A Quick Guide On How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized?

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Despite the small size of the stud earrings, you can always keep these earrings organized with ease.

Understandably nothing feels worse than scrambling to find your favorite stud earrings in the morning when you are running late.

You may have lost several stud earrings in the past, which is why it’s finally time for you to find a storage solution that works perfectly for all your small stud earrings.

This guide will share tips for everything you need to keep your stud earrings perfectly organized.


How to keep stud earrings organized

1. Keep the earrings on a small trinkets tray

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

To keep your stud earrings safe and within reach, you should find a cute little trinkets tray for the stud earrings you wear regularly.

Keep that small tray somewhere you can reach easily, for example, on your dressing table or the bedside table.

This way, you will reach the earrings easily, and when taking them off at night, you won’t struggle with storage or the safety of the pieces because your earrings will always be nearby and safe.


2. Sectioned earrings organizer

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

If you have multiple pairs of earrings and prefer keeping them all in one safe place, you should consider getting a sectioned earring organizer.

There are numerous types of sectioned earring organizers sold by different stores, and you will always find an organizer that meets your needs.

With the organizer, you should keep similar pairs of earrings together, preferably studs in one section and dangling earrings plus the rest of the jewelry placed in respective sections.

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

The sectioned earrings organizers are ideally transparent, meaning that you can see all your earrings easily and always pick out your perfect pieces when dressing.

These organizers are also time-saving. And the best part about the sectioned jewelry organizer is that it allows you to keep all the extra earring backings safe in one of the smaller sections, so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing the backs when you need them.

Most of these organizers are made of acrylic, which is easy to use and very affordable.


3. Use a plastic canvas to keep your stud earrings safe

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

The other thing you could do to keep your stud earrings safe is to find some form of plastic canvas that will keep the earrings together safely in the jewelry drawer.

For this, all you would need is a plastic canvas which you can buy from the crafts store and then cut it down into smaller sizes before poking the stud earrings through the canvas. This canvas will keep all your earrings safe in the jewelry drawer or a jewelry box.


4. Ice Cube Trays

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

If you are not planning to buy an acrylic jewelry organizer just yet, you may save money by using something you already have at home.

You could use an ice cube tray because it’s inexpensive and the perfect solution to keep your stud earrings safe.


5. Mesh earrings holder

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

If you are looking for a creative and inexpensive jewelry holder for your mesh earrings, you could use a mesh earring holder.

The mesh should have very small earrings for you to poke through easily and hold the backing securely in your jewelry box.


6. Cork Board

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

A corkboard is a simple but ingenious, versatile, and effective earring holder many people use to keep their earrings on.

This organizer works great because it lets you poke the stud earrings through the corks, where they stay safe.

You’ll also need a small bowl or tray to hold the earring backings.


7. Keep the earrings in small bowls

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

If you have small bowls and multiple pairs of earrings, free up one of the drawers in your chest or the dresser and arrange the bowls in the drawer, then use them to hold different kinds of, especially the stud earrings.

This is a simple, practical, and functional solution that will keep your earrings safe always.


8. Buy a jewelry organizer for the stud earrings

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

Even though there are many types of acrylic organizers for jewelry, they are not always the best solution when you have multiple pairs of earrings, especially if you are traveling or if you are afraid that your clumsy thumbs will mean losing the earrings.

To avoid this, find the stud earring organizers that have been explicitly designed for stud earrings.

These organizers are lined with foam and covered with soft velvety materials, so you can poke the earrings through the foam, where all your lovely earrings will remain safe.

The best part about such earring organizers is that they double as travel cases for earrings, and you can easily pack everything up and go without worrying about losing some of the pieces in transit.


9. Jewelry Rolls

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

The other option would be to buy a jewelry roll, a type of jewelry holder designed to hold the smallest pieces of earrings and also small earrings.

This holder ensures that the earrings are safe and secure, and you can keep the stud earrings in the holder with the earring backing attached to them.


10. Keep the jewelry in a wide, grosgrain ribbon

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

This is another great way for you to keep your stud earrings well organized.

The wide grosgrain ribbon is durable, and the fabric used is closely knit, and it helps to keep the stud earrings safe.

The best part is that you can easily roll up the ribbon with the earrings for easy transportation.


11. Pill organizers

How To Keep Stud Earrings Organized

Besides ice cube trays, you could store your stud earrings in a pill organizer.

This is both inexpensive and effective, and the best part is that you won’t have to worry about the earrings falling out, unlike in the ice tray, where the earrings are exposed and would fall put out easily.



If you have been looking for solutions that will ensure the safe keeping of your stud earrings, the options listed above are some of the best for you.

Remember that the key is to have a safe spot for your earrings, to keep your dresser organized, and to avoid losing stud earrings and backings all the time.

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