How To Gift Wrap A Bracelet Without A Box

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If you are thinking of gifting a loved one a cute bracelet you recently bought, but you are looking for a fun wrapping idea that doesn’t involve a box, we’re sharing some cool ideas below.

Ideally, you can wrap loose jewelry in unique and super-cool ways, and you wouldn’t have to worry about losing or damaging the bracelets. You need the person receiving the bracelet to get it while it’s in perfect condition, and that is only possible if you wrap the bracelet well.

Below, we are sharing some of the most effective bracelet wrapping options for when you don’t have or don’t want to use a jewelry box.


How to gift wrap a bracelet without a box

1. The Triangular method using paper, double-sided tape, and a small bow

How To Gift Wrap A Bracelet Without A Box

This is one of the most effective ways for you to easily wrap your loose jewelry, and it works well for necklaces and bracelets. With this wrapping method, you will need only three items – a double-sided tape, some leftover pieces of paper.

  • First, fold over the piece of paper so that you have both lines matching, and then fold it back in half again.
  • Take your double-sided tape to measure along one side, then add the tape to the edge and stick it down. You have to handle the tape carefully and slowly to make sure that it matches on the side.
  • Now, take the bracelet, wrap it in some tissue, then place it in the triangle you’ve created.
  • Once done, fold in the edges in right angles, then turn it over for a nice and neat finish. And make sure that the double-sided tape goes all around, leaving no gaps. Stick it down next.

You can now finish it off using a bow and make sure that the bow is so that it hovers above the bracelet for a nice finished look.


2. Napkin Rugs/ Embroidered Pouch

How To Gift Wrap A Bracelet Without A Box

If you are crafty and don’t mind creating something unique and personalized for your loved ones, this would be the perfect way for you to present that bracelet.

This napkin rug idea is unique and works great, and you will only need yarn to create it. You could also knit it from old sheets, knitted t-shirts, a soutache thread, clothesline cut jeans, plastic bags, or even twines/ bundles. If you don’t want to reuse old things, you could get yarn from the store then knit it using knitting needles or even the crocket.

You can come up with different patterns, but make sure that the pattern is sturdy and tight, with no big holes that the bracelet can fall off. Once done, you need a drawstring kind of finish running through the outer edges of the knitted rug. You could use a simple ribbon to create the perfect drawstring finish. Think of this option as a knitted yarn bracelet pouch.

So, the bracelet goes at the center of the knitted piece, then you pull in the ribbon drawstrings, tie it off on a cool and bow, and you have an easy and personalized way of presenting your gift. You could also add a card before you tie the embroidered pouch.

An alternative to this is the use of fabric pouches. You could create these pouches at home or order them online. Just be specific about the fabric used and the branding details. The drawstring should also work great.

How To Gift Wrap A Bracelet Without A Box

3. Pyramid Boxes Using Card Stock

For this bracelet-wrapping idea, you need card stock from the crafts store. Pick the design of the card stock that suits your needs and style or something you think your customers or loved ones will love. There are different styles of card stock to choose from, including the debossed and shimmer in pretty much all colors you’d want.

These cards often come with predetermined lines for easy folding and creation of the pyramid boxes. You could also order the boxes online on Etsy, for example.


4. Kraft/ Manila Bag

This is a simple but often the most meaningful way of presenting a gift to a loved one.

  • Take the kraft or manila bag and use a nice punch edge from the craft store to create a unique design for the folded over edges of the manila bag.
  • Put in the bracelet, then tie it using natural twine. You may also personalize it using a stamp, manila tag, or rub-on stickers or sign it before you put the bracelet in.

Note that you can also create personalized or custom envelope designs for keeping the bracelet. This would be a good option if you are running a small business and you are into cute and unique branded wrapping ideas.



These are just some of the ways you could creatively wrap a bracelet without using a box. So, if you have been looking for ways to make your gifting more meaningful and memorable, the ideas above could work for you.  

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!