How To Make Fake Earrings That Look Real(Easy Tips in 2024)

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Wondering if it’s possible for you to make fake earrings that turn out looking as good as the real thing?

If you haven’t pierced your ears and need fancy and affordable earrings, or if your loved one needs the right set of earrings for an event but they haven’t had their ears pierced, this article is just for you. This information would also be helpful if you have pierced your ears, but you cannot afford fancy earrings just yet. It could also be a nice, creative crafts project.

In this guide, we’ll share tips, tricks, and steps for making your fake earrings look new. So, let’s get started.


How to make fake earrings that look real

Making fake hoop earrings

 How To Make Fake Earrings That Look Real

You’ll need to make use of one of your notebooks with the spiral metal rings. But if you don’t have one of these or you cannot find it, go to the nearest art shop or bead shop and get some 20-24 gauge metal wire in any color of your choice.

  • Using a pair of wire cutters, snip off one of the loops, then another for the other earrings. You should now have two identical metal rings. Just make sure you’ve cut off the hook that’s often at the end of the metal ring. Don’t use scissors, though, because the metal will dull it.
  • Using the metal wire, cut off about 1 or 2 inches using paper cutters, then wrap this wire around a marker or a pen to shape the wire.
  • You could slip down one (or 3) pretty bead down the wire to make the earrings fancier.
  • Note that if you need to make dangling hoop earrings, you’d have to get the charm or the pendant from one of your bracelets or necklaces.

 How To Make Fake Earrings That Look Real

  • Take your round pliers next, the twist the wires into each other, with the end of the wire curling inwards. You’ll need to pinch the cut end using pliers then fold it inwards – this is an important step that will help make the earrings softer and a lot more comfortable for you to wear. These loops will also keep the beads from falling if you choose to add the beads for decorative purposes.
  • Now, shape or reshape the earrings as needed, and for your comfort – you could use either your fingers or even a pen to easily curve the earrings into the perfect ring shape. Just make sure you leave out enough space between the loops you’ve folded.

Finally, wear your new hoop earrings!


Make Magnetic Earrings

 How To Make Fake Earrings That Look Real

  • If you haven’t pierced your ears but need to accessorize, you could never go wrong with magnet earrings. You only need to find two pieces of matching metal that could work as the flat backs for your earrings. They don’t even have to be metallic – they could be rhinestones, buttons, or a pair of cute beads. Just make sure that the size is right for your earlobe and also not too chunky/ heavy. If you choose to use the buttons off your coat or your stud earrings, you’ll need to snip off the loop or the prong using wire cutters. Kids engaging in this project will need some adult supervision.
  • Next up, take 4 disk-shaped, small magnets, and make sure that the magnets are all the same size but smaller than the pieces you’ve selected for the main jewelry. Consider looking for magnets designed specifically for earrings – a visit to the beading section of the art store will give you a good range of options to choose from. But you could still use the small black regular magnets – though these are not as powerful, they won’t feel painful or strenuous on the ears. You may also opt for the rare-earth, silver magnets if you need stronger magnets – but beware of the pain they may come with, especially if you have sensitive ears. Generally, you should skip the silver-colored, rare-earth magnets if your ears are sensitive.

 How To Make Fake Earrings That Look Real

  • With the main parts of the earrings picked out, spread some glue on the backs of the two magnets, setting aside the other two magnets for later use. Press these two into the glue, with the flat side facing down, the magnet sticking out underneath. Allow the glue to dry, and keep them apart from each other so that they don’t get attracted to and stick to each other.  
  • Once dry, wear your new earrings, holding them against your earlobes. Now, pick the other magnet and put it on your earlobe’s back. The magnet should stick, but if it doesn’t, you’ll only need to flip it around. Do this to the other earring.



If you wish to make fake hoop or stud earrings, the two options above are just perfect for you. Just keep in mind that they are temporary fixes, and these earrings will not last as long as earrings from the jewelry store would.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!