How To Make A Pandora Bracelet Look Good?-Easy Tips

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Pandora is a very popular jewelry brand with a very dedicated following.

The main reason the brand is so loved is because of the signature bracelets and charms collection. They allow you to build up unique looks that speak more to you and your personality. After all, that is what jewelry is about.

There are, however, so many options you can choose from that sometimes it can be difficult to decide.

Sometimes you may just need a bit of inspiration to know how best to style your Pandora bracelets.

You don’t have to worry because in this article we will explore the different ways in which you can make your Pandora bracelets look amazing.


How Should A Pandora Bracelet Fit?

How To Make A Pandora Bracelet Look Good

The first step to ensuring the appeal of your bracelet is to find the perfect fit. You do not want the bracelet to be too tight and uncomfortable, nor do you want it to be too loose.

The rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit two fingers or your thumb underneath the bracelet even with the charms on. To get that perfect fit, there are several factors to consider.

First, the length of the bracelet is important. That will, however, be determined by the number of charms you will add to the bracelet and what your actual wrist size is.

To find your Pandora bracelet size you have to start by measuring your true wrist size. For this, you would need a tape measure or string and ruler. Once you have the size, you need to add about 1-2 cm to that, to get the bracelet size.

From there Pandora has standard length for their different bracelets. The lengths range from 5.9”-11” depending on the type of bracelet it is.

How To Make A Pandora Bracelet Look Good

If your size isn’t part of their standard, then you should pick the next size up. For Pandora bangle bracelets, you should take the next size up from your size if you are going to add 5 or more charms to it.

The slider bracelets, however, can be adjusted easily, so they come in one size meaning you shouldn’t worry about them.

We understand that the bracelets might stretch over time, but to prevent this from affecting the fit, simply take care of the bracelet.

Use fewer charms on the leather and snake chain bracelets especially and do not wear them too often. This is better than over or underestimating the bracelet size.


How Many Charms Should You Put On A Pandora Bracelet?

How To Make A Pandora Bracelet Look Good

Several factors will determine the number of charms you can fit on a Pandora bracelet. To begin with, the length and type of bracelet will affect the number and type of charms it can carry.

The Pandora bracelets can carry between 17-22 charms on average, including the spacers and clip beads you select. A safety chain isn’t mandatory but adding it will take up the space of two charms, so this is another thing to consider.

Of the nine different types of Pandora bracelet designs, each one can fit a varied maximum number of charms. The following is the breakdown of how many charms each of the nine can take:

Rope Mesh – this type of bracelet can hold a maximum of 20 Pandora Moments charms.

Snake Chains – this design holds between 15 to 20 Pandora Me and Moments charms.

Flat Mesh Bands– This type holds 8-12 of the Pandora Reflexion charms.

Bangles– the design of the bracelet can hold between 10-20 Pandora Me and Pandora Moments charms.

Link bracelets – this type of bracelet is only compatible with the dangle charms from the Pandora Me collection, and can hold a maximum of 10.

How To Make A Pandora Bracelet Look Good

Leather cord– these bracelets are only compatible with Pandora Moments charms and can fit between 7-9.

Slider Bracelets – The maximum number of charms sliders can hold depending on the type of bracelet.

Padlock bracelets– like the sliders, the maximum number of charms it can hold will depend on the type of bracelet.


Tips On How To Style A Pandora Bracelet.

The best way to style Pandora bracelets is by layering them up in different ways, unique to you and your collection of Pandora items. The following are a few tips on how you can make your Pandora bracelet look good:

How To Make A Pandora Bracelet Look Good

Always have a theme.

Before trying any style, you should always decide on a theme. This doesn’t mean that the overall look will look uniform and the same. The theme is to simply guide you on which charms and bracelets to include when layering them up. The final look will look vibrant but still maintain some cohesiveness.

Mix the metals.

This trend has been increasing in popularity over the past years. It is the best way to explore and play around with different colors and charms. Pandora offers metal charms and bracelets in a variety of silver and gold, so you have a lot of room to play around with.

For example, you can start with a silver base bangle paired with your favorite rose gold charms, and layered with different silver and rose gold bracelets. This will give you a variety of not only colors and textures.

Play around with different selections.

Pandora has many collections for your to choose from, that is, from the type of bracelets to the types of charms. You can mix up charms and clips of different metal varieties by layering up different types of bracelets.

A great combination is the Pandora mesh with the classic snake chain that will give you a minimalist but edgy look.

Style up your favorite metal.

How To Make A Pandora Bracelet Look Good

Sometimes you don’t need different metals to make a statement. You can always create a visual play by the different styles, shapes, and charms. For example, you can start with a basic bangle fitted with three varieties of your favorite charms.

You can layer this up with the Pandora wish bracelets and finish the look with the stunning tennis bracelet. You’ll end up with a dressy look that can also easily fit in a casual setting.

Add your personal touch.

The beauty of Pandora bracelets is that you can create them as per your wish and taste. Styling these bracelets isn’t about following guidelines, it is about coming up with a look that is not only appealing but also speaks to you and your personality.

So, ensure you add your favorite charms, metals, and styles.



If you were thinking of buying yourself Pandora bracelets but had no idea how to style them, we hope you now have some inspiration.

It is all about your taste, preference, and what each piece means to you.

The bracelet should be unique to you, so your only limit is your creativity…and maybe your budget.

But it is not about the number of bracelets you use, but how you style them.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!