How to Keep a Tennis Necklace From Flipping Over In A Smart Way

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Tennis necklaces are stunning accessories that look great on everyone, regardless of your style and the occasion you wish to dress for. And yet, this necklace-type can also be one of the most troublesome types of necklaces you will ever wear, especially if you don’t know how to prevent it from flipping over.

It doesn’t have to stress you out every time you wear it, though, because you can stop your tennis necklace from flipping around. And this article has the inside scoop on everything you should be doing to prevent the tennis necklace from flipping over.

But before we share some of the solutions we think will help you and ensure you love the tennis bracelets, even more, let’s first take a look at some of the relatable problems that the owners of the tennis necklaces often face:

How to keep tennis necklace from flipping over

Tennis Necklaces Problems my readers have- Please Read the Email below!

Hi Tiger!
I came across your article regarding diamond tennis necklaces while I was researching different settings for my own. I’m really hoping you
can help me!
I received a diamond tennis necklace a few months ago. I immediately noticed that while wearing it, the necklace would flip (diamonds facing inward) about 99% of the time.

My husband took it back to his jeweler and told him the issue.
The next one I received had slightly larger diamonds and the setting was changed (from 3 prongs to 4 prongs).

While this did seem to make a difference, it still doesn’t sit properly all the time. It naturally leans/flips. I’m absolutely sure there is a way to ensure that this doesn’t happen at all, as I’ve seen it on many occasions.

What type of setting is best for tennis/eternity necklaces? Should I maybe be looking for a half-bezel setting instead? Also, shouldn’t the setting be hinged rather than just connected like a tennis bracelet? (The current setting of this necklace is identical to that of my tennis bracelet. I’ve read that this shouldn’t be the case).
Your articles have been extremely helpful so far!

I’m really hoping you can help me communicate this issue to my jeweler to avoid going back and forth any longer.
Thanks in advance!!
Kathryn E. Ammouri


Here is my Reply and Solutions- This solution works. 

Hi, Kathryn

Sorry for the late reply!

I asked some jewelry manufacturers in our industry.

The biggest reason for your problem(diamonds facing inward) is that your diamond part is a lot heavier than the Prong part. So 99.99% of the time facing inward. Our suggestion is: Your prong is a little bit heavier than your diamonds.

For more details, please contact your jeweler. They probably encountered this problem many times.

Thank you

Her Reply

Hi, Tiger

That actually makes a lot of sense! That also explains why the 4 prongs worked better than the 3. It sounds like I just need to go a bit heavier in the setting.

Thank you so much for the reply, I really appreciate it!!

Kathryn E. Ammouri

My readers have this problem, I believe you guys also encountered this problem before!

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Do All Diamond Tennis Necklaces Flip?

You may be filled with regret over your past decisions and even think that you should never have bought yourself or a loved one the tennis necklace because of just how much it flips around.

How to keep tennis necklace from flipping over

If you have such thoughts, you are not alone, and one Google search will tell you just how big of a problem diamond tennis necklace flipping is.

You may also be wondering if it is possible that the flipping of the necklaces is only limited to specific brands and necklaces lengths.

The disappointing reality of the tennis necklaces is that the necklace design is the problem, which is why the necklace will always flip.

And so, regardless of what you do and how much effort you put into preventing the tennis necklace from flipping, there is a high likelihood that it will keep flipping.

Note that the main reason your tennis necklace flips all the time is the lightweight design of the tennis necklace. And so, even with several types of tennis necklaces anchored by pendants because of the added weight, the absence of the extra weight means that the necklace will move with your body very quickly and almost naturally.

How to Keep a Tennis Necklace From Flipping Over

Bear in mind that the tennis necklace is essentially defined by the simple jewel strands attached to make the whole necklace.

And so, while the tennis necklace is designed to show off the row of diamonds that make it, and yet it is prone to flipping, it can be very disappointing, and you could be regretting the purchase you made.

Don’t give up on it just yet. Below are some recommendations on what you may have to do to stop the necklace from flipping around.


