How to Prevent Gold Plated Jewelry from Tarnishing( Super Easy)

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Many people opt for gold plated jewelry since gold jewelry is quite expensive to buy. Unfortunately, gold plated jewelry does not last long and requires special care and attention to maintain its lustrous appearance. So, how do you prevent gold plated jewelry from tarnishing?

Genuine gold jewelry is a high-quality commodity that is only available to a few people due to its high cost. Luckily, if you love the hue of gold, but your budget does not allow you to splurge on it, you can opt for gold plated jewelry. Gold plated jewelry is affordable and has the outward appearance of real gold jewelry as long as you care for it appropriately to ensure it maintains its luster and shine.

Whether it is a ring, bracelet, or necklace, gold plated jewelry is an excellent accessory option that will not break your bank. However, it is likely that it will not last forever. In many cases, your gold plated jewelry will start showing signs of wear and tear after a short time of constant use. Let us discuss some ways to extend their longevity for optimal use.

Why does gold plated jewelry tarnish?

Gold plated jewelry undergoes a process where its original metal construction material or alloy is covered with another layer of metal, which in this case, is gold. Gold plating an item involves dipping it in a solution that contains a gold-colored alloy or gold itself. An electric current passes through the item, resulting in an electrochemical reaction that deposits a thin layer on the outside of the base metal.

The thickness of the gold layer on the outside varies greatly. The Federal Trade Commission labels heavily gold plated jewelry items at 2.5 microns, while it labels ordinarily gold plated items at 0.5microns. There are those coatings that are mislabeled as 0.5microns. Often, these items have a gold plating less than .5microns, and when they have .175 microns of gold plating, it is known as gold electroplating, and gold washed or gold flashed when they have plating less than .175microns.

Whether it is your necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings, your gold jewelry is likely to tarnish over time, with some doing so faster than others. Tarnishing refers to a layer of corrosion formed on metals after a reaction with other chemical compounds. When your gold plated jewelry comes into contact with bodily fluids, acids, oils, air, or water, its metal component reacts with them, causing the piece of jewelry to wear down and tarnish. The rate at which your gold plated jewelry tarnishes depends on various factors, including how you take care of them, the material and processes used o make them, and their immediate surroundings while wearing or storing them.

Sometimes, you may notice your gold plated jewelry causes some skin discoloration after wearing them continuously. The metal in your jewelry likely oxidized with the acids on your skin, causing the green or black mark. Your body chemistry dictates the extent and rate at which the reaction occurs. Any substance that does not have a neutral pH level can potentially affect your gold plated jewelry. However, green discoloration on your skin is not harmful and does not mean that your jewelry is toxic. Jewelry pieces made from copper, silver, and gold often cause this effect on many people.



How to prevent gold plated jewelry from tarnishing?

There are several ways to prevent your gold jewelry from tarnishing. Giving such jewelry some extra care and attention will ensure it retains its luster and appearance for a long time. Make sure you remove your gold plated jewelry before exercising or swimming. When performing vigorous activities, wet and moist conditions affect your gold plated jewelry, making it blemished and tarnished.

It is also helpful to wear your gold plated jewelry after putting on your cosmetic products and spraying perfume on yourself. Wait for about two minutes to allow the products to settle before wearing your jewelry. These substances contain chemical compounds that cause the metal in the gold plated jewelry to react, causing it to tarnish, change color, or corrode.

Properly store your gold plated jewelry to prevent it from excessive exposure to light, moisture, and other substances. Put them in a plastic bag or a dark jewelry box with silica packets to absorb any air and moisture present. When storing it in a plastic bag, make sure you squeeze out all the excess air and seal it immediately. Lack of oxygen and excessive sunlight prevents it from scratching and keeps it bright and shiny.

After removing your gold plated jewelry, make sure you remove all the dirt and dust that may be stuck on it by rubbing it gently using a soft and clean cloth or cotton ball. Use mild soaps or detergents since jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps have chemicals that are harmful to your gold plated jewelry, causing it to stain or tarnish quickly.


What to do when your gold plate jewelry has tarnished?

Depending on the process used, gold plated jewelry usually last for about 12 months of constant wear. Once your gold plated jewelry tarnishes, you can opt to use mild and non-phosphate dishwashing liquid and some warm water to gently wipe the tarnished part using a cotton swab or a soft and clean cloth.

Do not use toothpaste, antibacterial soaps, or baking soda as they are too abrasive. Leave the jewelry soaked in the solution for a few minutes to remove the tarnish completely. After properly cleaning the item, wrap it in a clean and soft cloth to prevent it from scratching and store it in a separate jewelry box, away from other jewelry items.

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Nowadays, gold plated jewelry is not only for those who cannot afford real gold jewelry. Due to its practicality, affordability, and versatility, many fashionistas prefer gold plated jewelry and its ability to accentuate any outfit for any occasion. The jewelry comes in various designs and styles to meet anyone’s sense of fashion and lifestyle. It is crucial to provide extra care to gold plated jewelry to decrease its chances of wearing out quickly and maximize its lifespan.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!