Learn How To Keep Clip On Earrings From Falling Off Again

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Clip-on earrings have been a lifesaver for those of us who want to enjoy the beauty and glam that earrings offer without having to go through the pain of actually piercing the ears.

They have become the number one go-to non-piercing alternative for most people and with good reason. They come in a variety of designs and are easy to use. Not to mention they are also lightweight and comfortable.

But while there is a lot of good things to say about them, clip-on earrings also have their downsides. If you’re reading this then you are probably familiar with them, including the main one which is they can easily fall off. That can be frustrating especially if you end up losing the pair in the process.

That is why in this article we will show you how you can stop your clip-on from falling and some tips on how to adjust them so they fit perfectly.  


How To Keep Clip On Earrings From Falling Off?

how to keep clip on earrings from falling off

Clip-on earrings come in many designs and with many mechanisms. In general, however, putting them on requires you to put a little pressure on it from either side of your earlobes.

This is to ensure they stay in place. But in some cases, they do end up falling off, which is why we want to share with you a few tips on how to keep them from doing that:

The Application method.

This isn’t the standard method of how to put on clip-on earrings so you do not have to feel obligated to stick to it. It has, however, proven to work in keeping the earrings on and less painful to wear. The following are steps you can follow:

  • Open up you are clip-on.
  • Stretch out your earlobes with one hand (lightly).
  • While your ear lobes are still stretched, clip the earrings on with your other hands.
  • Once you are sure they are latched on properly release your earlobe.

This method helps take some of the pressure off the clip-on so they are more comfortable. Also releasing the stretched ear lobes after putting them on, allows the skin to surround the lips and helps in holding them in place.

how to keep clip on earrings from falling off

Silicon Slip-on earring pad.

These are like silicone pockets that you can slip over the back of your clip-on earrings. They come in three different sizes, that is, large, medium, and small, depending on your earring.

They are great for preventing any slip or falling off as well as providing cushioning for your ears. You can buy them from eBay in a pack of 50, although they may not be suitable for the screw back type of clip-on.

Stick-on soft foam pads.

These are tiny foam pads designed for clip-on earring backs and the nose bridge of your spectacles. They are meant to prevent slipping as well as provide comfort.

These foams are the easiest hack to use. Simply peel them off their package and apply them on the baking of your clips. The downside, however, is that the adhesive on the foam doesn’t take so long, so you’ll keep replacing them.

The material is also a great breeding ground for bacteria so you must change them out often. You can get a pack of 10 from eBay as well.

how to keep clip on earrings from falling off

Anti-Slip Silicone pads for Spectacles.

For something with stronger adhesive, these silicone pads are the best option for you compared to the foams. They are, however, specifically made for the nose bridge of spectacles, so you may have to trim it to fit your earring backing.

Because they are made of silicone you won’t have to worry about them being covered in bacteria. They also do a great job of preventing your earrings from slipping or falling off. You can buy them on eBay in packs of five.

Silicon Soft pads for Clip-on.

These are the silicone backings used in regular earrings. They can be fit through holes at the back of your clip-on although it may take a bit of fiddling to wiggle it through.

While they provide a soft anti-slip backing, they limit you to only paddle back clip-on they can fit through. Regardless, you can buy them in packs of 50 from eBay as well.


Tips For Adjusting Your Clip-On Earrings

Falling off isn’t the only problem you face with a clip-on. Sometimes they can be a bit uncomfortable and even painful, especially if not worn the right way.

Aside from the hacks, we’ve shared with you, sometimes all you need is just to adjust your clip-on so it fits comfortably while still being secure. As we mentioned before there are different types of clip-on, so the adjusting methods may differ. The following are tips on how to properly adjust the common types:

how to keep clip on earrings from falling off

1. Simple Hinge Clip.

These are the most common clip-on and the easiest to adjust. A common design involves a u-shape with the pad backing, folding over the back of the earring. To adjust this type of clip-on all you need are your fingers or maybe small pliers.

Steps for tightening it are:

Using your thumb and forefinger or the pair of pliers, start by widening the fold at the top where the back pad is. This will reduce the space between the pad and your ear lobe making it fit better. If that doesn’t work, use the pliers to widen the curve at the bottom of the earring where it forms a u-shape.

Steps to loosening it are:

Starts by squeezing in the fold of the pad backing to create more space between the pad and the ear lobe. If that doesn’t work, use the pliers to squeeze in the fold at the bottom of the clip-on.

how to keep clip on earrings from falling off

2.Paddle Back Clips.

These are another common type of clip-on that may be a little more complicated to adjust depending on whether you are tightening or loosening it. What you should know is that there is a tension bar, otherwise known as a nib, that controls the tension of the earring.

Steps for tightening are:

Start by placing your thumb at the base of the tension bar which is at the bottom of the clip-on. Apply gentle pressure on it, flattening it towards the back of the earring, until you get the desired tension.

If that doesn’t offer enough tension, the earrings have two prongs at the bottom of them with arms that fit through holes in the earrings’ frames. Using small pliers gently press the prongs towards each other until the arms are out of the hole.

From there, press the tension bar to flatten it slightly so it levels with the prongs. Use the pliers again to squeeze the two prongs until they fit back into the hole.

Steps to loosening are:

This is much simpler and requires a small flat-head screwdriver. Place the head of the screwdriver under the tension bar and use tiny movements to lever the tension bar upwards and away from the back of the earring. Keep checking with every tiny adjustment.

how to keep clip on earrings from falling off

3.Simple Screw Back Clips.

This is a u-shaped clip-on with a simple screw backing that makes adjusting it easier than the first two clips we have covered. To adjust you just need your fingers and maybe small pliers.

Steps to tighten are:

Use your fingers to turn the screw forward so it fits securely on your earlobes. It may also help to use your pliers to widen the curve at the bottom of the clip.

Steps to loosening are:

Use your fingers to turn the screw back and increase the space between the earlobe and the back pad. You can also use the pliers to squeeze the curve at the bottom of the clip.

how to keep clip on earrings from falling off

4.Screw Hinge Clips

These are a combination of the hinge and screw-back design. They are considered the most comfortable and easiest to adjust. To make any adjustments you’ll need your fingers and maybe a small screwdriver.

Steps to adjust are:

Start by using your fingers to adjust the screw by turning it back and forth to loosen or tighten it respectively. If that doesn’t work, locate the tension bar by opening up the hinge and using the screwdriver to make tiny adjustments to the tension bar like you’d do with the paddle back clip.



There’s a lot to love about clip-on earrings, especially because they save you the pain of having to pierce your ears.

Because of that, you don’t have to worry about infections and bacteria.

With the tips we’ve offered you, now you also do not have to worry about the clip-on being too tight that they are uncomfortable or too loose that they fall off.

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