How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

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Do you have a pair of earrings that keeps on drooping? If yes, you are not alone. This is a common problem that many wearers face.

When earrings point toward the pavement, they don’t look as good as they should. Drooping earrings are not only unsightly but may also cause discomfort to the earlobes.

We came up with this post to help you figure out how you can keep earrings from drooping. By the end of this post, you will not only discover some useful tips but also find out why earrings droop. Read on!


Why your earring droops

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

Many people like finishing their look with earrings. Though earrings never seem to go out of fashion, some can affect the earlobes and cause drooping. Here are some of the reasons that may be causing your earrings to droop.


Heavy earrings

When you wear heavy earrings, they are likely to point towards the pavement. This is because the earlobe is thin and may not offer ample support for heavy earrings.

Apart from drooping, heavy earrings can leave you feeling uncomfortable, especially when you wear them for long.

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

Thin earlobes

If your earlobes are thin, earrings will likely droop compared to a wearer with thicker lobes. Natural aging and constantly wearing large earrings can make the earlobes thin.

Aging also comes with the loss of collagen and elastin, leading to thin and wrinkled earlobes. When you have thin earlobes and wear certain earrings, they may keep drooping forward and refuse to remain in place.

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

Earring design

Apart from having thin earlobes, the design of an earring can also cause drooping, even when you have thick earlobes.

For instance, three-dimensional earrings that do not have a well-balanced weight can easily droop.


Poorly made earring backs

Earring backs can also play a significant role in the drooping of earrings. If a pair of earrings contains a thin and fragile back, it may not provide sufficient support to the ears.

Such earrings can easily pull back from the ear lobe. As you purchase earrings, always confirm that they come with sturdy backs to avoid drooping.

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

Sleeping while wearing earrings

This is one of the mistakes that some people make and end up with drooping earrings. Sleeping while wearing a pair of earrings is not advisable since it can put unnecessary pressure on your earlobes.

Ensure you take off the earrings as soon as you get home, especially if they are large.


How to keep earrings from drooping

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

Now that you understand why earrings droop, you may be curious to know how you can prevent this. Try implementing the tips below.


Get monster backings

If you love certain earrings but dislike the way they droop due to poorly made backs, you should consider getting the monster backings.

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

These solve the problem since they are designed to flatten the back part of the earlobes. When you use monster backs, you don’t have to worry about the ear lobes bending since they can give the earrings ample support.

You can wear earrings with monster backings for an entire day without experiencing any discomfort. Feel free to get monster backings for heavy earrings.

You can even use them on three-dimensional earrings that keep on drooping. These work well since they support the weight of such earrings and ensure that it does not pull on the ear lobes.

Many ladies also like using monster backings since they not only prevent drooping but also because they look amazing. Monster backings are made from gold and can therefore make your earrings stand out. 

 How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

Since they are thick and large, grasping them is also easy. You don’t have to lose studs when you use monster backings since they can hold them in place until you take them off.

Due to the material used to make them, they may cost you a lot. They are also not the best for very small earrings since they can easily get below the ear lobes. If you choose monster backings to keep your earrings from drooping, take your time to align them properly.


Consider self-adhesive stabilizers

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

Does the cost of monster backings seem intimidating? If yes, don’t worry since you can still keep your earrings from drooping while saving money.

Look for self-adhesive stabilizers such as Bling Dots supports. These are easy to use since you only need to place them at the back part of your earlobes and then poke your earrings through them.

Once you do this, your earrings can stop drooping and stay in place for long.

Many earring wearers like them since you can use them for a few days without them coming off. Since they come in a box, buying them can solve the drooping problem for good.

Such stabilizers work by balancing the weight of earrings. They prevent the weight of the jewelry from pulling on the earlobes. If you already have stretched earlobes, you can also use self-adhesive stabilizers when wearing earrings.


Get rubber ear lobe supports

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

If you are not a fan of metal supports and cannot find self-adhesive stabilizers, you can look for rubber supports for your earlobes. These can also prevent the earrings from drooping since they distribute the weight of the jewelry. Rubber supports for the earlobes are comfortable since they are soft.

Since these supports are clear, they are much easier to conceal compared to metal supports. The problem with these supports is that they are not as secure as metal supports. You, therefore, have to be careful when using them to avoid losing your earrings.

Feel free to use rubber supports with homemade earrings. Since such supports are cheap, you can get a lot of them for most of your earrings. If you have sensitive ears, these may not be the best for you since they may cause irritation.


Consider locking stabilizing backs

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping 

If your piercings are stretched, you can prevent your earrings from drooping with the help of locking earring backs. These are also great to use on heavy earrings since they can help them stay in position even when you move a lot.

They are effective since they come with a locking mechanism that can prevent them from slipping and save you from losing your earring. Despite this, activating the locking mechanism is easy for some users.


Hook the earring’s weight to your hair using a thread and pin

How to Keep Earrings From Drooping

If you need a quick and inexpensive fix to droopy earrings, you should get a thread and bobby pin. Cut the thread and loop it through the pin.

Ensure you tie a knot to the string before wearing your earrings. Once you do, hook the string around the back part of the earring, then place the pin into your hair.

Ensure that you place it high enough so the earring’s weight no longer pulls on the earlobe, then secure the earring. As you do this, ensure that the earring looks like it is hanging naturally.



Do droopy earlobes take away your confidence when wearing your favorite pair of earrings? If yes, you can easily fix this.

Find out the exact cause of this problem as you pay attention to the different factors we have discussed above.

You can then try implementing some of the tips that we have highlighted.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!