear.

The good news is that most of these snap-back and lever-back clip-on earrings are designed with some cushion or silicone material that ensures maximum comfort when you have the earrings on. And this is very important because many of the clip-on earrings tend to sit very tightly against the earlobes, and they may not feel very comfortable.

How to put on Claire's clip on Earrings

Tips for making your clip-on earrings more comfortable

1. Use the clip-on cushions

While most jewelry sellers of clip-on earrings don’t incorporate the clip-on cushions on their earrings, and you may lose the clip-on cushions for your Claire earrings, you shouldn’t overlook them.

You need to have at least one set or pair of these, especially if you wear the clip-on earrings daily, for your comfort. The good news is that you can find the clip-on earring cushions from the nearest jewelry store or any other store that sells jewelry.

The clip-on cushions are designed to give you a comfortable fit, and you will be happy to know that some of these cushions are designed with adhesives that will ensure the cushions stick to your earring clips for long. Remember that these cushions also come in handy in offering extra padding for your ears.

Bear in mind that if you choose to use the adhesive pads or cushions for the extra padding, you will need to use the small piece of foam it comes with on the other side that touches the back of your ear for maximum comfort.

You may also like this solution because many clip-on cushions are easily reusable. And you could also use the adhesive foam pads from the crafts store of hardware, then cut them into the desired size.   

How to put on Claire's clip on Earrings

2. Loosen the earring’s tongue

After getting your earrings, the other thing you need to do is loosen the tongue. This is essential for you to keep in mind because the most common types of clip-on earring converters that you will come across are made in the paddle-back clip-on style.

Often, these clip-on earrings come with a metallic tongue that will allow for that nice and snug fit of the earrings. This backing style is not the most comfortable design for most people, and you have to lift and loosen the tongue.

You need to loosen the tongue if the earrings hurt your ears. In such cases, you will need to use a pair of tweezers or the thinnest screwdriver you can find to unscrew and gently lift off the tongue of the earrings.

Always loosen the tongue bit by bit, then wear the earrings to feel how they fit. In most cases, you’ll have to lift the earring’s tongue progressively until they offer a perfect fit. We recommend a snug but comfortable fit.

Also, be careful not to loosen the earring’s tongue too much because if it’s too loose, the earrings will fall out of your ear. And when trying to lift the tongue, be gentle and do it slowly. Lifting the tongue roughly or too fast may break off the tongue, which is irreparable in most earrings.

You could also use the comfort key to adjust the tongue of the clip-on earrings. This is a unique tool that gets the work done well.

How to put on Claire's clip on Earrings

3. Don’t keep the clip-on earrings on for too long

Although the earrings may offer an excellent fit, even without having to loosen the tongue or add cushioning, you shouldn’t keep the earrings on for many hours; you will always feel discomfort after a few hours; don’t let it get there.

Try wearing them at home for a few minutes to get a feel of their comfort, and if you cannot have them on for more than a few minutes, try the solutions above or skip wearing the earrings for the day – or until you find a comfortable option.



Claire offers a good array of clip-on earrings that you can choose from, but keep the wearing tips above in mind for comfort and to save time.

Clip-on earrings may hurt your ears; you don’t want that to happen. So, follow the instructions above.

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