How To Know What Piercings Look Good On You in 2024

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There are quite several piercings that you can do, and even with that, there are different ways you can get a piercing. Even just looking at the labret piercing, there is quite a variety to pick from that might leave you confused and wondering what to go for. How then do you know what piercings look good on you? Well, we are here to try and answer that very question.


How to tell if piercings will look good on you

Before you get your brain into overdrive, one thing to keep in mind as you read is that what “looks good” on a person is subjective. Therefore, don’t be too hung up on what other people are doing and think that is what will look best on you too. Also, you want to get something that also makes you happy because you’re the one getting the piercing, and it’s something you have to live with. Unless you let the hole close.

Therefore, as you look through the various types of piercing on the area of the body, try not to get overwhelmed. Instead, look at piercings that stand out and that you love; everyone has a preference.

What you like might not be what the next person does. Don’t limit yourself to one design. Allow yourself a few selections of piercing types that you deem to be extreme but are still attracted to.

Once you’re done, there are two ways you can ago about know what works for you and what is best for you. Photoshop is a super handy tool to start with. Take your photo and then add the earrings that you like and see how the final product looks like.

The other way, if you don’t have Photoshop or don’t know how to use it, get magnetic earrings. These are what people wear when they want to wear a piercing and not do the actual piercing.

You can also get items, for example, that resemble barbells from the arts and crafts shop. With a bit of body glue, you’re good to go.

This last way to go about it is fun as you can try most of the types of piercings that you fancy before committing to get what you want. Take photos of each and finally decide and what looks the most appealing to you.

If you’re still not sure, then you can ask your close family and friends what they think. Social media is equally another place to get the feedback you’re looking for.


Things to consider before getting the piercing

There are instances where, even if you come across a piercing that looks good on you, the context in which you work in would not allow it. For example, if you’re in school or working, you have to check out the policies they have about piercings.

Equally, consider the career you’re in and the perceptions present about certain types of piercings. It might feel like it is inhibiting your self-expression, but it would be something you’d have to give up until a certain date.

Another thing you should consider doing is taking some time to “sleep on it”. Once you decide on what you want, spend a night or a few days thinking about the piercing.

If you do end up not liking it, there is the option of removing the jewelry and letting the hole close. However, you don’t want to go through the pain and discomfort only to realize it’s not what you wanted.

When you’re finally getting the piercing, ensure that you’re absolutely certain. If all goes well, it should be something that you’re comfortable with for the long-term.

Lastly, once you make your decision, consult an experienced APP-certified piercer. This is the best person to take because you can share your questions and concerns with them and get a professional perspective.

For example, you can ask them about the pain associated with a particular piercing. If you have a low pain threshold, then you can consider getting another piercing that is also on your list.



Knowing what piercing looks best on you is indeed dependent on your taste and where you want to get it. Want to read more useful piercing tips, read here.  or got to the home page for more posts.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!