How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length Accurately?

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Pearls were first worn in 420BC by a Persian princess, and since then, pearls have changed the outlook on jewelry, adding more elegance. If you own a pearl necklace, you know that they add class to an outfit.

And, if you are planning on owning one, you may need to get informed on some things before selecting your dream pearl necklace; one vital factor is the pearl necklace length.

There are different pearl necklace lengths, each suiting a different style, body type, and occasion. If you already own a pearl necklace, you may wonder how you can measure it; this review has answers to that and gives more information on the best length for a pearl necklace; read on to learn more.


What is the best length for a pearl necklace?

How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length

As mentioned, there are various pearl necklace lengths, each suitable for different occasions, styles, and body types. The lengths are 12-13, 16, 18, 22, 36, 52, and 100 inches.

Each listed length is a favorite to someone; however, the most preferred is the 18-inch princess length, as it fits almost any style. Below we have highlighted and given details of all the pearl necklace lengths.


100 Inch Endless Pearl Ropes

How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length

Out of all the lengths, this is the longest. It is one never-ending neckpiece of pure elegance and style. There are so many ways of wearing this necklace. You can double-knot, double knot, drape it down, triple, or quadruple it.

When you buy one with multiple clasps, it will serve you better since you can break it off into many pieces that you can wear differently or all at once. You can get creative and create a bracelet.

If you have a backless top or dress, you can knot the long pearl necklace at the back to create more attention to the back of your outfit. It also makes an outfit look sexy.

A plain outfit will go exceptionally well with this type of necklace: a simple black dress, for example, will be a good fit. The good thing about this length is that it is versatile for different looks, styles, and body types.


52 Inch Pearl Ropes

How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length

Next in line with the longest pearl necklaces is the 52-inch pearl ropes. Like the 100-inch pearl necklace, you can wear it with different layers.

You can triple or double it. You can achieve a choker look when you triple it. When you double, it will create a 22-inch matinee and 36-inch opera lengths.

It brings out a playful yet sophisticated look if you wear it long without having to double or triple. You can pair this with any type of outfit, plain or colorful, as it fits just right. You can also tie a knot around the neck and then have the rest loosely dangling, which is a unique style.


36 Inch Opera Length Necklaces

How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length

The 36-inch opera-length necklace is one of the most classic necklaces. It is referred to as an opera necklace because women used to wear this length of pearl necklace to attend fancy evening events such as balls, dinner, or attending an opera.

It sits around the upper rib cage or at the end of your rib cage. You can wear the 36-inch opera necklace as a single or for a layered look; you can double it. There is an option of having the chain tied to add more vintage touch to your look.  


22 Inch Matinee Pearls

How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length

Another favorite is the 22-inch matinee pearls which fall beautifully mid-chest above your burst, slightly longer than the 18-inch princess length.

Many people who prefer this length like the elegant touch it adds to outfits without being extra. It is also efficient for those who wish to appear slimmer as it draws the eyes vertically to the chest.

It pairs well with cowl and pull neck tops, official shirts, and dresses. You can upgrade your look by mixing with other types of necklaces, which perhaps are longer or shorter, to create that layered look. If you are going for a relaxed yet sophisticated look, this here is a perfect fit for you.


18 Inch Princess Length

How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length

It is hands down the most popular pearl necklace length. It sits a few inches lower than the collarbone and a few inches higher than the burst.

It is undoubtedly a favorite since it pairs with any look, style, occasion, and body type. You can wear this when going to the office, attending a party, church, or dinner.

There is no limit to how you can wear this necklace length. It is interesting how quickly an outfit transforms from casual to chic by just wearing the 18-inch princess necklace.

If it is your first time purchasing a pearl necklace or you are unsure which suits you best, go for this length. It is referred to as princess length, given how well it stands out when worn with a gown.  


16 Inch Pearl Choker

How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length

The 16-inch pearl choker is a good choice for anyone looking to wear the neckpiece on any occasion or event.

If your style is a bit laid back and you like button-down shirts, add this to your collection for a guaranteed upgrade.


12-13 Inch Pearl Choker

How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length

The 12- 13 inch pearl choker is trendy, versatile, and an overall statement-making piece of jewelry.

The neckpiece was very popular during the Victorian era and has survived through time to date. It sits very close to the neck, the perfect definition of a choker.


How to measure pearl necklace length?

How to Measure Pearl Necklace Length

Pearl necklaces vary in length from 12 to 100 inches. They vary in size due to the hanks attached, which are also in various sizes.

The hanks are part of the necklace’s length; hence when measuring, you include them as part of the measurements. You should know that the exact measurements will alter after knotting and clasping; therefore, you shouldn’t expect the exact 18 or 16 inches.

Here is what you need to do to measure the necklace length. Take a ruler, which you will use to measure the length. Stretch the necklace next to the ruler, and include both ends of the clasps in the measurement.

However, please do not include the folded tab, as it will get inserted in the clasp when wearing the necklace.  



As discussed, there are various sizes of pearl necklaces, all depending on your style, your body type, and the event you are attending.

The pearl necklace was introduced earlier on and has traversed through time remaining to be a powerful style statement piece.

The sizes listed are 12-13 Inch Pearl Choker, 16 Inch Pearl Choker, 18 Inch Princess Length, 22 Inch Matinee Pearls, 36 Inch Opera Length Necklaces, 52 Inch Pearl Ropes, and 100 Inch Endless Pearl Ropes.

However, the most preferred length of pearl necklace is 18 Inch Princess Length since it is very versatile and has a good size. Measuring the necklace’s length is simple; you only need a ruler to get the entire length of the pearl necklace.

Depending on your style, you can always find the perfect fit for a necklace.

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