How to Package Jewelry for Sale(Jewelry Manufacturer’s Idea)

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Besides investing in and selling some of the best quality products to ensure customer satisfaction, referrals, and repeat customers, the other thing that you’d have and want to spend a considerable amount of time and money is the packaging. For most people, packaging creates a great sense of appeal to the products and the overall brand image, and the companies that invest in the best packaging options have happier clients. So, if you are setting up a business and are streamlining different operations, you may want to focus a little more on the packaging.

Keep in mind that when it comes to jewelry, like fashion, you need a good eye for detail and elegant designs. This is especially true because the jewelry market is one of the most competitive markets today, and one of the ways for you to stand out from the competition would be to invest in excellent packaging.

Not sure where to start? Well, you have nothing to worry about. This article will take you through everything you need to know about packaging jewelry perfectly. So, keep reading to learn more.


Packaging for Jewelry Business

As mentioned above, great packaging really matters a great deal, with excellent packaging adding the right feel to your business, making your brand more visible and unique while also enhancing your customer engagement. Packaging is as important as the jewelry itself, and you could enhance the experience of your customers by literally placing yourself in your customers’ shoes. Besides the beautiful charm jewelry box and the beautiful velvet jewelry box, getting high-quality jewelry packaging is just the second best, hence this article.


5 Types of Jewelry Packaging For Sale

So, which are the main types of jewelry packaging you could try out? Well, the packaging type you settle on will depend on the type of jewelry sold and your brand. Here are the main packaging options available today:

  1. Organic Packaging

How to Package Jewelry for Sale

Also called ‘green’ packaging, organic packaging refer to the packaging technique that involves the use of organic materials, and it is the best option for you if you deal in artisanal and handmade jewelry options.

Oftentimes, this packaging is made of recycled paper, hemp, fabric, or even handmade paper stock and display cards. As a result, the organic packaging options give the packaging more of a handcrafted feel and look.

This packaging also imparts a great feel to your jewelry products, making your brand stand out from the bigger brands or the brands that use bulk-produced jewelry items.


  1. Display Packaging

How to Package Jewelry for Sale

The packaging option you choose for your jewelry business is also based on how you wish to display the jewelry.

What this means is that if you are a popular jewelry retailer and use more of the lighted glass displays, you’d also want to invest in an ornamental case that makes it easy for your brand to be recognized.

To ensure the best ornamental display for your jewelry, you’d also need the best of velvet, silk, or even gossamer bags. You could also use a jewelry box for easy repackaging, shopping, as well as in-store sales.

The display packaging option is also great if you sell the jewelry from a retail store, a kiosk at the mall, or a show/ jewelry expo, because it would mean that the jewelry can be seen by just about everyone walking around the store.

In such cases, the commercial jewelry display packaging is a more feasible and practical option.


  1. Budget packaging
How to Package Jewelry for Sale
Very cheap way, only cost you less than a few cents!

This is the packaging option that works best for you if you are planning to sell your jewelry in bulk. We often package our jewelry in this way! ( it is very cheap)

It often involves the use of plastic bags for the jewelry, plastic packaging slides, hangers, cellophane, and in other cases, faux velvet display packaging option for the jewelry.

These options ensure easy packing, and it’s ideal for retail and wholesale packaging for brand names.


  1. Elaborate Packaging
  2. How to Package Jewelry for Sale
    very expensive, it will cost you a few dollars to do it!

If you don’t mind investing a lot more in the best kind of packaging for your jewelry business, elaborate packaging would be the best option for you. Not only does this investment in packaging enhance the value of the jewelry you will be selling, but it also means that you can easily enjoy excellent margins. As mentioned above, customers are easily sold on the best kind of packaging for jewelry, which is why brands like Tiffany &Co sell huge volumes, and they are known for their unique packaging.

Note that elaborate packaging would also be an ideal option for you if you specialize in jewelry gift and gift packages, if you sell large volumes of shipped jewelry products, and also in cases where your customers place great value in the most beautiful jewelry packaging options for high-quality jewelry.