How to keep a tennis necklace from flipping over

How to keep tennis necklace from flipping over

1. Shopping Tip – Go up a Carat Size

As mentioned above, necklaces flip a lot because of their very lightweight design.

So, going up one-carat size would make the tennis bracelet a tad heavier, keeping it stable.

The best part about this solution is that you get a sparkling necklace. The only catch is that you have to spend a lot more cash than you had planned.

How to Keep a Tennis Necklace From Flipping Over

2. Shopping Tip – Buy a Graduated Tennis Necklace

If you are reading this article, you may be doing so while researching to ensure that the necklace you end up choosing is the right one for you. And now that you know about the high risk of the necklace flipping, we recommend buying a graduated tennis necklace.

The graduated version of the tennis necklace is better than the necklace with a standard size for the diamonds.

With the center diamond being larger than the rest and the sizes of the diamonds reducing gradually until the end, more weight sits at the center of the diamond tennis necklace, holding it down next to the skin and preventing it from flipping over.

This necklace design is also much more aesthetically pleasing.

How to keep tennis necklace from flipping over

3. Design Tip – Soldering your necklace

We’ve mentioned above how tennis necklaces with added weight from pendants tend to be more stable and hardly flip, but adding the pendant is not the only way to increase the weight of the necklace.

You could also get the jeweler to solder it either before or after the purchase. Soldering helps to increase the weight of the necklace because of the added metal incorporated in the necklace’s underside.

This is, therefore, an excellent remedy for you if you notice after some months that the flipping is too much, but you’re not in a position to pay for a new higher carat weight tennis necklace.

How to Keep a Tennis Necklace From Flipping Over

Chances are, the jeweler already knows that soldering is the best way of keeping the necklace from flipping around, and so, they may recommend soldering the necklace before you leave the store or as the first solution when you go back for help.

So, all you need to do is find a professional who will help you professionally seller the necklace, making sure that there is no metal protruding from the edges once they are done soldering.

You will be happy to know that soldering the tennis necklace is a preferable and more effective way of keeping the necklace from flipping than buying a higher-carat necklace.

This is because soldering means you retain the subtle look of the necklace that you were initially going for. But to reiterate, you need to make sure that you are working with a highly experienced professional for this work to go on smoothly.

How to keep tennis necklace from flipping over

4. Design Tip – Shorten your necklace

The other thing you could do to stop the tennis necklace from flipping would be to make the necklace shorter. This works out quite well because, with a shorter necklace, there isn’t much tension on the chain.

It is also easier for an expert jeweler to shorten it, although we recommend taking it back to the jewelry store you bought the necklace from.


5. Design Tip – Opt for necklaces with a lower setting

This is the other design feature of the necklace that may help you keep your necklace from flipping. A lower setting means a reduced center of gravity and a lower risk of the necklace flipping.


6. Design Tip – Add a Pendant

If you fancy a pendant necklace, you could add one neutral or matching pendant to the necklace.

The necklace accentuates its appearance while also adding balance, ensuring the perfect fit for the necklace, and reducing flipping.


Advice about thin tennis necklace

How to keep tennis necklace from flipping over

If you plan to buy a dainty tennis necklace, consider all the above tips. Keep in mind that you will enjoy a better experience with the tennis necklace if it is much shorter and if the diamonds are set on it are higher carat and heavier pieces.

Although the lightweight and dainty design of the necklace makes it look great from a distance, it could be a challenge when it comes to the necklace staying in place.

So, if you don’t want to worry about the necklace flipping, consider its weight. A graduated diamond necklace design would also be ideal.

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While there are many factors that are taken to mind during the design and the overall construction of the tennis necklace, most designers and jewelers are often thinking about settling for a necklace that will be generally cheaper.

Whether they use diamonds or cubic zirconias, the necklace needs to be relatively lightweight. So, there is always a risk of the necklace flipping all the time.

But the graduated diamond necklace design seems to have worked well for most people at the moment.

That said, try the necklace out at the jewelry store and walk around with it to get an actual feel of the necklace and find better options for you if the necklace keeps flipping. Doing this will save you some time in the end.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!