How To Gift Wrap A Necklace Without A Box

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Wondering if you can wrap necklaces without using a jewelry box? Well, it is possible, and the ideas shared below will ensure the safest, cutest, and the most creative ways for you to wrap necklaces with no boxes involved. So, let’s get right to it!


How to gift wrap a necklace without a box

  • Use Gift Bags

This is the simplest but also the most effective and also the cutest way for you to gift wrap necklaces without using a box. You only need a gift bag to get started, and you will be happy to know that the gift bag is an effective, albeit an oddly-shaped, bag for wrapping a necklace.

How To Gift Wrap A Necklace Without A Box

In addition to the cute gift bag, you will also need some pieces of tissue paper to hold and conceal the necklace and also for you not to lose the necklace. Note that good options or tufts of tissue paper will also add a bit of flair to your presentation while also securing the necklace.

And with the gift bags idea, you could also use one with personalized embellishments, especially for the plain gift bag, because this will not only enhance and represent your personal style but also add a nice, personalized feel to it.

A manila bag, a simple brown envelop with a cute stamp, or a customized envelop could also do the trick beautifully, and you get to have a piece or cotton string or thread to go around the bag or the envelope.


  • Gift-Wrap the necklace in a glass bottle

This is a cute and original gift wrapping idea that would be a great option for you if you are planning to gift someone a necklace, but you’d like a cute and creative presentation. For this gift wrap idea, you will need the following: a bottle, ribbon, cotton batting, tape, and scissors. Though unexpected, it is the most versatile and unique option for you to try.

How To Gift Wrap A Necklace Without A Box

To get started, you’d need to place a small cotton batting piece on the table. The batting also doubles as a protective backing for the necklace, keeping the necklace from getting scratched or damaged in any other way. Now, lay the necklace on the cotton batting the wrap the piece of cotton around the necklace. Now, secure the necklace using a piece of tape. The necklace then goes in the bottle – but this is a preferable option when it comes to clear bottles.

Alternatively, you could skip the cotton batting and use a ceramic bottle instead and have the necklace hanging from the outside of the bottle. Here, you’d have to run a small ribbon piece through your necklace. You need to wash the bottle thoroughly, and you could use old champagne or wine bottle.

Drop the necklace in the bottle, keeping a small length of the ribbon hanging from the bottle’s outside. Next, put the cork in the bottle as you would when capping it to keep the ribbon in place and to prevent the necklace from falling out. Next, get a piece of ribbon and tie it around the bottle.

How To Gift Wrap A Necklace Without A Box

  • Fabric pouch

The other simple way to gift wrap a necklace without having to use a jewelry box is by carefully packing the necklace in the pouch. You could have a plain pouch, but also make sure that the fabric used for the pouch is an elegantly designed piece that will last a long time. Besides the necklace, you could also add a note in the pouch for a nice personalized feel.


  • Piece of cloth

You could also wrap the necklace in tissue paper in a beautiful cotton cloth cinched at the top using a piece of thread or ribbon.



If you are looking for creative ideas for presenting a necklace without having to go the traditional jewelry box option, the recommended ideas above are great options that you could try out at home and for one necklace or multiple necklaces for your small business.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!