To make your elaborate packaging options stand out, you may also want to make use of the custom embosses or even the handmade jewelry boxes. This would also be the case with the standard jewelry boxes or even the jewelry tins. To make the packaging really stand out, you’d want to throw in your company logo on the jewelry boxes.


  1. Branded packaging
How to Package Jewelry for Sale
You can put your logo on it!

This is the other packaging option you could choose if you run a jewelry business. This is more of a personalized packaging style that allows you to engage your customers easily while also representing and promoting your brand in the easiest of ways, thanks to the beautiful branding.

The only thing that you would want to focus on is the consistency of your brand image and what you chose to represent your brand.

Also, the positioning of your brand’s logo should always be visible, meaning that even if you change the packaging color or material, your brand’s uniqueness and your unique/ signature packaging style will always make it easy for customers to identify your brand.


8 Jewelry packaging ideas

So, how should you package jewelry to appeal to your target audience or clients with ease? Well, here are some of the jewelry packaging ideas you could try out:

  • Jewelry gift boxes– this makes a great packaging option if you are going to ship your jewelry. These boxes come in different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and even materials, and there are more than enough options for you to choose from, depending on the size of jewelry you sell and how you’d like to personalize the jewelry.
  • Wooden gift boxes– if you are looking for unique and high-end packaging, packaging in wooden gift boxes would be an idea for you. This jewelry gift box could have a soft leather interior along with a cushioned base to add an extra layer of protection to the jewelry. A brown or white wooden box is quite stylish and a great option if you are looking for a modern look/ packaging option.
  • Jewelry gift bags– this is the other packaging option that you could use. It’s a classic packaging option that is simple and quite economical. You could wrap the jewelry in some tissue then slip it in the bag for an enhanced look. But this option is only ideal for you if you are selling jewelry that won’t get tangled.

How to Package Jewelry for Sale

  • Kraft Recycled jewelry gift boxes– this is an environmental-friendly packaging option that works best where shipping is to be done. There is the use of natural-colored materials, and in most cases, the boxes are made of materials that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Just add some cute accessories or decorative ribbons, and you have the perfect kind of packaging for your jewelry.
  • Jewelry gift pouches– besides the bags, you could also opt for a classy jewelry drawstring pouch made of velvet, suede, organza, or any other durable and luxurious fabric. There are numerous options you could choose from.
  • Soft-touch boxes– if you are looking for an elegant and highly appealing jewelry packaging option, the soft-touch box would be a great option. There are extra-slim options that suit all budgets and design styles and can be used as pendant or necklace boxes, among others.
  • Leatherette jewelry gift boxes– this is a great option if you are looking to create a timeless and classic look for your jewelry. These boxes are competitively priced, but they offer great finishes. You could buy the postal or the standard options for different kinds of jewelry to be sold.
  • LSoft Touch Box– If you are looking for the best custom packaging options, this would be a great option for you. The box offers the best level of luxury packaging, enhanced by the smooth lines and finishes that also protect the quality of the printed designs.


How to package jewelry for sale


Now that you know what your best packaging options are let’s look at the key points that you must keep in mind always when packaging jewelry for sale.

  • Make a statement– for your jewelry to sell and for your brand to stand out, you need to work on creating a unique statement for your brand. Be keen on the shapes, colors, fonts, and all other design attributes, and keep them all consistent. For that professional, well-done look, all the design elements of your brand have to be well-coordinated.
  • Stylish typography– the font and the logo should shine, and this means that you have to make use of the most stylish typographical elements. You could also think of throwing in some handwritten notes.
  • Hot foil stamping– this technique allows for the creation of the most visually appealing design and logos; while also creating an overall luxurious look for your brand. You could do this manually or using a machine for hot foil stamping.

How to Package Jewelry for Sale

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Package all the jewelry well and correctly at all times, using the best packaging materials
  • Increase the chances of repeat purchases by slipping your business card in the packaging and a nice handwritten card to go with it
  • Take great photos of your packaged jewelry before dispatch
  • Make proper calculation for the packaging cost



You need to invest in the best kind of packaging because the packaging is an important aspect of USP, and it will go a great way in selling your brand. It is also the thing that appeals to your customers’ hearts. So, get it right.

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