A Quick Guide on How To Make A Mood Ring Work Again?

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Mood rings are a trendy accessory you can wear on almost every occasion. They stand out; the best part is to point to how you feel.

These rings have been around since 1975; by the 90s, they were quite the big deal. They are back in style today, and more men and women worldwide are investing in the best mood rings; all anyone needs is the ring and a color-coded key.

But you may be wondering if the mood ring will remain in perfect working condition forever. And also, how do you protect or fix a mood ring if it stops working?

Well, this article shares some important insights into the mood rings and everything you need to know about them. So, let’s get right into that.


Reasons your mood ring stop working?

How To Make A Mood Ring Work Again

There are different reasons why your mood ring may not work, but before we look at it, let’s take some insights into some of the basics of mood rings and how they come to be.

Mood rings are made of a metal band and setting, but instead of an emerald, ruby, sapphire, turquoise, or diamond, the ring is set with a special kind of gemstone that creates the mood ring.

The stones that make up the mood ring are made of thermotropic liquid crystals, which are crystals that move, bend, or react in response to the body’s and the environment’s changes in temperature.

How To Make A Mood Ring Work Again

And when the crystals move in response to changes in temperature and mood, there are color changes as well, which point to the mood or the emotion of the wearer.

And so, according to the mood ring creation stories, the different colors of the mood ring represent different feelings or emotions.

For most people and mood rings, the ring turning black means that the wearer is stressed, orange is for unsettled feelings, reddish-magenta color represents nervousness, green means the wearer is active, blue means that the wearer feels lovable, turquoise represents relaxed emotions, and when you feel romantic, the ring turns purple.

How To Make A Mood Ring Work Again

For others, a turquoise-blue color represents relaxed-lovable emotions. And for most people, these color perceptions are more or less accurate, and there are only a few instances where the colors may be a smidge off.

There’s one caveat, though – despite doing a great job of showing the wearer’s emotions, there will come a time when the mood ring’s top functioning.

It may either turn black or, in other cases, you may notice that there is no color change, regardless of what you feel. These changes often point to damage to the mood ring.


Why does the mood ring stop working?

How To Make A Mood Ring Work Again

Water damage – if there is one thing that will undoubtedly damage the mood ring, it’s moisture. Moisture should never seep into the quartz or glass enclosure that holds the crystals which make up the mood ring. This is because the presence of moisture in the crystals will interact with them and change their chemical and physical properties, so the ring will no longer work as expected.

How To Make A Mood Ring Work Again

High temperatures – Exposing the mood ring to very high temperatures will also damage the mood ring, and it will stop working because the heat alters the structure and properties of the mood ring, so it may stop working. This means that you should not resize your mood ring. You should also keep it away from heat sources, including heaters, the dashboard of your car, or the window.

Note that in other cases, damage to the mood ring manifests as a bubble in the stone.


How to make a mood ring work again

How To Make A Mood Ring Work Again

For the most part, the damage to the mood ring is permanent, and you may not be able to fix it or restore it to its original state.

  • However, several people have noted that you can bring life back to a stuck or damaged mood ring and restore its color-changing glory by wrapping the ring in a paper towel and then letting it sit in the freezer for 2 minutes. And though we are not sure about how this works and the possible science behind it, several people swear by it, and they have restored their mood rings’ function to their original state by using this trick.
  • The other thing that may work includes using a silica pack – this is the pack that is often found in new shoes and handbags. You need to store it alongside the ring for some hours. The silica pack should absorb all the moisture from the surrounding air, restoring the ring to its initial glory and keeping it in perfect working condition.
  • For mood rings set in sterling silver, you should work on slowing down the rate of tarnishing by keeping it alongside a stick of chalk.

How To Make A Mood Ring Work Again

Unfortunately, if the recommended solutions above fail, then there is nothing else for you to do, and you’d have to buy a new mood ring. And for most people, this is the case, so once the mood ring is damaged, there won’t be much more you can do about it.



The mood rings work well for some people and are almost always accurate.

However, these rings don’t last forever and may stop working from heat or water damage.

When this happens, the ring is often beyond repair, and there isn’t much that can be done about it.

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