Learn How To Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive In This Post?

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You can make your cheap jewelry look more expensive than they really are, but before we share some of our best secrets on how to make this dream a reality, you should know that there are many things that you are doing, and those things are making you look like you are wearing the cheapest jewelry options.

Notably, there are numerous things that are causing your jewelry to look cheap. These include buying childish, bright pastel jewelry pieces, cheap beads, pieces with sloppy enamel work, oversized statement pieces, and even jewelry options made with metals that shine a little too brightly.

Flimsy pieces of jewelry also look cheap; they are cheap. So, it would help if you avoided these.

If you have invested in fashion jewelry pieces and wouldn’t want them to look cheap or flimsy, this article shares tips on everything you should know about making your cheap fashion jewelry look expensive.


How to make cheap jewelry look expensive

1. Let go of the statement necklaces

How To Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive

Though it may look the dreamiest look, statement necklaces only look great when they are made of the finest materials. If all you have is a cheaper knockoff, it is time to let go of that necklace and replace it with a layered necklace instead.

Statement fashion necklaces look cheap, and since they call for attention to everyone who may see you, they won’t scream elegance but cheapness, and you will look like you are trying too hard to look good.

That is not worth it. So, ditch the gigantic bib necklace of the 90s and 2000s, and settle for something more fashionable like two- or three-layered necklaces. Layering has been the rage for quite some time now.

If you want to look expensive, you should go for the layered look over a gaudy bib necklace. We recommend a simple layered chain necklace with chains of varying lengths and a few unique, semi-precious stones.

Though subtle, they quietly attract the right attention, and you wouldn’t look like you are trying too hard.


2. Gold will never fail you

How To Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive

If you cannot afford solid gold jewelry, you can still find excellent quality affordable jewelry that doesn’t look cheap if you avoid the gold-plated options and settle for gold vermeil and gold-filled jewelry.

These options may cost a little more than the plated gold pieces, but they last much longer (10-30 years), and look expensive since they won’t out quickly.

Of course, you need to clean the jewelry regularly using a simple dishwashing soap solution with warm water to get rid of buildup, dirt, and tarnish.

Also, use gold sparingly. Wear that simple rose gold watch and pair it with matching gold studs as accessories for your simple shirt and tailored pants and heels outfit.


3. Less is More

How To Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive

The key to looking expensive is to avoid piling on everything in your jewelry box. Leave the excitement out the door and pick a few functional pieces, regardless of the occasion you are dressing up for.

This rule demands that you stop rocking your chandelier earrings, an armful of shiny distracting bangles, a rope necklace, and a ring on all fingers.

It’s not a good look on anyone. Instead, choose the best pieces you have, then settle on the features you wish to highlight, then dress those parts appropriately.

So, if you have a stunning neck and collarbone, you should only wear your best chandelier earrings. Think of all the images of royalty and how they dress – they never go overboard with jewelry.

Going for the less is more look creates a clean, elegant, sophisticated look, something that you see with the super-rich and the individuals with ‘old money,’ It means going for an understated yet perfectly accessorized look.


4. Your style is under the microscope

How To Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive

 Remember that your accessories are necessary for enhancing your look at the end of the day. They are only a part of your look and will work together with your selected outfit to create a well-put-together look.

So, if you are wearing a top or dress with a busy print, you should either avoid necklaces and bulky earrings altogether or settle for a simple chain necklace or maybe a single strand of pearls.


5. It may be time to give up the charms

How To Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive

You may be obsessed with charms, but if you have had this obsession since your teens, don’t you think it’s time to let go of your charm, or better yet, keep the charms safe in a sturdy jewelry box at home?

Charms aren’t particularly charming, and unless you are looking at Pandora’s finest charms, those old charms you are holding on to are tacky.

The charms look very cheap, and even if you wear an expensive pair of gold stud earrings, they will downgrade your look.

If you need statement elements to add to your look as you save for Pandora charm bracelets, go for a faux pearl necklace – this will look great. Alternatively, settle on a coin pendant chain necklace.


6. Mixing materials tends to backfire

 How To Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive

Since you are going for a chic look, you should stop trying too hard to mix metals.

It would help if you matched the metals for your watch and bracelet or opted for complementing materials, but don’t wear everything you have.

Often, pairing rose gold or yellow gold pieces together creates a more sophisticated and cohesive look that mixes these two metals. Again, less is more.


7. Keep off imitations

How To Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive

Again, these will make you look cheap. Whether it’s a Chanel brooch or a pair of earrings, you should avoid the cheap imitations because anyone with a keen eye will see that you are wearing a fake.

It wouldn’t be a good look at you. Avoid knockoffs at all costs, and if you must have a designer piece, save up and then spend money on the best quality, genuine pieces you want. You shouldn’t be tempted to buy fakes; they will never look as good as the real thing.



Cheap jewelry may look good with proper care, but if you don’t want to look like the cheapest person in the room, follow the tips above for your fashion jewelry accessorizing and for your most elegant looks.

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