How To Glue A Stone Back Into A Ring(Easy Guide)

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Even jewelry that is made of stones that are deemed indestructible, like diamonds, can fall apart, with some or most of the stones falling out.

Naturally, you would be heartbroken if this happens, but you should not lose all hope that fast.

This is because you can technically glue a stone back into your ring, and you only need to know-how.

If you are unfortunate and the CZ or diamond falls off the ring, you can still fix it easily. You only need to know what the right way of fixing the fallen-out stone is.


Stone Fell Out Of Ring – How To Fix?

You may think that the only thing left for you to do after the stone falls out of the ring is to stash the ring away, but think about it for a moment – is that exactly what you want to do? Are you really ready to say adios to that lovely piece of jewelry that represents so much about you, your life – past and present, or the mere fact that it is your favorite accessory?

How To Glue A Stone Back Into A Ring

We don’t think so. And we’re here to rescue you from the looming gloom that is moving over your head.

Here’s what you suggest you do if a stone falls out of your lovely ring – take it to the jeweler! Yes, your friends will recommend that you should fix the stone back with glue, that’s if you can find it. But even though you can, taking it to a professional jeweler is more of the ideal solution.

If the stone vanishes, never to be spotted again, taking the ring to jewelry means that they will get a replacement stone to fix the ring. Well, this would cost you a little more than planned, which is why you should insure your expensive jewelry. If the cost of replacing the ring is not a problem, you will enjoy the benefits of a professional opinion – the jeweler will not only look for the perfect stone to replace the lost piece but also run a thorough check of the ring to make sure that it is still structurally sound.

Keep in mind that even without insurance, the best jewelers always have loose gems that will be used as replacement pieces, and they don’t cost as much as buying a whole new ring.

What if you have the stone and you’d like to fix it at home?


How to fix it?

Follow these steps to fix the loose stone back to your ring.

How To Glue A Stone Back Into A Ring

Step 1 – Gather your tools

5-minute Epoxy Glue (Devcon)

Ring Setting

Gemstone Cabochon


Step 2

Mix the glue using a cocktail stick to ensure the right consistency


Step 3

Apply a little glue around your ring’s setting using the cocktail stick that will ensure that you only have glue on the setting and not all around the ring, even on the bits that should not have any glue on them.

Make the blue-tac your best friend to avoid making messes and to get it done in less time.

How To Glue A Stone Back Into A Ring

Step 4

Now, place your gemstone cabochon in the ring setting. Do this gently. Then, allow your cabochon to sit for about 10 minutes, and voila, you have a ring with a gemstone back on.

Note that you need to use jewelry epoxy glue and not superglue. Although superglue is known for being the best multi-purpose glue that works well for pretty much anything and everything, it is not the best option for fixing your jewelry, especially after a gemstone falls out.


Why you shouldn’t use glue when a diamond falls off your ring.

As mentioned above, you’ll be tempted to use glue to reaffix the stone that falls out of your ring, even a diamond. Although this seems like the most reasonable thing to do, we recommend against it. And the main reason for this is that the jewelry glue will just not work on diamonds. What you need to know is that diamonds are very slippery, especially because the facets of the diamonds are highly polished, which means that the surfaces, edges, and sides are all super smooth, with no rough spots for the glue to cling on successfully. Of course, it may look like it worked for an hour or maybe a whole week, but sooner or maybe later, the glue will come off, and you’ll lose the stone. So, if you are looking for a more practical solution, avoid glue.

How To Glue A Stone Back Into A Ring

When kind of jewelry can you glue on effortlessly?

While we don’t recommend gluing on diamonds to your ring, you could use glue to put back non-precious gemstones like beads, basket heads, prongs, bezels, wires, and channels, among other simpler and cheaper features that may need to be glued together.

Generally, the fake gemstones and gems are much easier to handle, and they are actually mostly glued to the jewelry, unlike the real diamonds that for the use of more elaborate techniques and the devices to be able to successfully hold the diamonds to the rings.

The diamonds are not like the fake diamond synthetics called the foil-backs – the latter can be glued on easily, and you won’t suffer a loss. In case you’re wondering, the foil-backs are the fake diamond synthetics with faceted pieces of plastic designed to look glassy. These foil backs often come glued to the costume jewelry, which is often made of cheap gold-plated metals.

As a result, the foil-backs tend to pop out and fall off the mountings easily. Most of the old jewelry that is sold as antiques in the flea market is often made of the cheaper gems and gemstones, and because these are often glued in, you will notice that about half of the stones are always missing.

How To Glue A Stone Back Into A Ring

Aren’t some diamonds glued in?

Well, there are few cases where the diamonds will be glued on. This is quite rare, and it’s actually not advisable in professional settings. The best quality diamond jewelry is mounted using invisible settings, and glue is only added as an aid and for an extra layer of security – the settings already do the work in such cases.



If your ring’s stone falls out, follow the recommendations above to restore the piece. Just know that you should take the ring to a professional jeweler if it’s made of an actual diamond and the fallen stone needs replacement or reattachment.

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