How To Pack Jewelry For Travel Without It Getting Tangled

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Jewelry does a great job of not just completing but enhancing our outfits. They make us more self-confident in our looks allowing us to feel good about ourselves.

That is why if you love jewelry, you probably wear it everywhere, whether it’s at home, work, or even on a vacation. After all, who doesn’t like looking good everywhere they go.

But the biggest nightmare comes about when you have to pack your jewelry for travel. You always end up having to deal with a jumbled-up mess when you reach your destination.

This is a huge frustration, especially because you may end up damaging your pieces trying to untangle them. That is why we have come up with an article to share with you tips and tricks of how you can pack up your jewelry safely and travel with them tangle-free.


How To Pack Jewelry For Travel Without It Getting Tangled?

The following are some of the useful tricks and hacks you can use when packing jewelry for travel. They include items, that you mostly have handy in the house, so we are sure you will find a hack here that works for you:

Jewelry box.

how to pack jewelry for travel without it getting tangled

Let us start with the most obvious solution. Jewelry boxes are well compartmentalized and have a soft lining to keep your jewelry safe.

They are perfect for separating your jewelry and properly storing the different pieces. You probably have a jewelry box at home you use to store your jewelry, you can simply close it up and pop it in your bag.


Hobby Boxes.

An alternative to a jewelry box is a hobby box, they come with many compartments to store your jewelry separately. There are also many designs so you can pick which one suits you best. You can get one from the box department stores.


Jewelry rolls.

Sometimes jewelry boxes while efficient, can take up too much space in your bag especially if you are planning on traveling light. That is where jewelry rolls come in.

They offer you the advantage of compartmentalization without compromising on space in your bag. You can easily find one that suits your needs on online platforms like Amazon if you do not own one already.


Washcloth/ Soft Lining.

A more resourceful way of storing your jewelry is with a washcloth or soft piece of cloth. It borrows the concept of a jewelry roll without the compartments; hence it is mostly suitable for necklaces.

That is okay because they are the most prone to tangling. Simply lay the clean cloth flat on a surface and place your necklaces inches apart from each other.

Roll up cloth, ensuring that the necklaces are tucked away in their folds. Once rolled up, use a clip, pin, or peg to hold the two ends together, to avoid the necklaces slipping out.


Plastic Wrap.

how to pack jewelry for travel without it getting tangled

This is another resourceful way of packing your jewelry is by using the plastic wrap you have lying around in the kitchen. What makes this better than the washcloth, is that it’s waterproof, and is suitable for all forms of jewelry, not just necklaces.

Start by cutting up a piece of plastic wrap big enough to hold all your jewelry. Place it on a flat surface with the sticky side up. Place your jewelry on it ensuring there is enough space between each piece.

Now cut another piece of plastic wrap of similar size or bigger, and place it on top of the jewelry, sticky side facing down. Press down on the wrap to remove any air and seal the pieces of jewelry in place. Seal off the ends of the plastic wrap to ensure nothing falls off and you can roll it up and pack it.


Drinking straws.

Another staple you may be having in your kitchen or at least you can buy them easily from a convenient store. Straws are great for packing thin and delicate necklaces.

You can thread a necklace through each straw and clasp them closed to hold them in place. You can then place the necklaces in a zip lock bag and place them in your bag without worry.

how to pack jewelry for travel without it getting tangled

Toilet paper rolls.

These are already essentials you may need for your trip depending on where you are going, so why not put them to good use.

They use the same concept as drinking straws only, they are more suitable for chunkier statement necklaces. They are a great option if you are only carrying a few statement necklaces, otherwise, you may end up filling your bag with tissue rolls.

Pill case organizer.

If you do not have these lying around at home you can buy them from your nearest drug store. They are an especially, great way of storing your rings and earrings.

They come with ready compartments to separate them and prevent any scratches or damage. You may have to add a bit of cotton in each compartment to avoid the pieces from moving around when you are on the move.


Small plastic containers.

how to pack jewelry for travel without it getting tangled

This is another great way of packing your rings and earrings separately especially if you want to separate your metals from your precious stones.

You can keep each piece in its container, before throwing all of them in a bag and packing them in your suitcase. This method may not be the best for necklaces or layered bracelets because they could come from the containers folded or tangled.


Foldable hangers.

This is another great way of packing your statement that is too chunky. All you have to do is wrap them around the hanger and store them in a compartment in your suitcase.

It prevents the necklaces from getting tangled and also doesn’t compromise on space in your bag. When you reach your destination, you can take the hangers out and hang them in the closet until you have to pack up again.


Bubble wrap.

This is a more secure alternative to plastic wrap. Not only is bubble wrap waterproof, but it is also shockproof which is great for your soft stones and metals, in incase your luggage was to dropped or endured an impact.

It uses the same concept as the washcloth, places your jewelry inches apart, and rolls them up. You can add extra bubble wrap to secure them. The only downside is that the bubble wrap may take up space in your bag but that is worth the sacrifice.


Single jewelry boxes.

how to pack jewelry for travel without it getting tangled

If you own very expensive jewelry, then it would be wise to invest in individual storage boxes that hold one jewelry piece at a time. This is especially for your expensive necklaces.

Better yet keep them stored in the boxes they came in. This method would mean that you have to carry many boxes with you but you are better off safe than sorry.


Zip loc bags.

These are other resourceful ways to keep your jewelry. You can get tiny zip lock bags and place a piece of jewelry in each bag then pack them in one place in your suitcase so you do not end up losing them.

It is suitable if you do not have a lot of jewelry to carry with you. You do not want millions of zip loc bags crowding the space in your suitcase.



Jewelry is essential for those who love wearing them, especially if you have favorite pieces, you like to have with you even when you travel.

Tangling shouldn’t stop you from looking your best while on your trip. Out of the tips we have shared with you, you are bound to find at least one that suits your needs.

You can also combine two or three tricks for your different pieces of jewelry. Now you do not have to worry about your jewelry while traveling nor do you have to leave them behind because you are afraid, it would get damaged.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!