How To Cope With Losing Your Wedding Ring Correctly

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It might not be the literal end of the world, but if your wedding ring is that one thing that means the whole world to you, losing it might feel like the end of your world as you know it.

But things will turn around, which is why we recommend that you first take a deep breath, and please don’t panic. You will also be happy to know that as per the advice of many other people who have suffered through the exact kind of pain that you are feeling, you will be okay, eventually.

However, between now and then, there are things that you could do to cope with the pain and the loss. We’re sharing those tidbits below.


How to cope with losing your wedding ring

How To Cope With Losing Your Wedding Ring

  • Deep breaths and focus on the search for the lost ring

Since we have all established that panicking doesn’t help anyone, and it may only make you feel aggravated, you might want to take in a deep breath again – as many as you need to and try to relax.

Once you feel like you have regained your composure, divert your attention to finding your lost wedding ring. This means that you need to allow yourself space to think and rethink things and everything about your day.

This often makes it possible for you to have an approximate time for when and where you lost the ring. Like your misplaced or lost house or car keys, going into a frenzy trying to find the ring will not help much, and it might only leave a big mess behind.

So, give yourself some time – it is not time lost or otherwise spent searching for the ring, it is the most important time you need to collect yourself, and in many cases, it will lead you back to the ring. Or it may just give an excellent place to start the search.

Once that sinking feeling subsides, here are your next steps:

How To Cope With Losing Your Wedding Ring

  • Retrace your steps

When was the last time you had the ring on, or instead, what’s the last place you saw the ring? It should be much easier for you to retrace your steps and find the ring depending on what you remember.

You could ask some of your friends to help you search for it if you can. We assume that they are loyal friends, so the extra sets of eyes will allow you to quickly get through the areas you need to search without worrying about someone taking it themselves.

While backtracking, you should also consider the typical or ordinary things that you always do or something ordinary. Still, what you did could be somewhat out of the ordinary.

So, if you added new tasks or did everyday tasks in a different order than you would usually, there is a chance that the newness is what caused the confusion and misplacement of the ring in the first place.

  • Call in the plumbing experts

If you have determined that the last time you had the ring on was at the sink as you cleaned, and you remember it dropping and accidentally going down the drain, you should call your plumber immediately.

If the accident happened at the hotel, you might want to call in the hotel staff, who may guide you better, and perhaps help you retrieve the ring.

How To Cope With Losing Your Wedding Ring

  • Preparation – Insure your wedding ring

Unless you lose your wedding ring on the same day you purchased it or had your wedding; it is advisable always to insure your valuables early on. A wedding ring is one of the most valuable things you will own, and so you need to make sure that it is covered by insurance in case you misplace or lose it.

While many people frown upon insurance on the premise that they never really use or benefit from it, when you cannot find your expensive 18k yellow gold with a 1carat brilliant diamond, your insurance policy will be the only thing that can ‘bring back the ring.

So, even though you are not planning to lose the ring, and maybe you’re not that clumsy and hardly ever lose stuff, accidents happen, and when they do, a backup plan like an insurance policy will ensure that your ring is replaced. F

or many people, such backup plans allow you to have some peace of mind by easing the stress of losing something close to your heart.

How To Cope With Losing Your Wedding Ring

  • File the insurance claim

If you still cannot find the ring after doing all the above, and you had taken insurance for the ring, it might be time to throw in the towel and file your insurance claim. Remember not to wait too long until you have filed the claim. Talk to your insurer, file the paperwork, and after it’s approved, you will have a new ring.

  • Placeholder

If you hadn’t insured the ring and looked everywhere, you may want to buy a placeholder, say a ring made of faux sparklers, albeit cheaper. This reassures you about the lost ring as you think of the following steps – say replacement.

Even if you’re unable to replace the ring, the placeholder will hold the space of the lost ring, and you won’t have to worry about losing the ring so much. Having that fake ring on tells your mind that you have a ring on, so you don’t get too stressed out.

  • Recommit

A wedding ring is important to many people because of what it symbolizes. For most people, a wedding ring reminds the wedding ceremony where the couple exchanged vows.

Still, more than this, it is often essential because it is a token of love picked by one’s partner, and so, for many couples, it is a very important part of their history.

How To Cope With Losing Your Wedding Ring

And so, even today, the wedding ring is an essential symbol of the commitment made by couples to each other. It symbolizes their love, and above that, it symbolizes the contractual commitment made between couples and their families. And so, it is seen as a seal of their alliance with each other.

Considering all these, it makes sense that the loss of a wedding ring is accompanied by a great deal of sadness and guilt, often over the irretrievability of the wedding ring.

When this happens, it makes sense that not everyone can replace the wedding ring, and there is also the fact that the feeling will not go away easily.

However, you can cope with this big loss by choosing to look at everything positively and doing a special ritual for just you two. Whatever the ritual, use it to recommit to each other and re-exchange the vows you’d made to each other.

Doing this might not be easy at first, and you may have brushed off the idea in the first place, but it allows you to imbue the same meaning with the new ring, so you will not feel as guilty or hurt by the loss. This also works if both of you have lost your wedding rings.



If you’ve lost your wedding ring and feel lost, the recommendations above will help you find the ring or just move on.

But whatever you do, remember to breathe and let that sinking feeling pass before you start the search.

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