How To Keep Stacked Rings From Spinning(5 Actionable Tips)

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Is there some sort of speed bump that would stop your stacked rings from spinning? Does wearing the right size of rings stop the spinning?

If you are trying out the new trendy approach to rings and you’d like to make sure that the rings look great and in the right position throughout the day, then you’d want to read this guide.

In it, we’re sharing important insights into all you could and should do to stop your stacked rings from spinning around your fingers. By now, you know that just having the right size of rings is not enough to keep the rings from spinning.

So, read this article to learn some smart tricks to get your rings in the perfect condition and non-spinning.


But first,

Stacked rings spinning – Is it normal?

How To Keep Stacked Rings From Spinning

Yes, stacked rings tend to spin a lot, and it is not just normal, but also the most common problem when it comes to stacked rings – whether we are talking about your engagement and wedding rings or your fashion pieces.

Unfortunately, the spinning of the stacked rings is often caused by different things. For starters, it is important to take note of the fact that while your ring is round, your finger is not, at all, round it – and the circular shape of the ring has to do with age-old traditions and beliefs that required the creation of a circular ring to represent the circle of life, eternal love, and such things.

So, with this in mind, it is almost impossible for the ring to always stay in place. A single ring on your finger will spin, and stacked rings would spin too.


Some reasons your stacked rings spinning

If you are not sure about why your rings keep spinning, here are the top reasons why:


  • The stacked rings are just too big.

This is the biggest reason why stacked rings will spin all the time.

Essentially, if the ring is on the big size, it will keep going around, and this can be annoying.

The good news is that it is not a permanent problem, and you could fix the size issues easily.


  • The stone setting could keep slipping off, hence the constant spinning.

If your ring is just too heavy on the top, it will keep spinning and fall off. This is often the case because of gravity and the fact that the top will always be too heavy, and the ring will just want to spin downwards because of the force of gravity.

This can be quite frustrating, unfortunately, and you will find yourself fussing about this too often.

The stone setting would get gruffly after some time, and you may want to create some counterbalance, keeping the ring locked in place on the finger every time you have the ring on.


  • Your knuckle is bigger than your finger.

Since your ring must pass the knuckle, it means that your ring is generally too big and it will keep spinning.

This is a common issue, contrary to popular belief, and it’s also not just associated with arthritis but with the makeup of your hand.


How to keep stacked rings from spinning

Now that we know why your stacked rings keep spinning let’s take a look at some of the remedies that would work for you.

1.Resize the ring

How To Keep Stacked Rings From Spinning

This is the first thing you could do to stop your stacked rings from spinning.

The immediate stop would be wrapping the inside of your band with plaster, surgical tape, or any other kind of band. This is the top-recommended quick-fox solution, and you may like it because it gives you a comfortable fit at all times. It is not a long-term solution, though, and if you keep the tape on for too long, you may develop a rash.

Since the use of tape or a band-aid is just temporary, the best way to keep the rings from spinning would be to take the ring to the jewelry store for the rings to be resized.

The jeweler will first measure your finger, confirm the knuckle’s shape and size, then size down the ring appropriately – making sure that the ring fits snug but not too tightly.


2.Counter-balance the stone settings

How To Keep Stacked Rings From Spinning

As mentioned above, a ring whose center-stone is too heavy will always tip-off and spin around uncomfortably, whether it is a single ring or a stacked one.

To prevent spinning, you have to counterbalance the ring by adding extra metal at the base of the ring. This strategy works best for you if your ring’s band is very thing and if it doesn’t require much metal added. The good news is that this is an option that is now incorporated in most modern band designs.

Alternatively, the stone/ diamond setting could be taken down a notch to lower its center of gravity. Keep in mind that the idea of keeping stones elevated for more light to go through them is more of a strategy used to make the low-quality diamonds look great.

If your ring is made of high-quality gemstones, the elevation of the stone wouldn’t really make much of a difference.

The best ring setting for your heavy and unbalanced setting would be to include options like the angular and thicker settings that keep the ring from turning, especially for the rings with bigger and heavier center stones.


3.Changing the diameter of the band if the size of your knuckle is bigger than the size of your finger

Here, your knuckle’s measurement is regarded as the entry point for the ring, and after the ring is on your finger, it would have to be stabilized. Changing the diameter of the ring is the ideal solution for this, although it would make your ring look much bigger on your finger.

If this isn’t a solution that works for you, you may want to opt for the ring beads as stabilizing rolling rings. The beads work great when the ring size differential needed isn’t too big. It allows your stacked rings to sit more snugly on the finger, as it acts as more of a brake.

On the downside, the beads would be uncomfortable for you if your fingers are prone to swelling.

A hinged shank ring will also be a good solution if your knuckles are bigger than your fingers. With the hinged shank, you wouldn’t have to worry about sliding the stacked rings over your knuckles since you only need to open the shanks then close the ring around the finger.


4.Invest in ring snuggies

How To Keep Stacked Rings From Spinning

This is a solution that counters the spinning stackable rings problem. The snuggies, like the beads, will keep your stacked rings from spinning. You could also opt for the ring size adjusters because these work great always, keeping the rings snug but comfortable.

The ring beads, snuggies, and adjusters are also known as speed bumps. They are the small, round bumps that are made of gold that is soldered on the ring’s inside shank.

These bumps are designed to grip and anchor your ring to your finger, keeping the rings from spinning. The speed bumps work great not just for single rings but also for the stacked rings.


5.Ring Guards

How To Keep Stacked Rings From Spinning

The ring guards or noodles are the other types of speed bumps that would help stop the spinning of your stacked rings.

These ring noodles are made of small plastic tubes which are placed throughout the ring, and they are designed to hold the ring in place comfortably.

The noodles are cheap, and their transparent design means that they will not be noticeable to the rest of the world unless someone is up close looking at your ring.

You may also like that the ring guards come in multiple sizes, and you can use them to size down the ring one of three sizes, depending on your preferred ring thickness.



And there you have it – best remedies for stacked rings that keep spinning. These remedies work great, and you only need to identify the problem before you settle on a solution.

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