How To Know If You Should Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry?

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You’ve probably worn jewelry made of gold and silver at different times of your life.

You may even have select gold and silver pieces of jewelry that you wear at specific times because they just work well on these separate occasions.

But even with these two options that you get to choose from, won’t you agree that either of these jewelry options just seem to work better than the other – that generally, you look much better in either gold or silver, and despite wearing both types of jewelry at the same time, you prefer and often look a lot better in either yellow gold or rose gold or silver and white gold.

So, how do you know if you should be wearing gold and or silver jewelry?


How to know if you should wear gold or silver jewelry?

1. First, consider your skin tone or the shade of your skin

How To Know If You Should Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry

The most important thing you should know about choosing the right jewelry that matches your skin is that the jewelry will only look good on your if it matches or blends well with the color of your skin or skin tone.

So, to do this, the most important thing is to determine your skin’s undertone. You may have a warm or cool skin undertone, and if you have a warm skin undertone, then the gold jewelry will suit you perfectly.

But if your skin has a cool undertone, then the silver jewelry will look perfect on your skin.

But how do you know what your skin tone is? Well, the best thing that tells you what your skin tone and undertone is would be the summer sun.

How To Know If You Should Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry

In other words, how does your skin or face look after getting out in the sun, especially if you forget to wear sunscreen?

So, if after being out in the sun, your skin turns completely red or maybe even burnt, then it would mean that your skin has got a cool undertone.

However, if you love being out in the sun and your skin doesn’t get burnt, and you will have a perfect tan on your skin afterward, your skin undertone is warm, and you will look great in gold jewelry.

Unfortunately, most people don’t really know what their skin undertone is unless one is heavily into makeup, which is why you may want to look at the other features that tell if you are warm or cool-toned.


2. Hair Color

How To Know If You Should Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry

Besides your skin undertone, you also need to consider your hair color. Your natural hair color will always indicate what your skin’s undertone is.

So, for persons with cool skin colors like ash blonde, gray, or even brown hair, but without any red shades, or maybe black hair with some kind of blue glow, then you have the perfect cool skin undertone, and silver jewelry will look great on you.

On the other hand, warm hair colors or warm tones, say copper tones, a golden blonde color, or brown hair, will represent a warm hair tone so that you will look perfectly okay with gold jewelry.

Gold jewelry brings out the shine of dark and warm-toned hair, which is why it is the perfect color for persons with a warm skin tone.


3. Eye Color

How To Know If You Should Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry

Your eyes will also reveal the color of your skin undertone. And if you have brown eyes, then it would mean that you have a warm skin undertone, and you will look great in gold jewelry.

If, on the other hand, you have green or blue eyes, it means that you have a cool skin undertone, and so the silver jewelry will suit you.


4. Wardrobe color or style

How To Know If You Should Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry

The other thing that will guide or point you in the right direction where your skin color is concerned would be the base or the primary colors in the wardrobe.

While it is not a feature that most people take into consideration, whether you look great in gold or silver jewelry will also be determined by the color of your wardrobe.

So, if your wardrobe is mainly made of the primary colors yellow, red, beige, or brown, you will look great wearing gold jewelry because of the warm undertones that blend well with the golden notes.

And if your wardrobe features brighter colors like pink, purple, or blue, you may want to wear silver pieces of jewelry because these would suit you better.


5. Color of your veins

How To Know If You Should Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry

The other thing that tells you if the jewelry you must wear should be gold or silver-toned would be the color of your veins. Your veins will tell you if you are cool or warm-toned and will also point to the color of your skin undertone.

If your veins are much deeper and also higher,  but you can see the color of the veins, you will be able to tell if yours is warm or cool. If your veins are wholly blue, yours is a cool undertone meaning that you will look great in silver jewelry.

But if your veins have more of a green tinge on them, then yours is a warm skin undertone, so you should wear gold jewelry.

But then, the color of your veins maybe somewhere in between. In this case, your skin tone is neutral, and you will be pleased to know that you are on the best side of the scale because you look great in both gold and silver jewelry varieties.


6. What about persons with darker skin tones?

How To Know If You Should Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry

If you have a dark skin color, the veins method or even the idea of tans or getting burnt in the sun may not work as well for you. In such cases, you’d have to settle on gold or silver using other methods.

The most recommended strategy would be standing in front of a white background and observing your reflection.

If your reflection allows you to see colors more, thanks to the white background, and you see more reds or warm browns, then your skin has a warm undertone. But if the mirror reflection reveals a more tan or ash color on your skin, your skin undertone is cool.

Alternatively, you could determine your skin tone by taking into consideration what color of clothes make you look your best.

If you can rock the cool reds and blues seamlessly and they always make you look your very best, your skin tone is cool. On the other hand, warm-skin-toned individuals look amazing in bold red clothes, oranges, and earthy greens.


7. Skin ColorHow To Know If You Should Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry

Other than skin undertones, your skin color is the perfect indication of what jewelry would look great on you; and even with pale skin, you may have a cool or warm skin tone.

And even dark-skinned individuals may have a cool or a warm skin tone, as mentioned above. So, don’t overlook the skin tone just because someone has a pale or darker skin color.

If you are dark-skinned with an olive-ebony color, you can wear gold or silver jewelry, with the darker colors making either jewelry color more striking.

That said, you should avoid the thin silver jewelry options if you are dark-skinned because the silver pieces get easily overpowered.

To avoid this, opt for gold-colored jewelry if you have dark skin. For an understated look, choose gold or maybe settle for chunkier pieces of silver jewelry.



Gold or silver jewelry works for most people, but you can wear the gold or silver options based on your skin tone, skin color, makeup, eye color, veins color, and hair color.

Generally, individuals with a cool skin tone (undertones) look good in silver, palladium, platinum, stainless steel, and white gold jewelry, while individuals with a warm skin tone (undertones) look great in yellow gold and rose gold jewelry.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!