A Quick Guide On How To Clean Plastic Jewelry in 2024

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Recent research shows that plastic jewelry collects fewer bacteria than metal jewelry. It is also a popular option as it is skin-friendly.

This does not mean that their hygiene should be neglected. Many people do not clean plastic jewelry because they do not know how.

This can lead to bacterial accumulation and serious infections from frequently wearing dirty jewelry.

In this post, we will look at ways to safely clean your plastic jewelry without damaging them. You will also learn how to store them safely.


How to clean plastic jewelry

How To Clean Plastic Jewelry

Plastic jewelry needs regular cleaning to keep them bacteria-free.

However, care should be taken not to damage them, especially where there are gemstones.

Plastic is also vulnerable to abrasion and should not be scrubbed. Let’s look at the best way to clean your plastic jewelry.


Baby shampoo

How To Clean Plastic Jewelry

Plastic is vulnerable to reactions with harsh chemicals, and baby shampoo is as mild on your plastic as it is on a baby’s head.

All you need is a soft cloth, lukewarm water in two bowls, and a dry towel. Pour baby shampoo into your bowl and stir until it foams.

Place the plastic jewelry in the water and leave it for five minutes. Take the soft cloth and scrub gently in all the areas. Rinse your jewelry in plain lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel, then air dry.

Note that it is not advisable to soak jewelry with gemstones. Never be tempted to sterilize your plastic in boiling water or through in an autoclave, as that will be the end of them.


Use your toothpaste

How To Clean Plastic Jewelry

Yeap, toothpaste is not just for teeth but works well in cleaning most jewelry, including acrylic and plastic ones. You will need two soft cloths, a dry towel, toothpaste, and lukewarm water.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste to your cloth and rub it gently all around your jewelry. Repeat the rubs for a few minutes until the piece of jewelry is clean.

In plain, clean water, dampen the other soft cloth and rinse the toothpaste well. Pat the jewelry with a dry soft cloth, air dry, and store it in your jewelry compartment.

Never store your plastic jewelry while wet or wear it without drying it. Do not air dry in direct sunlight, as it will warp your jewelry.


Mild antiseptic

How To Clean Plastic Jewelry

This is the surest way to get rid of bacteria that has accumulated on your jewelry if you have not cleaned it for a long time. You will need warm water, two soft clothes, and a dry towel.

Ass the antiseptic sparingly in water and put in jewelry with no gemstones. If they have gemstones, you might want to use a spray bottle instead. Do not clean your oral plastic jewelry in this method.

Use the soft cloth to clean all around your piece until it is satisfactorily clean. Rinse the plastics in clean water and pat dry them using a soft cloth and air dry them.

If you are using a spray bottle, pour water and antiseptic into the bottle and spray sparingly on your jewelry as you rub with a soft cloth until clean. Rinse with a different cloth damped in clean, warm water, and dry.


Use acrylic-specific cleaners

How To Clean Plastic Jewelry

The market has a wide range of cleaning products that won’t harm your jewelry. Look for one mild cleaner and use it to clean your plastics. You will also need a soft microfiber cloth for this.

If you pick anything other than what is made of acrylics, you might end up with cloudy and damaged plastic jewelry. Spray a small amount on your soft cloth and rub gently on the acrylic jewelry.

Clean until all dirt is removed. Use a different cloth to rinse off the cleaner and air dry your acrylics. When making a purchase, look out for ammonia.

This ingredient will destroy your jewelry in the blink of an eye. Do not use cleaners with alcohol, as they will deteriorate your acrylic jewelry.


Alcohol-free mouthwash

How To Clean Plastic Jewelry

Your mouthwash come through for your acrylics when they need to be cleaned. Sometimes, it is not possible to clean with soap, and water and mouthwash can come in handy.

This method works for jewelry without gemstones that are susceptible to damage. Soak the pieces f jewelry in warm water mixed with mouthwash.

 Ensure that they are submerged for three to five minutes. After soaking, use a clean cloth to rub any visible stains and rinse with clean water. Pat dry with a soft cloth and leave it to air dry.

Take your dried plastic jewelry and store it in an airtight container. This method works perfectly for oral plastic jewelry that cannot be cleaned using soap or antiseptics. It is recommended to o a three-minute rinse to completely rinse the mouthwash.


Simply use warm water

How To Clean Plastic Jewelry

This method is suitable for oral plastic jewelry. All you need is a bowl of warm water and a soft cloth.

Rinse the jewelry in the water and rub it with your soft microfiber cloth and then rinse in the same water.

Leave it indoors to dry. Plastics do not do well in high heat and therefore you should avoid boiling water and direct sunlight.

Do not use driers to quickly dry your plastics. You will end up cracking them or warping them.




Do not dry with a towel. Instead, pat with a towel to get rid of dripping water and leave the jewelry to air dry.

Only store your plastic jewelry in airtight containers with other plastic. When stored with metal jewelry, plastic jewelry can get scratched.



Plastic jewelry is cool and less stressful to maintain than metal jewelry. However, it could wear out or lose its spark when neglected.

Proper methods of cleaning can make your plastics durable and look new. Whatever method you choose to clean, do not use abrasive cleaning items like paper towels or brushes. You will scratch your jewelry and end up tossing them away.

Most homemade cleaners have been proven to work effectively without causing any harm.

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