A Quick Guide on How to Look Professional With Colored Hair

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While colored hair is a great way to express one’s personality, sense-of-style and general preferences, you can easily be rendered unprofessional in a work setting if you do not wear it right.

At the same time, each industry is different, with some that comfortably work around bright hair colors and some settings that aren’t flexible enough to accommodate colored hair.

Whatever the case, colored hair is a wonderful accessory and you can consider trying it out and even wear it to work.

Even better, traditional companies are slowly starting to embrace different hair color trends, but still advocate for subtle colors, neatness and balance to match office culture. That said, here are some tips on how to look professional with colored hair.


How to look professional with colored hair

Looking to wear your favorite hair color trends to work and you are wondering how to go about it without raising any eyebrows or breaking the rules? Here is how!

1.Understand the nature of your work environment

How to look professional with colored hair

Generally, workplace culture is one of the most important things you should consider before wearing any hair color to work.

This is mostly because workplace culture determines perceptions and how other employees will interact with you. Besides that, you should also understand the nature of your work.

If you are in a career that admires and advocates for personal expression, you should actively consider going for bright and daring colors such as pink, blue, red, and the likes.

You can also consider bold and exciting shades such as smoky violent, emerald green, ocean blue, and metallic rose gold among others. This works pretty well for anyone who works in the creative industry. So, if you are a musician, dance, graphics designer, or a tattoo artist, these colors may be perfect for you.

If your work environment is completely chilled out and requires minimalistic hair styles, you should consider working with mermaid hair colors.

In this case, all you need to do is work with hidden layers that you can easily conceal underneath your natural hair. This doesn’t limit you so much as you can always wear your hair down and let the bold colors show after work.

Aside from that, if you do not work in the creative industry but your workplace is flexible enough and allows you to wear different hair colors, then you can easily settle for balayage layers or a well-done colorful ombré color to much your sense of style and hair color preferences. You can also consider trying out shadow roots or adding highlights of eye-popping colors in your hair.

All in all, once you understand the nature of your work and your work environment, then you can easily pick out the best color that works for that particular environment without breaching the dress code and other rules.


2.Consider subtle hair color options

How to look professional with colored hair

Most people believe that picking out bright hair colors is the best way to stand out, but this isn’t always the case. As a matter of fact, you can easily stand out with subtle and chic hair color options such as silver, rose gold, and platinum blonde.

Even better, these are low-maintenance colors that blend into any work environment. So, if you are trying to unlock a new level of chic while sitting behind your office desk, then you can never go wrong with a subtle hair color option.

If you feel that a subtle hair color is too casual for you, then you can just go for a color that entirely matches your skin. Generally, cool colors easily flatter cooler complexions and warm colors are perfect for warmer complexions.

That said, you should always remember this, especially if you are trying to avoid the conventional brunette, blonde, and red hair color choices that everyone seems to be settling for.


3.Always work with a professional

How to look professional with colored hair

 While the DIY process is one of the most affordable and most convenient options when it comes to dyeing your hair, it may not give you the best results.

In that regard, you are better off working with a professional, because applying bright colors or any other hair color options requires a certain amount of skill and experience from a professional, if you want an elegant, sophisticated and brilliant outcome.

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your hair is screaming all the wrong colors and is causing disturbance to everyone’s eye around the office.

To avoid this, if you want to wear hair colors to a professional environment, then you have to ensure that your hair is as healthy and shiny as possible and not dry and damaged.

With the help of a professional, rather an experienced hair stylist, you will find yourself using deep conditioning hair masks, great hair tools, and you can understand how much your hair can handle. This makes it easy to keep your hair intact and in one piece, even while at work!


4.Regularly care for your hair

How to look professional with colored hair

Regardless of the hair color option you have chosen to go for, fresh and healthy hair is the only way to easily wear your hair to a professional setting without having to break the rules.

In this case, you need to consider routine retouches to prevent visible roots, fading, or lines of demarcation on your hair. Also, consider using high-quality and nourishing deep conditioning masks to keep your hair moisturized.

Besides that, you should always air dry your hair whenever possible because thermal styling tools can leave you looking hideous.

Besides caring for your hair, you should always ensure that it is frizz-free, well-groomed, and held up in a ponytail, or any other laid back hairstyle. If you are a curl or waves fanatic, then keep it sleek and ensure that it is well put before going to work.


5.Wear the right makeup and ensure your outfit matches your hairstyle and makeup

How to look professional with colored hair

If you have a bright and dazzling hair color, you’ve got to make sure your makeup and outfit supports your look. That means that you will have to plan for what to wear daily and find the right accessories to match your hairstyle and outfit.

With statement hair, you will have to avoid wearing a bear face at work. Instead, you should consider a quick touch up with foundation, subtle lashes, well-done brows, and a calm lip color that brightens up your face.

Along with that, your hairstyle should always be as polished as possible. Always straighten your hair, keep the curls and waves frizz-free, or pull it back clean so that it can be as neat and balanced as possible.

Doing this, avoids distraction and it is the best thing to do if you are on your way to an interview, if you have a presentation, or if it is your first day on the job.

The whole idea is that you need to create a great impression. Then, as you slowly adjust to your work environment and your new co-workers, you can start considering other hairstyles. Even so, you shouldn’t forget to explore your work culture.

When it comes to your attire, ensure that it is as professional as it gets. You can never go wrong with a well put together outfit, and you may even be an inspiration to your boss and co-workers!

When picking out an outfit, try pairing a bright hair color with a more relaxed fit, and an edgy hair color with a sleek outfit. By balancing the colors, you can seamlessly wear your confidence and fully embrace your sense of style and general preferences.


6.Keep the hair style as subtle as possible

If you want to wear bright hair colors then you may have to make a few sacrifices. One of these requires you to hide most of the color on your hair with strategic partings.

If you have rainbow hair on, you may need to part your hair in such a way that the bright colors are slightly hidden. If you are working with bold colors such as red, blue, green, and the likes, then you can go for a side part or a cute zigzag parting so that it can look neat and laid back. When doing this, then a soft glam makeup look may be the best way to go.



It is important to note that your hair color doesn’t necessarily affect your productivity levels nor does it mean you wouldn’t do your job right.

As long as you are able to keep it as professional as possible and follow the dress code and rules at your workplace, then you should easily navigate negative attitudes and odd perceptions that could throw you off balance.

Along with that, we cannot forget to mention that the best way to wear professional hair to work is to confidently rock what you have got and be proud of your hair color options.

All in all, always feel free to try out a new hairstyle but keep it as professional as you can to avoid raising eyebrows.

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