How to Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(3 Easy Methods)

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Getting your ears pierced is a fun and thrilling endeavor in anyone’s life. However, you may be required to remove your earrings for various reasons.

How can you keep the ear-piercing open without earrings?

In modern society, body piercings are quite popular and easy to obtain for both men and women of different ages. There are several types of ear piercings apart from the standard lobe ear piercing.

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

They include the helix piercing, forward helix piercing, rook piercing, snug piercing, conch piercing, tragus, orbital, or transverse lobe piercing, among many others. Depending on the experience and expertise of your piercer, getting your ears pierced should be as painless as possible.

The joy and excitement of getting your ears pierced quickly dampens when you run it up against the reality of your school’s dress code, employment handbook, or even your parent’s conservative lifestyle.

If you have just gotten your ear piercing, it can be challenging to consistently keep popping in and out your new earrings as it could lead to the piercing closing up or getting an infection. Therefore, how can you keep your ear piercing open without earrings?

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

How to keep your ear piercing open without wearing a pair of earrings?

Your ear piercing experience is primarily dependent on your piercer.

As such, it is crucial to ensure that you opt for a reputable piercer with the skill and experience to pierce your ears properly.

Ear holes close particularly fast within the first year of getting the piercing.

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

If you do not regularly wear an earring, the diameter of the ear hole shrinks significantly and can completely close.

For instance, for the first few months, your ear piercing may close up within the first few hours of removing your earrings.

If your ear piercing has been in for several years, it may take several weeks or longer before it closes up.

Generally, newly pierced ears require special care and attention for about six to eight weeks after the procedure. However, cartilage ear piercings may take longer to heal as it may take anywhere between three to twelve months to heal completely. Ensure you keep your original earring in for the entire duration and practice other aftercare procedures as advised by your piercer. After the first six to eight weeks, you can remove the earring for cleaning. However, it is best to quickly replace the earring in the new hole for a maximum of one full year to prevent it from closing.

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

Due to a variety of reasons, you may be required to take out your new earrings before they completely heal. Check this post to see how long it will take?

Whether it is because of a particular athletic activity or the dress code at school or work, keeping your ear piercing open without earrings can be frustrating.

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to hide your new ear piercing from the world temporarily.


1. Cut the ball off of a small post earring

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

If your current life circumstances do not allow you to enjoy your newly pierced ears, you may opt to keep your ear piercing open by cutting off the small ball in a pair of small and inexpensive post earrings.

Remove the earrings back by pushing the post as forward as possible and snipping the ball off with wire cutters, while the earring is still inside your ears.

Push the post earring back to its normal position. You may notice it somehow resembles a tiny mole.

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

If you opt to use this method, it is advisable to recruit the help of someone else to prevent injuring yourself or cutting the post earring inappropriately.

Make sure you observe extreme caution when using wire cutters that close to your ears. You can opt to disinfect them before use to prevent various ear infections.


2. Use glass or quartz retainers

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

Clear glass or quartz jewelry is perfect for keeping the earholes of newly pierced ears open and discrete. While it is far from invisible, it is only detectable with reasonably close inspection.

Avoid plastic jewelry since they are a common cause of severe ear infections, especially if it is before the first six to eight weeks of getting the ear piercing.

It is advisable to visit your piercer and to have him/her change the earrings in the safest way possible.

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

Clear acrylic jewelry is not advisable due to its quality issues, but it is also a viable alternative. Most dermatologists and professional piercers recommend stainless steel or 14-karat gold earrings as the first earrings one should wear after an ear piercing since they are hypoallergenic.

Other jewelry metals may induce allergic reactions, which may cause severe ear infections.


3. Remove your earrings when necessary

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

If your situation calls for it and you have no viable options, it is best to completely remove the earrings once you are at work, school, or performing athletic activity.

Ear holes do not close up as fast as you might think, especially if the six to eight week window period is over. Different people heal at different rates, but you can be sure that your new ear piercing will not close up after a day or two.

However, a thin membrane will likely grow over your ear hole without actually closing the hole.

You can simply push an earring through it with minimal pain and the least amount of effort.

Keep Ear-Piercing Open Without Earrings(

If you encounter any difficulty, lubricate the earring with some vaseline and antibiotic ointment to kill any germs and bacteria.

On the other hand, cartilage ear piercings can stay for longer durations of time without an earring and without closing. However, it is crucial to remember that their healing process takes longer than that of lobe ear piercings.



Having your ears pierced is a memorable moment in anyone’s life. It serves as a sign of bodily pride and accountability, as well as a stylish trend. However, you also have to consider your environment when getting ear piercings as it tends to contribute to the experience after getting the piercing.

With the tips and tricks mentioned above, you do not have to worry about arguing with your boss, coach, or school administrator about your choice of ear piercing. However, it is also advisable to consider wearing minimalist jewelry or to get more conservative ear piercing styles if you want to save yourself the trouble of hiding your piercings.

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