How To Prevent Scratches On Cartier Love Bracelet

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Cartier love bracelets are still signature pieces and highlights of the brand.

They are among the most demanded jewelry pieces globally even today.

It’s their unique design and what they represent that makes them stand out from the rest.

But as great as the love bracelet is, its biggest downside is that it scratches easily. You can see the scratched Cartier Love Bracelet below.

How To Prevent Scratches On Cartier Love Bracelet

This is not something you want to hear about an expensive luxury piece.

But it shouldn’t stop you from getting the Cartier Love bracelet you’ve been eyeing probably ever since you were a teen.

In this article, we will share with you how you can prevent the bracelet from scratching.

We will also help you understand why it happens and what you can do to fix your scratched-up bracelet.


Why Your Cartier Love Bracelet Was Scratched Easily?

how to prevent scratches on cartier love bracelet

If you are reading this article, then we don’t need to tell you that Cartier loves bracelets scratch easily. What you may not know, is why this happens so often.

Before you panic, let us assure you that while it is because of the metals used to make the bracelet, it has nothing to do with the quality.

Being a luxury company with such expensive pieces, Cartier goes out of their way to ensure they offer you the best quality that is worth every penny you pay. But certain factors cannot be helped.

You may know by now, that Cartier Love Bracelet comes in four main variations, which are platinum and 18K white, yellow, or rose gold. Gold, especially higher karats and platinum, although strong and durable, are still soft metals.

How To Prevent Scratches On Cartier Love Bracelet

Pure gold is very malleable and 18K gold has a higher percentage of pure gold as opposed to the metal alloys that are meant to harden it.

The same goes for platinum which is the purest form of precious metal used in jewelry making. It is made up of 90% pure platinum and just 5% of other metal alloys like copper, cobalt, rhodium, or palladium among others.

On the Mohs scale, platinum is ranked between 4-4.5, while 18K gold is 2.8, both of which are below average.

How To Prevent Scratches On Cartier Love Bracelet

That means that there are many more elements that can scratch the metals as opposed to those they can scratch.

Keep in mind also that Cartier Love bracelets have been designed for daily wear. As a result, you can expect that by wearing your bracelet daily, they are likely to get scratched up sooner rather than later.  


How To Get Rid Of Scratches On Cartier Love Bracelet?

how to prevent scratches on cartier love bracelet

Although you cannot avoid getting your Love bracelet scratched up, it is not a total loss. It is not a loss at all if you think about it. Some individuals prefer or at least don’t mind the scratches.

They find that it leaves an appealing patina on the surface of the bracelet. Of course, some individuals are bothered by seeing scratches on their expensive bracelets not to mention that the scratches result in the bracelet becoming dull over time.

If you fall into the latter group of people, you don’t have to worry, there are things you can do to fix the problem.

How To Prevent Scratches On Cartier Love Bracelet

Depending on how deep the scratches are, you can either choose to buff or polish your love bracelet. Cartier usually insists that you bring the bracelet to their stores for that.

They will assess the bracelet and advise you on the best solution and how much it would cost you. If the scratches are deep and more of dents, then the best way to get rid of them is through polishing.

Cartier offers this service at $190. The process involves a thin layer of the bracelet, which is why the brand advises its customers to not do more than three polishes on their bracelet for its entire lifetime.

how to prevent scratches on cartier love bracelet

For shallow scratches, it is easier to have the bracelet buffed and shined. This service is normally complimentary at Cartier and does not involve chipping away of the metal on the bracelet. So, it’s the better option, but still shouldn’t be done too often.

An alternative to what you can do is to become accustomed to the scratches on the bracelet. At the end of the day, you cannot completely avoid them.

Even after buffing or polishing, it won’t stop the bracelet from getting scratched up again. Besides, it is unrealistic to expect any jewelry, good or bad quality, to last a lifetime looking brand new despite daily wear.


How To Prevent Scratches On Cartier Love Bracelet?

Let’s be honest, there is a possibility you may not be able to completely stop the bracelet from getting scratches, but you can slow down the process. The following are some useful tips that will help with that:

how to prevent scratches on cartier love bracelet

1. Avoid rubbing and friction.

These are the main reasons your love bracelet will end up getting scratched up fast. Remember the metals are soft and many elements can easily scratch them.

With this in mind, you might want to avoid strenuous activities that would lead to friction. Be cautious about rubbing your bracelet against your clothes or hair. Even while showering, refrain from rubbing the bracelet with your scrub.

How To Prevent Scratches On Cartier Love Bracelet

2. Use a soft cloth.

It is okay for your bracelet to get wet, after all, gold and platinum are non-reactive so they won’t get oxidized. Unless of course, you want to go into the pool, chlorine is a dangerous chemical for your metal.

But after your bracelet gets wet or after cleaning it, always use a soft cloth to dry it, and use patting motions instead of rubbing. It offers less friction and leads to fewer scratches.

Do not wear the Love bracelet on your dominant hand. Depending on which hand you used the most, be it your right or left, put the bracelet on the opposite wrist.

At least this way, no matter what activity you engaged in, the less dominant hand will be less active. That reduces the chances of your bracelet rubbing against something and getting it scratched up.

how to prevent scratches on cartier love bracelet

3. Do not pair it with harder elements.

Remember the metals used on the bracelet are below average on the Mohs scale, so any element above it may easily scratch or even damage it.

So, if you like stacking up your bracelets, stick to the same metals as the bracelet, even if the color or design may differ. Or you could stack up against your other bracelets on one wrist and wear your love bracelet solo on the other.

How To Prevent Scratches On Cartier Love Bracelet

4. Take a break every once in a while.

Now we know the bracelet was designed to stay on, and for most of you, you’ve grown attached to always having it on your wrist. But sometimes giving the bracelet a break every once in a while, slows down the process of how fast it gets scratched.

You can take it off for a day or two every week or so. You could also decide to take it off while sleeping and put it on in the morning. It sounds like a hustle but it could be a lifesaver.

When we are asleep, a lot of us tend to move around a lot and remember we are trying to reduce the friction and rubbing against the bracelet.



When it comes to any jewelry, the only way to prevent damaging it is by taking care of the piece.

The same goes for the Cartier Love Bracelet.

Now that you understand why it gets easily scratched you are in a better position to reduce how often it happens.

If your bracelet is already scratched up, there is nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t reduce its quality or value.

But you can have it buffed or polished if it bothers you.

Just be careful not to overdo it, because in the end, the bracelet may just end up getting scratched up again.

So, the best way to deal with it is to get used to it.

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