A Real Quick Guide on How To Clean Tiger Eye Stone

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Of the many gems that exist in the world today, the tiger’s eye is among the most popular and favored gems. It is coveted for its beauty and revered for being an extremely powerful stone.

This precious gem is said to have the ability to heal and bring you inner peace. It eliminates all negative energy, giving you the clarity and stamina to keep moving towards your goals.

Over time, however, the tiger’s eye can become dirty or pick up negative energy. To keep it effective and its vibrations strong, it is, therefore, necessary to cleanse the gem as often as needed.

How do you do this? In this post, we will cover how you can cleanse your tiger’s eye and whether there are any precautions you should keep in mind.


Can You Put Tiger Eye In Water?

how to clean tiger eye stone

Cleansing crystals are essential if you want them to remain effective in their functions. While water is the best way to cleanse them, there are some precautions you must keep in mind. Crystals, including the tiger’s, eye is made up of various minerals. These minerals can be dissolved in water causing the crystals to fall apart. As such, not all crystals are safe to be put in water.

To be able to determine whether or not a crystal is water safe, you must look at its hardness on the Mohs scale. Crystals that are 5 and below on the scale are not suitable to be left in water. That is because they are soft crystals that would most likely dissolve in water.

Even with that said, there are harder crystals that are 6 and above on the scale, that can still get damaged if left in the water for too long. So, you need to be careful.

With that said, is the Tiger’s eye-safe in water? Yes, it is one of the stones that will not get damaged if left in water. This is because the Tiger’s eye belongs to the quartz family and therefore is a hard crystal. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness of 7, making it a water-safe crystal.


Can You Put Tiger Eye In Salt Water?

how to clean tiger eye stone

While pure water might be safe for most crystals, including a few soft ones, salty water could be corrosive even for some hard crystals.

Still, saltwater has been used for centuries to eliminate negative energy. This type of cleansing is the best and thorough way of cleansing crystals especially those that require deep cleansing.

Keep in mind, however, that not every crystal is suitable for saltwater cleansing. The crystal stones most suitable for this type of cleansing are hard stones like quartz and amethyst types.

Given that the Tiger’s eye falls under the quartz category, it means that it is safe to put it in saltwater.


How To Clean Tiger Eye Stone?

We’ve already mentioned that cleansing your Tiger’s eye is a fundamental step if you want to keep benefiting from the stone. As for how you can cleanse your Tiger’s eye, the following are four practical and sure ways you can try:

1. Soapy Water and a Soft Cloth.

how to clean tiger eye stone

Over time, as your tiger’s eye collects dust, you will notice that it will lose its shine. With this method, you are able to not only cleanse but also clean and polish the stone back to its original luster. For this, you will need a soft cloth and a bowl of lukewarm mild soapy water. Use organic soap and not chemical-based ones, as the Tiger’s stone reacts to some common acids.

If the stone is not extremely dirty then you can simply rub it lightly with the soft cloth to remove the dust and dirt. For the kind of dirt that sticks, you can wet the soft cloth with warm soapy water and gently rub the stone.

Once you’re done, rinse the stone under running water. This helps restore the stone’s energy. Remember to pat the stone dry with a soft cloth when done.


2. Water cleansing.

Cleaning the dirt off your Tiger’s eye is not enough. There are also some negative energies absorbed by the stone that weakens it. Water cleansing is one of the best ways to get rid of these bad energies. In this case, water is used as a medium to liberate the stone.

how to clean tiger eye stone

You can use spring water, whose purity helps absorb the negative energy from the stone, leaving it cleansed and revived. To do this you can submerge the stone in a bowl or container of spring water. Leave the stone soaked overnight or even 48 hours, the longer you leave it the more cleansed it will be. You can cover the container with a cloth if you wish to ensure the water stays clean. When time is up, take out the stone and pat it dry.

If the stone needs deeper cleansing, then you can use salt water instead. Ocean or seawater is the best for this type of cleansing, although mixing sea salt or table salt in water is still sufficient. Mix a tablespoon of the salt in an almost full bowl of water. Submerge the tiger’s eye and let it soak for several hours to even a few days.

After that, take out the stone and rinse off the remaining salt by placing the stone under clean running water. Pat the tiger’s eye dry and pour out the saltwater, never re-use the water since it contains the negative energy is absorbed from the stone.


3. Sage.

Another great cleansing method for crystals is burning sage. The smoke from it gently removes all the inharmonious vibrations that have been picked up by the Tiger’s eye.

Simply light up a bunch of sage and surround the stone with its smoke for thirty seconds to one minute. You can get better results by combining this method with your intentions.

To do this envision the sage’s smoke drawing out all the negative energies from the tiger’s eye. Ensure you do this in a well-ventilated room or space to avoid choking from the smoke.


4. Incense.

how to clean tiger eye stone

This is yet another great way of cleaning your tiger’s eye. Incense is a high-energy purifying medium that not only absorbs the negative energy from the stone but also recharges it.

For this method, to cleanse the stone, simply surround the tiger’s eye with the smoke from the burning incense.

As you do this charge the stone by combining the smoke from the incense with affirmations of the intentions you have. This charges the crystals to manifest these intentions.

Keep repeating the affirmations to illustrate your aim with unwavering faith and high hope that they will come true. Some examples of affirmations that work well with the tiger’s eye include, ‘I am confident, ‘I am courageous’, ‘I will achieve all my goals, and so on.

Remember to perform this cleansing method in an airy space so as to let out the smoke with the bad energy.



The next time you notice your tiger’s eye has lost its shine and you can no longer feel its effects, you can attempt any of these cleansing methods to cleanse and revive the stone.

What’s even better is perhaps combining all four of these methods for more effective cleansing.

By doing this as often as needed, you will maintain and continue to benefit from the tiger’s eye’s empowering properties for a long time to come.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!