How To Make Huggie Earrings( Easy DIY Guide)

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Earrings are a great way of making statements. You could wear big door knocker earrings or still make a statement with something as simple as Huggie earrings.

These types of earrings are as cute as they sound. They are the perfect pieces for simple everyday wear or multiple ear piercings.

While you can buy Huggie earrings anywhere, nothing is stopping you from making them yourself. As it turns out, making them is super easy and would be a fun DIY for you to try out.

In this post, we are going to share with you how you can make the simplest Huggie earrings from the comfort of your home.


How To Make Huggie Earrings.

how to make huggie earrings

Before we dive right into how to make the earrings, let’s briefly walk you through what Huggie earrings are and the benefits of wearing them.

To begin with, their cute name came from the fact that they are tiny hoop earrings that ‘hug’ your ears when you put them on.

Unlike normal hoops, professionally made Huggie earrings have a lever back that allows the whole curved back to be pulled apart and clicked back into place.

The reason most people love these earrings so much is because they are practical and comfortable to wear. Their diameter is mostly between 0.5”-1.5”, which is a tiny size, you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing anything.

They are a great option for you if you are a minimalist or have an active life.

What’s more, they come in many designs, depending on whether you want something elaborate or simple and traditional. You could also customize it by making it yourself.


DIY Process of Making Huggie Earrings.

how to make huggie earrings

That brings us to the focus of this post. How can you make Huggie earrings from home? As we mentioned, making them is pretty simple as long as you have the right tools. There are, however, a few pointers you should note before we proceed to the process of making one.

First, as you pick out the metal to use for your Huggie earrings, keep in mind your metal sensitivity or allergies if any.

Sterling Silver is often a safe and cheaper choice, but you can always opt for other hypoallergenic metals like gold. Second, keep the thickness of your wire in mind. You don’t want it to be too thick or too thin.

It should be the right thickness such that it’s easily bendable without looking too dainty. A 19 or 20-gauge is recommended. Lastly, in terms of size, keep earrings on the smaller side. That way you won’t lose their shape by easily squishing them while putting them on.

how to make huggie earrings

Now for the procedure of making the earrings. The whole process should take at most 15 minutes to complete making a pair of Huggie earrings.

To start, you will need a round metal wire of your choice, remember the recommended thickness is 19-20 gauges.

You can use thinner or thicker wires, just remember the higher the gauge the thinner the wire. You will also need round nose pliers and step pliers. An alternative to the step pliers is a pen of the same width as it.

You will also need a flush cutter to cut the wire and sandpaper or even a nail file to sand down the ends.


The following are the steps to follow to make Huggie earrings:

  1. First, make a small loop at one end of the wire using your pair of nose pliers. Be careful not to make the loop big.
  2. Next, you need to carve out the shape of the earrings. Placing the loop end of the wire flat against the step pliers or pen, wrap the rest of the wire around the widest part. Ensure you wrap the wire around so the looped end overlaps with the wire.
  3. Slip off the wire from the plier or pen and use the flush cutter to snip off the excess wire. Ensure you cut the wire slightly past the loop so you have some wire that would pass through the loop when you wear it.
  4. The last step is to use sandpaper or the nail file to sand down the end of the wire you cut off, so it isn’t sharp but smooth. Finally, clean the earring with some soap and water, and they’ll be ready for wearing.

how to make huggie earrings

Wearing the earrings is easy, pass the non-looped end through your piercing and press both ends together so that end passes through the loop. Be gentle while pressing so you don’t mess with the shape of the earring. To take them off, simply pull both ends away from each other.



The beauty about Huggie earrings is you can wear them alone as the main earpiece, or in your secondary piercings so they compliment the main earpiece.

Given their tiny size, they are also perfect for stacking, for those of you with multiple piercings.

You can also spice up your DIY Huggie earring by adding a small charm to it. If you don’t trust that you can do it yourself, that’s okay too, you can always buy yourself a pair.

There is a variety to choose from.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!