A Quick Guide on How to Keep Necklace From Flipping Over

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Do you have a gorgeous necklace that you rarely wear since it keeps on flipping over? This happens to many necklace wearers, and it is quite annoying. Such a necklace may fall forward, making the center part less noticeable.

Fortunately, you can prevent it from flipping over by implementing a few tips. In this article, we will discuss why a necklace fails to lay flat and how to prevent it from flipping over. Read on!


The necklace not laying flat

The overall construction and design of a necklace determine whether it will lay flat or not.

how to keep necklace from flipping over

If, for instance, you have a very lightweight necklace, it may not lay flat due to its design. Such a necklace can move quickly every time you slightly move your body. Most lightweight necklaces do not come with a heavy centerpiece that can serve as an anchor. Such necklaces do not lay flat.

Some people also have well-designed necklaces that still flip over. If, for instance, the front part of the necklace is heavier than the back, it may not lay flat as desired. The necklace could also be flipping over because the chain is long. If the chain is more than 20 inches long, it will likely flip over a lot.

A necklace that is made using bracelet links rather than necklace links is likely to flip over. Bracelet links wrap around a wrist-oriented circle, while necklace links are oriented on the axis around the neck. If a necklace features a hard linkage that is causing the flipping over, there is a need to change it.

Apart from that, a necklace with a high setting often has an increased center of gravity, which, in turn, raises the risk of the necklace flipping. When the bail is too near the center of gravity of the pendant, the necklace will not lay flat.


How to make a necklace lay flat

how to keep necklace from flipping over

Since the dimensions of necklaces are universal, fixing a piece that does not lay flat is easy. You only need to learn how to connect and close a necklace.

You can quickly fix a necklace that flips over on your own or with the help of a professional. To make a necklace lay flat, you should pay attention to the following.


Pick the right clasp

To fix this problem, you have to consider the design and weight of the jewels. The necklace will likely flip over when the chain is lighter than the clasp.  Learn more on the scale of clasps before you pick the right one to make the fix. You should also consider the jewelry mass while choosing the clasp.

how to keep necklace from flipping over

Set the beads

You should then place the beads in a sequence until you get the right length.

Once you do this, you should measure the stringing thread and then cut it. Ensure that you begin with a cord that is longer than the length of your necklace.

If, for instance, you want a 20-inch necklace, your cut should be around 25 inches. You will use the extra string when you are ready to secure the clasp on the necklace.

Use a bead finisher to cover one of the stringing wire sides. Once you do this, you should then line the pieces onto the string and tie one of the sides.

Ensure that you sustain connectors on the necklace so that you can deal with the other side conveniently.


Add some counterweight

how to keep necklace from flipping over

Adding a counterweight like a decoration near the clasp of the necklace can balance the weight.

Some people also add extra metal to the necklace to prevent it from flipping over.

If you own a diamond pendant, you can consider adding tiny gold beads to the inside of the bezel to stabilize it. The addition of pendants on necklaces can also enhance the appearance of necklaces and minimize flipping.

Do you have a lightweight necklace that keeps on flipping? You can take it to a professional for soldering. This can increase the necklace’s weight while still retaining the original look of the necklace.

When you take to soldering, you should also confirm that no metal protrudes from the edges of the necklace. Working with a jeweler can make the process smooth.


Try to fix the design of the necklace

how to keep necklace from flipping over

If, for instance, you have a pendant necklace that does not lay flat, you should take the pendant off its chain then place a thin rod into the bail.

Once you do this, observe how the pendant tilts to assess the mass distribution in relation to the point of contact. Adjusting the design of the bail can prevent the necklace from flipping over. If you have experience in fixing jewelry, you can try reconstructing the bail.


Shorten the necklace or change the chain

We mentioned that a long chain necklace is likely to flip over. You should therefore consider shortening it to minimize the tension on the chain.

A jeweler can help you shorten it and ensure that the drop is close to your neck to minimize the flipping.

how to keep necklace from flipping over

Sometimes, the wrong chain can make a necklace flip over. You can fix this issue by replacing it with a different chain type. Consider a snake chain or stiff wire choker.

To avoid buying necklaces that tend to flip over, you should consider getting heavier ones such as carat size necklaces. Be ready to spend more on such a necklace.

You should also focus on necklaces that have a lower setting since these are less likely to flip over. If, for instance, you prefer getting a diamond necklace, go for a graduated version as opposed to the standard one.

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If you are a jewelry fan, you probably have a couple of necklaces that you wear from time to time. Though these should look perfect, some wearers reveal that some necklaces do not lay flat and keep on flipping over.

This can happen due to uneven weight distribution, the use of bracelet links, and long chains. Doing a few modifications can solve the problem.

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